Crash Bandicoot: The television series
Format Action Quest
Created by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin
Writer(s) Etenitey the hedgehog
Director(s) Manta-Bee, SuperSaiyanKirby, Chomper4
No. of episodes TBA
Run time 30 min.
Rated TV-Y7
English Network Stunts TV
Starring Jess Harnell

Lex Lang Debi Derryberry

First aired March 2, 2010

Crash Bandicoot: The televison series is a spin off to Ratchet and Clank: The televison series and Jak and Daxter: The televison series. It is based off the Crash Bandicoot video games.

Characters, stuff, etc.

Season 1 Stuff

Season 1 Characters

Season 1 Protagonists
Season 1 Antagonists

Season 1 Islands

The first Island
The second Island
The third Island

Crates & other items

Season 2 Stuff

Season 2 Characters

Season 2 Protagonists
Season 2 Antagonists

Season 2 Areas

First Warp Room
Second Warp Room
Third Warp Room
Fourth Warp Room
Fifth Warp Room
Sixth Warp Room

Crates & other Items



Season 1

  1. Released Upon Wumpa Island
  2. Going Deep
  3. Upon the Gate
  4. Escape from the Boulders
  5. Stream goes up
  6. Rolled Away!
  7. Attack of the Hogs
  8. Fortress escape!
  9. The New part of the Island, Up a Creek.
  10. Lost City of Wumpa
  11. Ruined Temples
  12. Nowhere 2 Go Yet
  13. Rolled Away Again!
  14. The Hogs Strike Back
  15. Sunset R Evil
  16. Big Little Island
  17. Cortex Zap!
  18. Different Generator-tion!
  19. The Toxic Menace
  20. The Road that is above Wumpa Island
  21. Slippery Cock
  22. Crash vs. The Dark
  23. Stranded in the Dark
  24. Cortex doesn't deserve these Jaws!
  25. More of those Metals!
  26. Finally there: Crash Bandicoot vs. Dr. Cortex
  27. Saving Tawna!
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