Fan Fiction


Rex and Ben were racing when they turned a corner and saw the Lucubra turning a human into an EVO. At first they were confused, but then they realized that, since the Lucubra was from another dimension away from Ben’s Earth, it could be an EVO from Rex’s world. Ben defeats the Lucubra as Armodrillo, and then Rex cures it, revealing it to be Rex’s long lost father, Rafael Salazar. Rafael explains that the Nanite Event blasted him into another dimension. Once there, something strange happened that turned him into an EVO. 

Meanwhile, Harry and Luke were tracking down Voldemort when they discovered him absorbing a Nanite reactor, turning him into a gigantic snake EVO with magical powers. Voldemort goes on a rampage across the Bug Jar, forcing NoFace to join the Death Eaters. Oddly, Voldemort retreats from the Clones coming to help and instead moves out into the mountains. Rex, Ben, Rafael and Cesar discover that the real Lucubra had found Rafael in an EVO form that could turn others into EVOs. Since Rafael looked exactly like the Lucubra then, the real Lucubra decided to use him as a decoy. The team got all of this info from Rafael’s memory. When they arrive at the Lucubra’s base, they are attacked by Voldemort, who the whole time was being controlled by the Lucubra himself. After defeating him with the help of Harry and Luke, Ben and Rex are knocked out cold.

Rafael injects Cesar with a Nanite glop that gives him all of Rex’s powers (except making new machines), with multiplied strength. Cesar and the Lucubra battle, but the Lucubra can never control Cesar because of his metal machines (which, not to mention, are blue, like the new machines, showing that they are enhanced). Cesar ‘discovers’ that metal is actually the Lucubra’s weakness, so by stabbing him with the BFS he is able to kill him. Rex tries to thank Cesar, but Cesar goes power crazy and attacks Rex, revealing that he caused the Nanite Event. Rex is unable to defeat Cesar, and the Lucubra gets up and talks, for the first time, revealing that Cesar has always worked for him.

They think all is lost until Old George comes around the corner and tells them the Lucubra’s real weakness – Silicon. Ben, as Ultimate Echo-Echo, nullifies the Lucubra and then kills it with his silicon claws. Then all that was left was Cesar. Nobody can beat him until a portal opens and a mechanical creature jumps out and, using several other exoskeletons, defeats the beast. The robot-thing is revealed to be Mac, the exoskeleton-creating boy with Titanix in his head. After the Lucubra’s defeat, Paradox takes everyone back to their home dimensions at last.