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Classic Sonic The Hedgehog Is The 2nd Redesigned Version Of Classic Sonic The Hedgehog

Role In The Movies

In The 2013 Movie Sonic Origins This Is The Design Used For Classic Sonic Who Will Be Voiced By Amy Poehler While Modern Sonic Will Be Voiced By Roger Craig Smith (Sonic Colors, Sonic Free Riders, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity And Sonic Generations)  It Show All Scenes The Movie Sonic Origins Is Planned To Have Classic Characters Speaking

Role In The TV Series

The New 2013 Sonic TV Show Will Be Called Classic Sonic Adventures Where His Talking Voice Will Be Done By Amber Wilson And Classic Super Sonic Will Be Voiced By Naomi Watts Modern Sonic And Modern Super Sonic Will Be Done By Roger Craig Smith


Funny And Entertaining Classic Sonic Always Speeds Past Enemies And Thwarts Robotnik's Plans


He Is Listed At 5"3


His Weight Is 170 Pounds

Super Forms

Super Sonic (Classic)-Achieved By 7 Chaos Emeralds He Is Extremely Fast And Nearly Invincible But Can Be Crushed By Something

Hyper Forms

Hyper Sonic (Classic)-Achieved By Getting 7 Chaos Emeralds And 7 Super Emeralds Hyper Sonic Is Different He Is Powerful He Can Fly, Run At +100 MPH And Can't Drown


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