Cosmic Warriors & Ultimate Defenders Of The Dimensional Plain is a fanfictional story based onf The Anime series, Sailor Moon.

This takes place after Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars.

it is a reference to Kingdom Hearts.

This story follows the lives & all the adventures of The Cosmic Senshi.


During The battle with Galaxia & Chaos, Sailor Moon was able to save her senshi Star Seeds & merge with them to become her most powerful & ultimate form, Sailor Cosmos. With the power of the entire universe flowing thorugh her body, Salor Cosmos saved Sailor Galaxia & banished Chaos back into the Galaxy Cauldron forever. Sailor Cosmos brought back her senshi & allowed them to become Cosmic Senshi. after the battle, the senshi continued their lives in peace.

The Senshi have decide to leave since their timeline is finally at peace, but they also learned Crystal Toyko is gone forever becasue of the incident with Sailor Galaxia & Rini's interference in the past. Sailor Cosmos & The Cosmic Senshi agreed to leave since they do not have anything to keep them here. New Adeventures await our 9 great & all powerful heroines.

Cosmic Senshi

  • Sailor Cosmos
  • Sailor Cosmic Mercury
  • Sailor Cosmic Mars
  • Sailor Cosmic Jupiter
  • Sailor Cosmic Venus
  • Sailor Cosmic Venus
  • Sailor Cosmic Uranus
  • Sailor Cosmic Neptune
  • Sailor Cosmic Pluto
  • Sailor Cosmic Saturn




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