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Concept Art is a form of Illustration whose main purpose is to visualize and communicate the Design · Idea · atmosphere etc. used in Movie, Video Game, Animation, Comic etc. before finishing it as the final product. Also called visual development and Concept Design.


Set-up books, visual art books, etc. show things that are frequently posted. Character's Front View, Back View, Side View are also featured to be released.


Although it is unknown that someone has disseminated or coined the word "Concept Art" pointing to Prototype Desigh, it seems to be used as a part of Concept Car's Desigh or Animation industry. Even if this term is missing, these industries need people who do this kind of work. In the 1930s the word "Concept Art" was used in Disney · Animation.

Concept Artist[]

Concept artists are those who create visual designs such as goods, characters, land that do not yet exist. This includes production of movies, animation, and recently video games. Concept artists may only be required for production activities in the preparation phase or in some cases until the project is achieved as part of the production team. Besides being a technology as a fine artist, he is also required to have the ability to work strictly in accordance with his qualification as a graphic designer. Since the theme to be produced itself is often not chosen, interpretation and materialization of the idea is the place where individual skills of the concept artist appear most clearly.


In recent years concept art has been actively using the latest technology. Graphic software such as Photoshop and Corel Painter and hardware such as pen tablet became easy to use, making it possible to work more efficiently. Until then (and even today), traditional painting materials such as oil paintings, acrylic paints, markers, pencils, etc. were used in large quantities. For this reason, many modern painting software programs are programmed to simulate the color mixture that paint will cause on the canvas. With the skill of traditional painting materials gained, it takes precedence over mastery of software.


Concept arts range from realistic like photographs to traditional painting techniques. This was made easier with special software that can fill every detail up to every pixel and can use settings that can imitate authentic paint. When entrusting a work, companies often require the creation of a large number of preliminary works. Artists working for projects often make frequent reworks in the form of sketches for the most part in order to provide broad interpretation in the early stages of production. At a later stage, the concept art is made graphically as necessary.

Series of Concept Art[]

Concept Art are divided into each Series.


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