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thumb|300px|right Gaara (CastleFalcon) begins to secretly follow Naruto Uzumaki (CastleFalcon), and Hinata Hyuga (CastleFalcon). Kiba Inuzuka (CastleFalcon) would quickly notice, prompting him to ask, "Where are you goin?". Gaara would simply close his eyes and continue, leaving Kiba with the words, "I resign." Kiba's eyes would quickly widen, Karin (CastleFalcon), would be astonished.

After walking for blocks, Naruto and Hinata would finally hear Gaara behind on their trail.

Chapter 9[]

Hinata would simply cry even more, angering Naruto. Ironically, this isn't the first time Naruto was offended by Gaara, especially with the lack of force. Naruto's eyes would be buldging, and his face would be slowly turning red. With rage, he would scream out, "What do you think you're doing!? Haven't you had enough?!". Gaara would simply close his eyes, and silently say, "I no longer work for Kiba." Hinata would be astonished, tears splashing of her face as she would quickly open her eyes. "What do you mean....? Is that why you were so over protective about me?!", Hinata would ragingly, and yet sadly exclaim.

Suddently Gaara would offer his assistance, "I will help you two get back at Kiba. All these days of hard work, only to be discarded. Especially without thanks.". Naruto's frustration would quickly subside. His raging face now turned into one of dissapointment, as he wipes his tears off his face. Slowly opening his mouth, he would simply decline his offer, "I don't get back at others. Kiba has found a new girlfriend, so if anything, I shouldn't do anything to disrupt the peace.".

Gaara would simply turn back, and walk over to a meeting. As he does so, he would calmly open his eyes and think to himself; "Perfect.".

At the beach, Kiba and Karin would cheer up. Grabbing their surf boards, they would calmly walk into the shining water, who's waves are radiating with excitement. A large wave comming up ahead into shore, Kiba would rest his body on his surf board, and excitingly shout out to Karin, "Race ya!". Karin would be commically frustrated, promping her to quickly rush into the wave.

Shikamaru Nara (CastleFalcon) and Ino Yamanaka (CastleFalcon) would be playing beach ball together, as they talk about the fireworks. Passing the ball, Shikamaru would warmly explain to Ino, "See that, the firework that was just fired reminds me of you. They call it the Star, due to it's beautiful patterns and color changes.". Ino would warmly blush as she passes the ball, warmly telling Shikamaru, "You're soo gentile....I love that about you..".

As for Gaara, he walks into a small ally, where he encounters Choji Akimichi (CastleFalcon), Rock Lee (CastleFalcon), Tenten (CastleFalcon), and Neji Hyuga (CastleFalcon). Slightly grining, Gaara would calmly state, "Everyone's here..".