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thumb|300px|right Gaara (CastleFalcon) calmly walking into an ally, encounters his possy; Neji Hyuga (CastleFalcon), Rock Lee (CastleFalcon), Tenten (CastleFalcon), and Choji Akimichi (CastleFalcon). With the simple words, "Let's move", the possy would make their way to the beach in a Jeep. Within minutes, they would arrive at the beach. With somewhat of a killer intent, all the possy members would jump out of the Jeep, and slowly make their way towards Kiba Inuzuka (CastleFalcon).

Chapter 10[]

Karin (CastleFalcon) would quickly get out of the water, with Kiba following her. Gaara would simply look at Kiba, and with a soft whisper, he would order his possy to attack, "Get him, don't let the woman evade.". Choji's fist would make it's way towards Kiba's head, to which Karin gets in front. She uses her strength to bring his arm down, and in the process jumps, spins while in the air, and sends the back of her leg over to his neck. As Karin lands, Choji would fall to the floor in pain. Neji would make his way towards Karin, though Kiba quickly sweep-kicks at his legs, prompting him to trip. With Neji on the floor, Kiba would hardly stomp on his back, causing him to loose breath and cough out blood. Neji would struggle, though he rolls to the side, agiliey gets up, and swiftly jump side-kicks at Kiba's abdomen.

Shikamaru Nara (CastleFalcon) and Ino Yamanaka (CastleFalcon) decide to call for help. They quickly alert Sasuke Uchiha (CastleFalcon) and Sakura Haruno (CastleFalcon) about the horrid situation, "We must notify Naruto Uzumaki (CastleFalcon) and Hinata Hyuga (CastleFalcon)!". The astonishment causes lack of words, as the four quickly jump into Sasuke's sports car, and accelerate over to Naruto and Hinata. Within a matter of minutes, they would arrive at Hinata's house. The sight of Naruto and Hinata standing before eachother would anti-climatically bring Shikamaru shout, "GET IN THE CAR, KIBA AND KARIN ARE IN TROUBLE!!". The two would be astonished.

With Neji on the floor, knocked out, and Choji struggling to get up, Gaara decides to step in. Lee and Tenten would quietly stay behind him, to which Gaara takes out a small pistol out of his button-down beach shirt.

He would point it at Kiba, aiming for his heart. Dully looking at Kiba, Gaara would simply mutter, "It's over, Inuzuka. You broke the deal, this is what you get.". Without hesitation, Gaara would pull the trigger, and in doing so, his arm would be quickly shoved to the side by Naruto, who had snuck up behind him. The bullet would enter Kiba's leg, leaving Karin astonished.

Sasuke, Sakura, and Hinata get off the car....prepared for the worst..