Cosmic Pretty Soldier Neon Sailor Moon Ancient Infinite Star Crystal Zodiac Galaxy Imperial Millennium DX Storm: Rise Of The True Senshi Prime, The Legendary Sailor Civil War Of Light & Darkness For The Future Of The Universe is a fan fiction series based on Sailor Moon.

The story mainly focuses on The Sailor Civil War, a legendary battle that ravaged the universe for millions of years.

The Neo Soldiers are involved in the civil war as well, they are also the true heirs of the Solar System.


The Sailor Senshi Civilization is caught ina legendary battle against each other, it is called The Legendary Sailor Civil War, it has ravaged the universe for millions of years, bringing destruction to many kingdoms and empires including the greatest of them all, The Moon Kindgom. Sailor Negaverse recently found someone who can tip the war to her favor. Neon Sailor Moon, The New Senshi Prime must unite her fellow Sailor Senshi to defeat their traitorious sisters and save the universe for destruction.

Sailor Senshi

Neon Sailor Senshi Of The Solar System

  • Neon Sailor Moon
  • Neon Sailor Sun
  • Neon Sailor Earth
  • Neon Sailor Mercury
  • Neon Sailor Mars
  • Neon Sailor Jupiter
  • Neon Sailor Venus
  • Neon Sailor Pluto
  • Neon Sailor Uranus
  • Neon Sailor Neptune
  • Neon Sailor Saturn
  • Neon Sailor Nemesis


TV Series


Video Games


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