The eighty-third episode of Hollywood World.


Just when Courtney thinks she can escape her new job as Sootopolis City's Gym Leader, her father runs off to become the Hoenn League's Champion, resulting in her taking the position permanently. Later, Courtney and Teresa meet Juan, who was the one who taught Wallace everything there is to know about Pokemon. Juan had given up his position as Gym Leader for Wallace, but now that Wallace is off challenging the Hoenn League, Courtney has taken his place. In order to go on her journey, she has to convince Juan to take the position back!


Steven (guest appearance)
Juan (guest appearance)
Unnamed trainer (guest appearance)
Sidney (guest appearance)
Phoebe (guest appearance)
Glacia (guest appearance)
Drake (guest appearance)


Empoleon (Courtney's)
Psyduck (Courtney's)
Staryu (Courtney's)
Vaporeon (Courtney's)
Lumineon (Courtney's)
Totodile (Courtney's)
Swampert (Courtney's)
Phione (Courtney's)
Piplup (Teresa's)
Togekiss (Teresa's)
Tentacruel (Wallace's)
Milotic (Wallace's)
Luvdisc (Juan's)
Kingdra (Juan's)
Blaziken (Trainer's)
Mightyena (Sidney's)
Crawdaunt (Sidney's)
Absol (Sidney's)
Dusclops (Phoebe's)
Glalie (Glacia's; 2x)
Altaria (Drake's)
Salamence (Drake's)
Claydol (Steven's)
Aggron (Steven's)
Metagross (Steven's)

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