While on a rescue mission with his allies to save his girlfriend, Tawna Bandicoot, from Dr. Neo Cortex and his goons, Crash Bandicoot ends up accidentally triggering a teleportation device that malfunctions and teleports him to San Francisco. After outmaneuvering some cops and even a champion road racer, Crash eventually gets trapped in a swimming pool, only to be rescued from drowning by a pop culture-loving teenage boy named Cale Goldsmith. After they become friends, Crash and Cale eventually reunite with Crash's allies and even Tawna who also got teleported to San Francisco. And when they learn that Cortex and his goons have also been teleported there as well, our heroes must band together and gather the eight Clear Gems and three Crystals in order to help Crash and his allies get back home before they fall into Cortex and his goons' hands.

Episode count: 26

Season 1 Episode 1: Teleportation Freaks

Plot: On a rescue mission with his allies to save his girlfriend, Tawna Bandicoot, from Dr. Neo Cortex and his goons, Crash Bandicoot accidentally malfunctions a teleportation device during his usual scuffle with the enemy, only for the device to envelop everyone in a bright light. After it subsides, Crash wakes up to find himself in San Francisco. After losing the cops and a champ road racer named Edward Chase, Crash eventually gets himself trapped in a swimming pool and nearly drowns, only for a pop culture-loving teenage boy named Cale Goldsmith to rescue him.

Season 1 Episode 2: Area 54

Plot: Becoming friends, Crash and Cale agree to let Crash stay at his house until they figure out what to do for Crash. And when Cale's grandparents, Alan and Ethel, meet Crash, they decide to figure out how to get Crash home since Alan and Ethel are scientists. But upon seeing Tawna and Polar apprehended by the government on TV, Crash, Cale, Alan, and Ethel head for Area 54 and, after Crash sneaks in, successfully busts Tawna and Polar out and the three escape from the base. Then Aku-Aku appears, having casted a locater spell to find Crash, joins the others back to Cale's house. Once back there, the group figures out that everyone else was teleported to San Francisco from the device's malfunction, including Cortex and his goons.

Season 1 Episode 3: Tommy Missile Rampage

Plot: Cortex and his goons unleash a giant robot named Tommy Missile, whose hands are made of missile-infused tommy guns, courtesy of Pinstripe Potoroo. In the sewers, Crunch and Coco Bandicoot and Pura are hiding in the sewers to avoid detection from the police. While escorting the disguised Crash, Tawna, and Polar and hidden Aku-Aku to a local restaurant for lunch, they and Cale witness Tommy Missile's rampage and decide to try and stop it, realizing it's Cortex and his goons' doing. At the same time that happens, Crunch, Coco, and Pura come out and join in the fight as well. But despite Coco getting captured by Tommy Missile and nearly killed via being held hostage, Aku-Aku intervenes and thanks to Crash's distraction (By comically dancing on Tommy Missile's hands), our heroes defeat Tommy Missile and drive off Cortex and his goons. In the end, Crunch, Coco, and Pura join in staying at Cale's house.

Season 1 Episode 4: A New Ally in Need

Plot: While at school, Cale meets the new girl in his class in the form of Hollyanna Witherspoon, who just moved from Chicago. And when Hollyanna almost caught Cale talking wtih Aku-Aku, who followed him to school to explain their mission, Cale successfully makes up a lie to Hollyanna, claiming he was just shadow role-playing, triggering them both to talk about their common passion for pop culture while at lunch. But just before Cale got the courage to ask Hollyanna out on a date the next day at school under Crash's group's encouragement, Crash's group calls him through Cale's communicator watch Coco gave him and tells him they've located both the Red Clear Gem and first Crystal in a construction site. At the same time, Cortex and his goons discover this as well from an eavesdropping Uka-Uka, and both sides arrive at the site, with Hollyanna, suspicious on why Cale would run off on her, following Cale there. And when Hollyanna finds the Red Clear Gem and Crystal, she is nearly attacked by Cortex and his goons, only for Cale and Crash to rescue her. But when Cortex and his goons nearly get away with the Red Clear Gem and Crystal and trap Crash and his allies, except Cale and Hollyanna, in cement, Cale and Hollyanna team up and successfully got the Red Clear Gem and Crystal back after a little struggle on Cortex's levitation vehicle, which ends with the two almost falling to their deaths from the vehicle, only for Crash, after breaking himself and his allies free from the cement with his spin attack, to save the two by catching them. In the end, Hollyanna officially meets Crash and his allies and agrees to help them out against Cortex and his goons once explained on what's going on.

