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It's 2:00am, and Naruto Uzumaki (CastleFalcon) is on his bed, talking with Hinata Hyuga (CastleFalcon), who is huddled up next to his chest. Suddently, they drift into the conversation on how they are going to be parents. "Naruto....I'm just worried....what am I going to do?!", Hinata asks, with great worry. Naruto simply brings his hand down her hair, while telling her, "Everything is under control...let's just take a walk..". Hinata follows him outside, after he slowly gets off the bed.

Chapter 10, Finalle until Parenthood & Filler[]

As Naruto walks down the sidewalk, holding hands with Hinata, he comments on how shiny the moon is, in attempt of cheering her up. However, Hinata gets irritated, which brings her to say, "Naruto, it's not working! You heard my parents on the phone didn't you?! They said that they aren't taking care of the child! Your parents feel the same way!!". Naruto is angered by the sudden rush of words, however, he decides to keep his cool to prevent any further dilema, "Hinata, you just have to understand that this was going to happen at some point of our lives!". The remark simply silences Hinata, which brings her to sudden silent tears.

Crying, she would huddle up next to Naruto, hardly clutching onto his clothes. With thoughts of the past, she regrets what she has done, which brings her to say, "Naruto, I just wish I had a time machine!". Naruto simply agrees with her, which brings him to lightly wipe the tears off her face.

Suddently, as they continue walking, Hinata falls to the floor, clutching onto her stomach.

Naruto is astonished, as he hears the words comming out of Hinata's lips, "Naruto! Get help, I have huge stomach pains!!".

Naruto picks her up, and begins rushing over to campus.