As they got closer, the noises got louder, and Bess saw something move near the side of the ship. Sasha said, "Let's get out of here it could be a shark." And then Bess says, "No, it's not a shark. There's something stuck in the fishnet. It's crying to us. Let's get a little closer and see what it is."

As they swam closer, they can see something small stuck in the net. Then they heard a soft "meow". And Sasha said, "It's a mercat. He's stuck in a fishnet. Poor little guy." The little mercat was Oliver. He was an orange tabby mer-kitten with a green mertail caught in the net.

As Sasha and Bess swam toward him, Bess said, "Hey little guy are you okay?" Oliver said, "I'm stuck and... I... Uh... Can you help me?" And they said, "Sure." As they began to free him. Sasha says, "How did you get here and where are your parents?" Oliver said, "I'm an orphan. I lost my parents long ago to those sharks that eat catfish."

The girls gasped in shock. Then Sasha says to Bess as she whispered to her ear, "The mer-kitten's an orphan Bess. He lost his parents." Then she turn her head to Oliver and said, "Don't worry kid, we'll take you to my mom and dad's palace. You can live with us." Oliver agreed to join Sasha and Bess for their adventures. "C'mon Bess..." Said Sasha, "Let's go find Jeremy before we get surprised by a shark." At that moment, Sasha, Bess, and Oliver swam further from the sunken ships toward the surface.

Unbeknownst to Sasha, Bess, and Oliver, Belladonna and her two mer-dobermans by her side named Roscoe and Desoto watched them swim to the surface. "That little cousin of mine Sasha, is up to no good. King Butch would be glad to hear that they are swimming to the surface. Keep an eye on her boys, you never know when a shark could be after her for dinner." Belladonna said with and evil laugh.

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