Season 1 Episode 5: Geshundfight

Plot: After Dr. Nitros Brio creates a contagious virus that only make mutants sick in order to hinder Crash and his allies, he unleashes it on Crash and his allies after luring them into a fight near the Transamerica Pyramid. Afterwards, the villains, much to our heroes' confusion, surrender and left immediately. But later, Crash, Tawna, Coco, and Crunch fall sick from the virus and learning from Aku-Aku about the cure in the form of a potion made from a Gazai Plant's leaf, Cale, Hollyanna, Alan, and Ethel team up with Aku-Aku, Pura, and Polar to find the Gazai Plant upon learning that the said plant is in the local greenhouse on sale. But then in a turn of events, the Komodo Brothers end up accidentally sick from the virus as well from the fight earlier and both sides race to find the Gazai Plant. In the end, a con artist bounty hunter named Chad Ryger steals the Gazai Plant and both sides end temporally working together to get the plant back. In the end, they do and both sides cure both the Komodo Brothers and the bandicoots with the potion and once cured, both sides fight again and our heroes come out victorious in the end after sending Cortex and his goons flying again.

Season 1 Episode 6: Techno-Teacher's Pet

Plot: After Cortex and his goons create a robot named Drill Teacher to pose as a strict no-nonsense schoolteacher to brainwash the children into becoming Cortex's subjects to the Cortex Kingdom, the said robot ends up kicking out Cale's class' real teacher, Mr. Kane, and ends up at first, acting like a drill sergeant to the children. But when he made a girl in Cale's class cry after she falls down during a jog, he ends up feeling guilty and becomes a nice teacher, going against Cortex's orders. Then during the course of gym class, Drill Teacher ends up softening to the children, becoming like any fun-loving teachers are. At the same time, Mr. Kane tries to get help from the police, but seeing how the children are having fun, the police and even Mr. Kane accept Drill Teacher as a friend as well. But unfortunately, Cortex and his goons learn of Drill Teacher's traitorous procrastination from a snooping Ripper Roo, and sends their little mischievous robot messenger, Tykoon, to talk some sense to Drill Teacher, but fails miserably. But when Cortex and his goons appear and reprogram Drill Teacher's original orders, Mr. Kane, the children, and the police are then forced to work on drawing Cortex's Cortex Kingdom statue of Cortex, despite that some of the children and cops don't know how to draw. But thankfully, Aku-Aku, having seen the whole thing secretly while checking up on Cale and Hollyanna, reports this to Crash and his allies and they come to the rescue. But then when Drill Teacher regains his sensitive side upon seeing Hollyanna defend him from a blast from Dr. Nitros Gin's stun laser gun, he dies sacrificing himself to send Cortex and his goons flying by blowing himself up. In the end, Mr. Kane, the children, police, and even Crash and his allies rebuild Drill Teacher and he ends up becoming an official robot assistant teacher for Mr. Kane's class, much to our heroes' happiness.

Season 1 Episode 7: Party Time

Plot: Deciding to celebrate Cale's parents return home (Cale's father, Jack, returning from a business trip in New York City, and Cale's mother, Sally, returning from wrapping a commercial shooting in Hungary), the Goldsmiths throw a house party. And during the course of preparing the party, Cale, after getting permission from his family, invites Hollyanna, her uncle, and her workaholic parents, Wendell and Naomi, to the party, which the four happily accept. And during the party, Crash and his allies, posing as life-sized stuffed animals, are hidden in Cale's room. Crash learns that Hollyanna's uncle is none other than Edward Chase. And when Edward sees Crash, he recognizes him. Terrified that their families are gonna get rid of Crash and their allies if Edward exposed them, Cale, Hollyanna, Alan, and Ethel quickly claim that Edward must be overreacting. But when Polar sneezes from spilled pepper seasoning while watching Cale's butler and maid, Chuck and Theresa, cooking some burgers for their party's dinner, Crash and his allies are exposed as living creatures finally and Cale, Hollyanna, Alan, and Ethel confess what's going on and, to their relief, both families, Chuck, Theresa, and even Edward agreed to be friends with Crash and his allies and in the end, both the families, Chuck, Theresa, and even Crash and their allies enjoy the rest of the house party. (Cortex and his goons don't appear in this episode)

