Chelsey is a fictional character that belongs to Mini Marianne and has made a cameo in Counterinsurgency. She has also appeared in Sora W.T.K.'s A Sharptooth's Heart II and DarkHououmon's Out of the Shadows 2. She is a sapphire-skinned alimon with a light blue color from the top of her muzzle, between her brows, down her neck, and stopped between her shoulders. She has two big brown stripes on her back. She has a moon-shaped scar over her left eye which she got in the same battle that costed Kacie her eye. Her claws are a lavender color. Her eyes are a dark green again white. Her main is a slightly lighter shade of light blue.

Chelsey is a shy Nurse that works alongside Kacie and Blueface as they helped Rex. She doesn't like to fight, but isn't afraid to stand her ground. As she grows older, she will become darker, and stronger, a force to be reckoned with.


Chelsey was born with playmates Kacie, Zitro, and Tanner. Together they would romp and play around the caves, sometimes getting into trouble with the adults. Chelsey was definitely the most timid of the pair, and was at times scared of her own shadow.

When the Darkarians invaded their home, Chelsey tried to hide, but was soon discovered. However she got off easier than Kacie did. Chelsey's scar hurt, but it did not blind her in that eye. Not long aferwards she was appointed Nurse. While she seemed a bit too hyper to be a Nurse, she was a fast worker, which made her a valuable Nurse for the pack indeed.


She is one of the Nurses that has helped Rex recover from his wounds. She has become quite the speedy worker, and has even given Kacie a run for her money. She is still shy, but not quite as much.

What role she will play in Sora W.T.K.'s A Sharptooth's Heart II in the future remains a mystery.


Years of war and battles have hardened Chelsey's personality as well as her heart. All signs of friendliness have vanished, replaced with a cold appearance and stone expressions. She is hardly seen with a smile. After Zitro became leader, she become the Advisor, and was quite good at it too. She has recieved more scars from battles, which only further darkened her personality.

She helped Kacie make the decisions of what to do when a Tanner-like alimon showed up and attacked Sapphire. Any future involving with DarkHououmon's Out of the Shadows 2 is unknown at this moment.