As the girls watched the land dogs perform, a cool breeze began to pick up and the waves became larger. The wind started to blow harder as black clouds started to roll in, and the waves started to pick up. Jeremy said, "Uh-Oh! It looks like this storm's gonna be a doozy, I better get to dry land, girls!" As Jeremy flew away, Bess said, "This storm almost looks like a hurricane. We better stay close to the cruise ship and make sure the dogs are safe."

"Captain, the storm's coming." Said Charlie to the captain. The captain named Jack, a big great dane wearing a white shirt, blue trousers with a black sash, blue jacket, and a captain's hat responded, "Lower the sails, batten down the hatches, and prepare for a big storm."

Meanwhile, the three merdogs dove from the ship's deck into the ocean next to the ship and watched as the waves got taller and taller. Soon, the waves were splashing across the deck of the ship. And lightning was striking all round the ship. The land dogs scrambled to keep the ship a float. Then suddenly, lightning struck the main beam of the cruise ship with a loud crack and bright lights.

Wood pieces flew everywhere. As the dogs continued to scramble, a monster wave came crashing on top of the ship rolling it on it's side. Land dogs began to abandon the ship fleeing for their safety. Sasha said to Bess and Annabelle, "We must help save these land dogs." Bess and Annabelle dove back into the water to call all the dolphins and swordfishes for help. Meanwhile, Sasha dove into water and swam towards the ship looking for Prince Charlie. She came across several dogs struggling in the water. She grabbed the fist dog and saw it wasn't Charlie, but still helped the dog find a piece of wood for a float.

She frantically worked saving many dogs before she found Charlie. As the dolphins and swordfish arrived, they helped the dogs floating on the wood and any others in the water get to safety on land. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a red, white, and blue object floating in the water. She swam as fast as she could and she noticed it was Prince Charlie. She grabbed him and rushed to shore.

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