Episode 11 of Nightwing & Batgirl.

Nightwing, Batgirl, and Wonder Woman stopped Maxwell Lord and his henchmen in their plan to utilize warheads that would destroy the U.S. trading vessels which might lead to a war between North and South America. After that, they sent Maxwell Lord and his henchmen to jail.

The next day, Nightwing and Batgirl went to the house of Jim Gordon, Batgirl's father.

Batgirl introduced Nightwing to him, "Dad, this Dick Grayson, codename Nightwing. He's my partner in fighting crime."

Now, Nightwing shook hands with Jim Gordon.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Gordon.", Nightwing greeted.

"Nice to meet you too. Just call me Jim. It's alright.", Jim replied.

"If that's what you please, Mr. Jim.", Nightwing agreed.

"Of course it is.", Jim responded.

"You must know me already, sir. I was Batman's first sidekick, at the young age of 12. Since then, I became Robin until the day I finally decided to move out of Batman's shadow, and Barb and I both decided to worked on our own. Batgirl and I've been partners from beginning.", Nightwing told him some background about himself.

"Indeed. In fact, you've been her inspiration to crimefighting.", Jim replied.

"Don't push it, dad.", Batgirl told his father.

"I like this boy, Barbara.", Jim told his daughter.

Later, Chief O'Hara called Jim and told him there's trouble in downtown Gotham. It was Babyface and his henchmen. Now, Nightwing and Batgirl sprung to action and went there. They fought Babyface and his henchmen who went on a bank heist. Later, they were able to defeat them and later police came and sent them to jail.

The next day, the two came back to Jim Gordon's house.

"Good morning, dad.", Batgirl greeted.

"Good morning, Mr. Jim", Nightwing followed.

"Good morning, sweetie. Nightwing, I'm glad you came back.", Jim greeted them back.

"I'm glad to see you too.", Nightwing replied.

"Now that there's no new trouble out in Gotham. Let me take this time to talk to you. I wanna know more about you. If it's alright with you.", Jim said.

"Oh, of course it's alright, sir. Hmm. Where do I start?", Nightwing replied, as he paused for a while, then continued, "Well, I lived in Bludhaven and spent my childhood there. Then when I was 9, I was adopted, trained, and raised by Bruce. He taught me several kinds of martial arts. He trained me to be the crimefighter I am today. Together, we were the dynamic duo. But now, the dynamic duo is us, Nightwing and Batgirl".

"What happened to your parents?",

"Well, I lost them at an early age.", Nightwing answered, as he shed a tear. "Someone from the crowds threw blades at the trapeze wires, and they fell to their deaths.", he continued, as he burst into tears.

"I'm very sorry about that, Dick.", Jim told him, as he pat him on the shoulder.

Batgirl asked him, "It's alright, Dick. Why don't we go to circus to cheer you up?".

"The circus was dead since my parents died", Nightwing said.

But then, there was trouble at the Old Circus, one of Jim Gordon's men told him.

"Nightwing, Batgirl. Looks like we got some business to do.", Jim told them.

"The Old Circus? Who would be crazy enough to attack that place?", Nightwing said.

"Let's go now and figure out", Batgirl said. Nightwing and Jim agreed.

Now, the three went to the Old Circus. They saw Catwoman and Kabuki Twins creeping everyone out.

"Don't you that this place is filled with my bitter memories?", Nightwing told Catwoman.

"I know that. Which is why I brought Tony Zucco here", Catwoman said.

The three are surrounded by their henchmen, when the Creeper came and saved them.

"You're gonna pay for this", Nightwing told Catwoman.

"What's that thing?", Jim Gordon asked.

"It's the Creeper. Don't worry, he's a friend", Batgirl answered.

Nightwing now took on Rupert Thorne and Tony Zucco. The two gave him a hard time. They had guns and fired at Nightwing at will. Nightwing evaded those bullets. Batgirl took on Catwoman. Creeper took on the Kabuki Twins. Jim Gordon went and took out the villains' henchmen. He disarmed them and took them out in combat. When Creeper and Jim Gordon are done beating Kabuki Twins and the villains' henchmen, they helped Nightwing beat Rupert Thorne. While Batgirl and Catwoman's fight took a little bit longer. Catwoman was having the upper hand at first. Nightwing was able to get close to Thorne and Zucco and he disarmed them. Now, he beat Tony Zucco. Later, he was also able to take down Rupert Thorne. Later, Batgirl turned the tables and was also able to defeat Catwoman. Now, Jim Gordon called the GCPD. Later, police came and arrested the villains.

"Why don't we stay here to watch just one acrobat stunt?", Nightwing asked.

"That would be cool.", Creeper said.

Now, the four stayed. They heard the circus trainor speak and heard him honor Nightwing's parents.

"Oh yeah", Nightwing said as he just got more hyped up. Then, Nightwing admitted that the circus was still good as it was back then.

"Told you", Jim Gordon said.

Characters: Nightwing, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Jim Gordon, Chief O'Hara, Creeper, Policemen

Villains: Maxwell Lord, Babyface, Rupert Thorne, Tony Zucco, Kabuki Twins, Catwoman

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