Fan Fiction

Name's Person... mrperson. Im apart of the P.S.A. that's the penguin secret agency. I'm on an investigation. An investigation that's so shocking it'll make your feathers shake. The infamous ninja. The ninja's been rumoured around these parts for 'while now... i's time for these mystery to be solved. And I did just that... -screen switches to a flashback-

  • Mrperson: It was at the ski lodge. Happened on December 11, 2008. It was on that day the ninja's secret was no more...

  • Mrperson (thinking): What's that thing in the mirror...?... It looks like a shadow.
  • -shadow disapears-
  • Mrperson: that was odd...

Then I went to the lighthouse, with knowing the ninjas had rumoured to have the ability of turning invisible.

  • -Mrperson looks over by the net-
  • Mrperson: Hmm... what's that?
  • -shadow disapears again-
  • Mrperson: This is getting freaky...

Then I went to the dojo, to investigate because I knew what was going on.

  • Mrperson (to friend, General0): Well, this is where the ninja hideout is supposed to be.
  • -a blank shadow with a few feathers left behind zooms out-
  • General0: WHAT WAS THAT?!?
  • Mrperson: What?
  • General0: Hm... nothing.

This is when the exciting part happens.

  • -General0 turns around to find a shady ninja right behind him-
  • General0: AAAAHHHH!!!!
  • -Mrperson rapidly turns around right when the ninja disapeared-
  • Mrperson: Whaaaat!!??
  • General0: T-t-t-t-t-h-h-h-e-e-e.... n-n-nn-ninja!!!
  • Mrperson: Yeah, the penguin who cried, "ninja".
  • -While Mrperson turns head foward there is a ninja right in front of him-
  • Mrperson: .......eep.....
  • Ninja (with beak movements not fitting words): Do not be afraid, young, strange, penguin.
  • Mrperson: meh... you you call'in strange...
  • Ninja: Silence, strange, young, penguin.
  • Mrperson: ...okay.
  • Ninja: You have mastered much skill in the small P.S.A. we request if you be one of us.
  • Mrperson: Wow, really?!?
  • Ninja: Yes. You will be weird-san.
  • Mrperson: Ehmm.. how about Mrmonk?
  • Ninja: Fine. Even though that sounds dumb.
  • Ninja: And your partner General0 will be noticed as General-san.
  • General0: cool!
  • Ninja: Yes, indeed, "cool". Now I will show you the Ninja Hideout.

--- The rest is classified. I cannot tell you the rest. If you want to know the rest,.... tough bannanas.