Season 1 Episode 8: The Satellite Swipe

Plot: Cortex and his goons unleash a satellite-sucking robot into space to steal the satellites and use them as their Cortex Kingdom satellites. At the same time, Cale, while preparing for Passover and Easter, reveals to Hollyanna and their friends that he's half Christian from Sally's side and half Jewish from Jack's side, and that he and his family celebrate both traditions from their sides of the family. But when our heroes learn of Cortex's satellite plot, they fly in Coco's rocket plane, the Bandicoot Jet, to space to shoot down the robot, but the atmosphere's cold air becomes too much for the plane, and they have no choice but to retreat. Then upgrading the plane with Alan and Ethel's help, Coco introduces to everyone the Bandicoot Jet 2.0, which can not only fly in the sky, but also ride on land like a land-rover, fly in space, and dive in the water like a submarine. After returning to space, our heroes, with Cale, Hollyanna, and their families' help, confront the robot and defeat it after powering up Crash with the Red Clear Gem. And in the end, Cale and Hollyanna's families celebrate Passover and Easter the next day.

Season 1 Episode 9: Winter Flame

Plot: After Cortex and his goons unleash a snow and ice-making robot called Chiller on San Francisco, the city ends up becoming trapped in an eternal winter, and not even the sun's heat can try to melt it away. Then sent by Cortex to find the rest of the seven Clear Gems and two Crystals, Tiny Tiger and Dingodile end up lost in the city after their Jewel Locater breaks due to the cold weather and they search for the jewels without it. But when they nearly freeze to death, Cale, Hollyanna, and even Aku-Aku convince Crash and his allies to help them, which they reluctantly do. After awakening, Tiny and Dingodile tried many times to escape from their heroic "Captors," but while being nursed back to health, Tiny and Dingodile, confused on why Cortex and his goons never came to help them from the cold weather, end up eventually befriending our heroes, getting to know more about each other. Finally having accepted our heroes as their new friends, Tiny and Dingodile confess Chiller's weakness in the form of fire. Deciding to trust the two, our heroes and them decide to infiltrate an abandoned building where Cortex, his goons, and Chiller are spreading the winter across the city. And during the journey through the streets to find them, Cortex and his goons and Chiller appear, having learned from Uka-Uka of Tiny and Dingodile's betrayal, and plant two mind-controlled devices on Tiny and Dingodile. But in the end, they thankfully fight against the control thanks to our heroes' intervention and encouragements, and with Tiny and Dingodile's trident and flamethrower, destroy both the devices and Chiller, ending the eternal winter, and afterwards, Tiny and Dingodile accept our heroes' offer to stay at Cale's house until their return home.

Season 1 Episode 10: Foul Ball

Plot: After locating the Pink and Green Clear Gems at the Pacific Bell Park Baseball Stadium, Coco and Pura meet the owner who found the jewels and he agrees to give them to the two. But Cortex and his goons arrive and just when they snatch the jewels away, Coco and Pura escape with the jewels while the owner stays behind to distract Cortex and his goons. But then Tykoon arrives upon Coco and Pura's return to Cale's house and reveal a message from Cortex and his goons, claiming they want a fair challenge for the three jewels in the form of a baseball game tonight. Deciding to take that chance, our heroes go to the stadium at night and accepts the challenge. And during the course of the game, more and more people crowd around the stadium seats, cheering for our heroes to beat Cortex's goons like an actual baseball game. In the end, our heroes win the game, but Cortex goes behind his deal and snatches the Green and Pink Clear Gems, but later, it was revealed that the two jewels they "Lost" to Cortex and his goons were actually fakes and the real ones were hidden in Cale's room all that time.

Season 1 Episode 11: Facts of the Case

Plot: After the Mayor was kidnapped by Cortex and his goons and then while blindfolded and tied, he gets rescued by our heroes. Upon being freed, the Mayor ask our heroes to explain what happened while he was blindfolded and tied, and they told him how it happened. In the end, after all was explained, the Mayor agrees to name Crash and his allies official heroes of San Francisco, to show the people and the world that they're good guys.

