Crash's Wumpa Birthday is a fanfiction short written by MarioFan65. This short is meant to celebrate the 22nd anniversary of Crash Bandicoot.


(At Crash's house, Crash is sleeping on the bed with a lazy mood as Aku Aku show up to him)

  • Aku Aku: Crash.....Crash........Crash!
  • Crash: *wake up* Whoa!
  • Aku Aku: Wake up, it's been your past time morning.
  • Crash: Huh?
  • Aku Aku: Nah, i'm just playing with you. No big deal. Now get up and go get some breakfast. *fly to the kitchen*
  • Crash: Huh.

(Crash walk into the kitchen to see a surprise party being held by many friends)

  • Everyone: Surprise!
  • Crash: Wow!
  • Coco: Happy birthday Crash.
  • Crunch: Hell yeah! It's a party for the bandicoot.
  • Tawna: Happy birthday my love. *kiss Crash on the cheeks*
  • Crash: Ah.
  • Aku Aku: We have a nice cake for you we just bake last night when you were sleeping. Even Polar and Pura are playing with the strings.
  • Polar and Pura: *play with the strings*
  • Farmer Ernest: My pal Crash, it been a honor for squashing these worms out of my farm. I appreciate it.
  • Yaya: I love this bandicoot so much.
  • Aku Aku: Come on, let's go have some cake.

(Outside, Cortex and Nina are hiding in the bush, planning to blow up Crash's house)

  • Cortex: It been 20 years since my last defeat. Now, i'm going to strike my revenge on him.
  • Nina: Whatever uncle, now do it.
  • Cortex: Yes. I will blow up the house this instant! *throw the bomb at the wall of the house*
  • Crash: *hear something* Uh oh.
  • Coco: What's the matter Crash? Is there something wrong?
  • Crash: *rush outside and see the bomb* Ahhh! *spin the bomb to Cortex and Nina*
  • Cortex: Look out!
  • Nina: Oh no!

(The bomb explodes, hitting Cortex and Nina to the tree)

  • Nina: You idiot!
  • Cortex: I hate bandicoots!

(Crash walk inside of the house)

  • Aku Aku: I knew Dr. Neo Cortex was behind all of this.
  • Coco: No worries. Let's eat some cake.
  • Crash: Cake!

(The gang started to eat some cake)

  • Tawna: Are you happy now Crash? I left a wumpa fruit for you to eat as a snack.
  • Crash: *devour on the cake*
  • Tawna: Crash?
  • Crash: *devour on the wumpa fruit*
  • Coco: That's my big brother alright.
  • Crunch: Ugh. Just use a napkin to clean yourself.
  • Crash: *drink water in a cup and smile at the camera*


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