Chris and Dhris Rescue Rangers
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Directed by
David W. Armstrong
Written by
Bruce Thompson
James Herbert
Peter Michaelson
Produced by
Graham Collingwood
Bob Richardson
John Tartakovsky
Executive Producers:
Michael Shires
Marvin Kellaway
David W. Armstrong
Pat Pinney
Paul Winchell (Season 1)
Jim Cummings (Season 2-3)
Ed Gilbert
Dick Gautier
Maggie Roswell
Frank Welker
Chris Latta (Season 1)
Charlie Adler (Season 2-3)
Alan Oppenheimer
John Stephenson
Music by
Robert J. Walsh
Production companies:
Michael Shires Television Animation
Melvin Productions, Ltd.
Matthew Mouse Productions
Distributed by
Oliver Television Incorporated
Science fiction
Running Time:
22 minutes

Chris and Dhris Rescue Rangers it's animated series produced by Shires Television Animation, Melvin Productions Ltd., Matthew Mouse Productions. Created by David W. Armstrong, if featured the established Shires characters, Chris and Dhris in a new setting. The series premiere on CBS on January 13, 1990.


Chris and Dhris Rescue Rangers:

  • Chris (voiced by Pat Pinney)
  • Dhris (voiced by Paul Winchell in Season 1 and Jim Cummings in Season 2-3)
  • Jonathan Mouse (voiced by Ed Gilbert and Dick Gautier)
  • Skipper Fly (voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Cat J Raoul (voiced by Ed Gilbert)
  • Mark the Cat (voiced by Chris Latta in Season 1 and Charlie Adler in Season 2-3)
  • Wall the Lizard (voiced by Chris Latta in Season 1 and Charlie Adler in Season 2-3)
  • Mort the Mole (voiced by Alan Oppenheimer)
  • Shout the Rat (voiced by John Stephenson)
  • Sergeant Spaghetti (voice by Dick Gautier)
  • Allen Kennethson (voice by Peter Cullen)

Darkwing Fly:

  • Skipper the Fly (voiced by Frank Welker)
  • Kitty Katswell (voiced by Heather North)
  • The Chief (voiced by Henry Corden)

Atomic Mandy:

  • Mandy Mouse (voiced by Maggie Roswell)
  • Sparky (voiced by Jaleel White)
  • Robot X-5 (voiced by Matt Hill)


Production Notes:

  • The animation produced by Melvin Productions Ltd, Matthew Mouse Productions and overseas animation by AKOM Productions Co, Dai Won Animation Co., Ltd., Tokyo Movie Shinsha.

Original Run:

  • January 13, 1990-April 7, 1992

Production Company:

  • Melvin Productions Ltd.
  • Matthew Mouse Productions
  • Michael Shires Television Animation


  • Oliver Television Incorporated

Theme Song:

  • Chris and Dhris: Rescue Rangers Season 1-3 Opening and Closing Theme (Mark Mueller)

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