Cholena's Quest is a Video Game made for Nintendo Wii. It is a Prequel to the 100 Acre Wood series.


The game centers on Cholena the indian mouse princess as she joins up with Jiminy Cricket Master Yoda and Nicodemus to fight the forces of evil and save their homeland known as The 100 Acre Wood.

Playable Characters

  • Cholena - the Daughter of the Chief who is the tribe's only hope. She could use her own abilities to Jump Higher and use her own Indian Weapons to fight dangerous enemies.

  • Jiminy Cricket - a Cricket with a sense of humor and a heroic little fellow. He flies with a Magic Umbrella he holds up. He is good friends with Cholena.

  • Nicodemus - the master of the rats of nimh. He used his Magical Staff to change anything into another - sprout lightning and make rainbows. He even used a Sword to battle enemies.

  • Yoda - the member of the Jedi Council. Yoda came from another planet. He used a Lightsaber to fight enemies and used a very powerful ability known as The Force. He is good friends with Nicodemus.

Game Abilities

the X Button - Jump

the Circle Button - Super Powers

the Triangle Button - Switch to another friend

the Square Button - Attack

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