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Corruption is a Jurassic Park fanfiction published on by author Vinny2. It began on July 2, 2006 and ended on February 13, 2007.


Incumbent governor Henry Gibson is running for reelection. Dean of the University of Maryland Stephanie Maximoff is his opponent. Due to Stephanie's opposition to the "Destroy Isla Nublar and Sorna" movement, Henry seems to be the obvious winner, but Henry wants to make sure. He sends his daughter along with two mercenaries to Isla Sorna in order to let the mercenaries die. Once word of two new deaths on the island reached Maryland, Stephanie would surely lose. The only problem is that Tina has friends to rescue her and put a damper on Henry's plan.

Major Characters[]

(Characters are listed in order of importance.)

  • Dimitri Maximoff- Stephanie's son and one of Tina's friends that follow her to the island.
  • Janet Korvoloski- Dimitri's best friend who accompanies him to Isla Sorna.
  • Stephanie Maximoff- University of Maryland dean and Dimitri's mother.
  • Erik Maximoff- Stephanie's husband and father to Dimitri. Former employee of InGen.
  • Tina Gibson- Henry's daughter who takes the mercenaries to the island.
  • Henry Gibson- Corrupt incumbent governor and Tina's father.
  • Benji Madison- Stephanie's ex-husband and running mate. Expert computer hacker.
  • Scott Green- Government conspirator hired by Henry Gibson and Tina's boyfriend.
  • Kevin Davenport- Henry's chief of staff and campaign manager in charge of making sure everyone in the conspiracy did their job.
  • Piper Norvell- Henry's ruthless superior
  • Harvey David- One of the two mercenaries Tina took to Isla Sorna.
  • Julius Wright- One of the two mercenaries Tina took to Isla Sorna.
  • Heidi Carroll- Flight attendant of the plane Dimitri and Janet took down in order to get on the island
  • Alex Amadore- Piper's mysterious superior
  • Nicole Brooks- Stephanie's pushy campaign manager.
  • Max Gibson- Henry's son and Tina's brother who assisted Erik and Benji in stopping Henry.
  • Paul Harris- Pilot of the flight Dimitri and Janet took down.
  • Linda Kreuger- Police officer who wound up mixed up in the investigation


The story has one sequel, Dinosaur Liberation Association, that is currently in production. Notable changes include the removal of two major characters from Corruption: Janet Korvoloski and Heidi Carroll.


  • The original draft of the story included Henry Gibson's lieutenant governor, Erika Vasquez. She was later written out becuase she was unessesary, although she was still mentioned.
  • The original draft had other passengers on the flight, but were eliminated becuase they crowded the cast list and were unnecessary.


  • The original destination of the charter flight constantly changes from Rio de Janiero to Sao Paulo.
  • The Charter flight number frequently changes from chapter to chapter.
  • Max Gibson mentions "Jack Bauer" to one of his kidnappers even though the story takes place one year after the Jurassic Park incident in 1994. 24, the show that Jack Bauer appears, didn't premier until 2001.

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