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Cheyenne are a Native American nation of the Great Plains. The Cheyenne Nation is composed of three united tribes, the Masikota, the Só'taa'e (more commonly as Sutai) and the Tsé-tsêhéstâhese (singular: Tsêhéstáno; more commonly as the Tsitsistas), which translates to "Like Hearted People". The name Cheyenne derives from Dakota Sioux Šahíyena, meaning "little Šahíya". Though the identity of the Šahíya is not known, many Great Plains tribes assume it means Cree or some other people that spoke an Algonquian language related to the Cree and the Cheyenne. However, the common folk etymology for "Cheyenne" is "bit like the [people of an] alien speech" (literally, "little red-talker").

During the pre-reservation era, they were allied with the Arapaho and Lakota (Sioux). They are one of the best known of the Plains tribes. The Cheyenne Nation comprised ten bands, spread all over the Great Plains, from southern Colorado to the Black Hills in South Dakota. In the mid-nineteenth century, the bands began to split, with some bands choosing to remain near the Black Hills, while others chose to remain near the Platte Rivers of central Colorado.

Currently the Northern Cheyenne, known in Cheyenne either as Notameohmésêhese meaning "Northern Eaters" or simply as Ohmésêhese meaning "Eaters", live in southeast Montana on the Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation. The Southern Cheyenne, known in Cheyenne as Heévâhetane meaning "Roped People," along with the Southern Arapaho, live in central Oklahoma. Their combined population is approximately 20,000.

In Slayer Advance

The Cheyenne are one of three protectors of the slayers. The first slayer appeared in Africa but such culture disappeared. The first protectors were the Shao Lin monks of Tibet. Demon armies destroyed the Shao Lin, forcing the survivors to flee into the mountains. The Mayans took over control after being contacted by extraterrestrials. The Mayans protected and trained slayers but the Mayans were also destroyed. The Cheyenne took control of protection in the 16th century and did so until the colonization of America. The Watcher's Council was established after ancient Mayan and Cheyenne ruins were found. The Cheyenne were very close with the Greys. The Greys are an extraterrestrial civilization that has been visiting Earth for thousands of years. The Cheyenne meet Alexis Perry and train her and provide her with secret and special Slayer powers. The Cheyenne belong to a part of the "Power of Three". The three forces are the Shaolin Monks, the Cheyenne and the Watcher's Council. The Cheyenne are destroyed by demons in 2009.

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