Season 1 Episode 12: Cortex's Base Part 1

Plot: Learning of the Yellow Clear Gem and second Crystal’s location at the beach hut, our heroes find them, only to be ambushed by Cortex and his goons and their new robot in the form of a gale wind force-creating robot named Gusty. Unfortunately, they lose the Yellow Clear Gem and second Crystal to the enemy and deciding to resolve getting them back, Crash and his allies decide to infiltrate Cortex's base, leaving Cale and Hollyanna out of this, for fear of getting them hurt due to the mission being too risky and because they are children, regardless of them being teens. During the infiltration, Coco first deactivates the security cameras and she, Crash, and their allies, disguising their voices as Uka-Uka and Cortex, trick the goons into leaving their posts, claiming they found another Clear Gem. Back at Cale and Hollyanna's houses, their families encourage them to go help Crash and their allies, which they agree to do, since they're their friends. In the end, Crash and their allies find the Yellow Clear Gem and second Crystal, only to realize that Cortex and his goons lured them to the Yellow Clear Gem and second Crystal as a trap to capture them and that they knew the infiltration happened, and are imprisoned while Aku-Aku escapes.

Season 1 Episode 13: Cortex's Base Part 2

Plot: While locked in a cell, Crash and their allies try to find a way out, but to no avail. Cale and Hollyanna, with their families' help, secretly infiltrate the base thanks to Aku-Aku leading them there. Once there, Aku-Aku creates a Dr. Nefarious Tropy replica and, after trapping the real Tropy, stages a captive plot for Cortex and his goons, which, as part of the plan, Hollyanna surrenders to Cortex and his goons after exposing herself to them along with the fake Tropy. At the same time, Cale and Aku-Aku, thanks to Alan and Ethel's decoding system, frees Crash and his allies from their cell, and rescue Hollyanna, the second Crystal, and the Yellow Clear Gem, causing Crash and his allies to realize Cale and Hollyanna do have potential to help in risky missions. Then our heroes nearly get recaptured just as they escape after planting a bomb in the base to shut down the base, due to the real Tropy, having escaped, expose the fake Tropy, only to escape thanks to Cale and Hollyanna tricking Pinstripe into shooting at them, which results him to miss when they dodged and the bullets struck the bomb, shutting down the base. In the end, Crash and his allies accept Cale and Hollyanna as their official allies in future missions, risky or otherwise, especially with their families' blessing.

Season 1 Episode 14: 20,000 Leagues Under the Bay

Plot: Discovering the last Crystal is located beneath the San Francisco Bay near Alcatraz, our heroes, after Cale and Hollyanna finish their half day at school, dive down in the bay to find the last Crystal. But then Chad Ryger, having found the last Crystal's location as well, decides to follow our heroes to it so he can sell the last Crystal for money. Despite setbacks such as a great white shark nearly eating Crash and Dingodile while searching the bay floor for the last Crystal, Tiny scrapping his ankle on a rock, attracting the same shark again, which they escape from again, and Chad nearly killing Tawna for the last Crystal, our heroes, in the end, manage to get the last Crystal and drive off Chad by calling the police and Chad is arrested for recently conning a woman into giving all of her money after "Capturing" a burglar. (Cortex and his goons don't appear in this episode)

Season 1 Episode 15: The Ploy's the Thing

Plot: After Chad escapes from jail, he teams up with Cortex and his goons to get revenge against Crash and his allies. Then with Chad's help, Cortex and his goons create an illusionist dumbbell-shaped robot named Abracadumbbell, who proceeds to hypnotize Crash and his allies, except Aku-Aku, Cale, Hollyanna, and Tiny, into doing Cortex's bidding. Then the hypnotized Crash and his allies begin to commit crimes and hypnotizing people everywhere with Abracadumbbell's powers, much to the non-hypnotized heroes' confusion and shock. Our heroes, deciding to confront Crash and their allies, confront the enemy and their hypnotized allies at the junkyard, and, after Aku-Aku gets knocked out, just when Abracadumbell nearly hypnotize Tiny, Cale, and Hollyanna, they snap out of it, realizing what's really going on, and, thanks to Aku-Aku's intervention after he wakes up, smashes Abracadumbbell's scepter, freeing their allies and the people from the hypnosis. Then the heroes not hypnotized exposed the truth and realizing the whole ploy, the people help our heroes smash Abracadumbell in a nearby car compactor. In the end, Cortex and his goons and Chad escape and everyone apologizes to Crash and their allies.

Season 1 Episode 16: Who Framed Cale Goldsmith?

Plot: Our heroes outwit a dangerous toy manufacturing scheme made by Cortex and his goons thanks to Cale. But when a group of mysterious robbers rob a pop culture store and secretly pin the blame on Cale, our heroes and even Cale and Hollyanna's families resolve to find the culprits and clear Cale's name. After another robbery at a candy shop, Cale is arrested, but thankfully, Cale's parents and the heroes bail him out and, after a robbery at a toy shop, makes a deal with the police that they have 24 hours to find the real culprits, or Cale is going back to jail without parole. But thanks to the evidence they found at all three crime scenes, our heroes realizes that the culprits implicating Cale were none other than Cortex and his goons, doing this out of revenge over Cale humiliating them in the toy manufacturing failure. Then during the fight against a dangerous mutant made of stolen toys, candy, and pop culture stuff called Culture Pop as the police arrive, Coco records Cortex and his goons' unexpected confession on a cellphone video and clears Cale's name, much to the villains' humiliation. In the end, Cortex and his goons, after Culture Pop is destroyed thanks to Tiny smashing the mutant's lifeforce in the form of an orb on his chest, get away, the police and people who at first believed Cale is the culprit apologizes to Cale for thinking he did the wrongdoings and Cale, being the forgiving nature, accepts their apology.

Season 1 Episode 17: Bee-Jeweled

Plot: After discovering the Cyan and Purple Clear Gems in Kirby Cove Campground, which was ironically the place where Cale and Hollyanna are going on a camping trip at with their class, our heroes go there to get them. But Cortex and his goons finds out and decide to attack at the right time to get the Cyan and Purple Clear Gems by unleashing Buzzmole, a bee robot with the ability to fly, shoot honey sap cocoons to trap its enemies, and dig underground. And during a hiking trip around the woods after successfully finding the Cyan and Purple Clear Gems, our heroes and Cale's class are ambushed by Cortex, his goons, and Buzzmole, which ends with Tawna and Hollyanna getting unexpectedly captured while the rest of our heroes escape. Our heroes and the class, remembering their camp/hike survival skill lessons from Mr. Kane and Drill Teacher, use these to lure Cortex and his goons into some booby traps and rescue Hollyanna and Tawna. In the end, our heroes destroy Buzzmole by suffocating it with its own honey sap in its circuits, but Cortex and his goons, as usual, got away again, and our heroes and the class resume their fun camping trip.

Season 1 Episode 18: The Good Blind, the Bad Deaf, and the Ugly Mute

Plot: After the Three Sacred Monkey Statues are unearthed by Cortex and his goons in the woods near the Golden Gate Bridge, they decide to use them against anybody who defies them, making that person blind, deaf, and/or mute. And when our heroes fight them, the statues make Dingodile blind, Cale deaf, and Crash mute and our heroes must work with those impairments to stop the enemy. In the end, our heroes, after fighting off Cortex and his goons, restore Dingodile's sight, Cale's hearing, and Crash's voice by shutting down the statues' power gem and bury the statues again.

Season 1 Episode 19: Haunted Carnival

Plot: While celebrating Jack and Sally's wedding anniversary at the Marin County Fair and Exposition, our heroes discover the Blue Clear Gem in a show barn. After getting it, they enjoy the rest of the day in the fair. But the next morning, Cortex and his goons open a carnival in Japantown, claiming they have repented. Suspicious that it's a trap, our heroes go to the carnival and discover that their suspicions are true; Cortex and his goons are setting up a haunted trap to lure our heroes into a trap for the Clear Gems and Crystals, having found out that our heroes have gotten the Blue Clear Gem. Then when nighttime comes, Cortex and his goons activate their trap in the form of a horde of ghosts that imprison the people lured into the carnival. In the end, our heroes defeat the trap by tricking the lead ghost into destroying the ghost machine and Cortex and his goons escape.

Season 1 Episode 20: Cruisin' the Blue

Plot: Our heroes go on a fun cruise to Hawaii for a vacation. At the same time, Cortex and his goons decide to invade the cruise and takes the passengers and crew hostage. And when that happens, Cale and Hollyanna's families get captured as well. In the end, our heroes saves everyone by giving a good scare to Cortex and his goons, claiming that they triggered a volcanic curse on the cruise, and after that's done and over with when Cortex and his goons get away, our heroes resume their relaxing cruise vacation.

Season 1 Episode 21: Crash Grand Prix

Plot: Edward challenges Crash to a friendly Grand Prix competition to see how fast the other is, to which he accepts. But unfortunately, Cortex and his goons join the race as well and they race for the fate of the Clear Gems and Crystals. In the end, Coco comes out as the victor of the race and the Clear Gems and Crystals are safe with our heroes.

Season 1 Episode 22: Like Mother, Like Witherspoon

Plot: Learning that Naomi has to work overtime on Mother's Day, Hollyanna is disappointed. But both Crash and his allies, the Goldsmiths, and the Witherspoons decide to give Hollyanna a good day without the need of her mother. But in the end after having a good time, despite a dinner disaster, Naomi shows up, having convinced her work to let her go spend time with her daughter, and everyone enjoys the rest of Mother's Day together. (Cortex and his goons don't appear in this episode)

Season 1 Episode 23: Crystal Clear Gem

Plot: Learning that the Orange Clear Gem is located in a local pawn shop, our heroes head over to buy it, only to learn that it costs $40,000.00. So our heroes race against Cortex and his goons to earn the money through hard work, or in Cortex and his goons' case, stealing money from other people. In the end, our heroes, after earning some money from working, earn the rest of the money from a huge charity walk, and beat Cortex and his goons to the Orange Clear Gem and bought it, only to easily send Cortex and his goons flying by flipping them on a construction seesaw when they tried to pick a fight.

Season 1 Episode 24: Like Father, Like Witherspoon

Plot: After Wendell is fired from his job for accidentally spilling coffee on his boss, Hollyanna and Naomi decides to cheer him by taking him, Cale, and Crash and his allies on a road trip to Disneyland for Father's Day. During the course of the trip, Wendell begins to unwind and have fun, regardless of being jobless. In the end after his and everyone's fun trip, Wendell ends up getting his job back from his boss, who felt guilty for firing him over spilt coffee from his assistant's berating. (Cortex and his goons don't appear in this episode)

Season 1 Episode 25: The Cortex Scheme

Plot: Cortex and his goons decide to make one last ditch effort to steal the Clear Gems and Crystals from our heroes by taking advantage of Derek's, one of Cale's classmates, loneliness after he was wrongfully grounded for stealing pencils from another classmate. At the same time, while Derek unknowingly tricks Cale and Hollyanna to a trap, Crash and his allies go shopping for supplies for the trip back home by the Clear Gems and Crystals, only to find the Goldsmith residence ransacked and the seven Clear Gems and Crystals stolen. Realizing that it's Cortex and his goons who did it, they race to get them back with help from the Yellow Clear Gem's power. But in the end, Derek realizes Cortex and his goons' true colors and that he was used when he, Cale, and Hollyanna get captured and got the Clear Gems and Crystals, but then eject Cale from the flying base ship, only to be, unknown to the villains and their captives, saved by Crash and his allies and then, after joined by Derek's parents who learn that another classmate jokingly framed Derek for the pencil thefts and felt terrible for wrongfully grounding him, race to not only get their jewels back, but also save Derek and Hollyanna.

Season 1 Episode 26: Super Crash

Plot: After finding Cortex's ship the next day after searching all night, our heroes and Derek's parents confront them to get Hollyanna, Derek, and the jewels back. But after Cortex and his goons use the stolen jewels' power to transform their ship into a fighting machine called the Bandicootnator, the jewels' powers go out of control on the robot and he ends up beating Crash up senselessly without listening to Cortex and his goons' orders to stop. At the same time, Derek's parents and Cale sneak on board the ship and free Hollyanna and Derek. After reconciling with Derek, he and his parents then help Cale and Hollyanna make things right by attacking Cortex and his goons and getting all the stolen jewels back. Then with Aku-Aku's help, Cale, Hollyanna, Derek, and Derek's parents escape from the ship and just when Crash was about to be finished off, all eight Clear Gems and the Crystals not only heal him, but also transformed him into Super Crash, who then defeats the robot and activates a powerful teleportation light. In the blinding light, Cale, Hollyanna, