Fan Fiction
Fan Fiction

The Cintamani Wars are two simultaneously happening wars. While the so called "true war" is fought over the real Cintamani Stone, the "fake and false war" is actually the only war who could wield a satisfying result. The participants of the True and Fake war aren't supposed to interact however this rule gets broken later, resulting in the two wars melding.


After the cursed nature of the Cintamani stone war was learned by the still remaining members of the last war, a certain person who survived the last war used the rubin stone created by Jeremiah Ford after the latters death at the hands of James Caradini and created a so called "fake" war.

The new fake and false war started after the first two weeks of the true war. The Fake and False war has six participants who unlike the participants of the True Wars never work together and just fight each other in order to gain the "fake wishing stone". After the sixth week of the True War and at the final day, the curse called Micah managed to break out going after the Fake War.

Participants of the True War

James and Nicole Caradini

Rafe and Stephanie Wyatt

Charles Baxter and Elizabeth

Timothy and Ellie Benson

Benjamin Clarke

Zachary Jones

Participating of the Fake War

Danilo Beresi

Tristan Wayne and Lorelei

Adorjan and Ayana

Oswald Forest

Michael Williams

Isabelle Vargo