Champions / Heirs Of The Solar System: Sailor Moon Holy Fusion UXP- Beginning Of A New Future- New Strength & New Power From The Great & Powerful Ancients-Unity & Balance, Ancient War Of The Light & The Darknessis a retelling of The Sailor Moon Series.

This is also The Sixteenth massive multi-crossover fan fictional story.


Millenia ago, 11 kingdoms were destroyed because they were in a war against a dark force. Now the warriors / heirs of those kingdoms have been reborn as the biggest names in sports. With the dark forces returning, now they must awaken their powers & reawaken their memories to defeat them, once & for all. After the war, they are going to have to face newer & stronger enemies to protect the future and create a brand new future for the entire universe.

Sailor Senshi Of The Solar System / Silver Alliance Federation


  • Sailor Moon
  • Sailor Sun
  • Sailor Solar
  • Sailor Mercury
  • Sailor Mars
  • Sailor Jupiter
  • Sailor Venus
  • Sailor Uranus
  • Sailor Neptune
  • Sailor Pluto
  • Sailor Saturn
  • Sailor Earth


Holy Knights


True Dragon

Dragon God


Fallen Angels


Time Space Administartion Bureau

Winx Club

Sonic Heroes

Battle Brawlers



Television Shows


Video Games


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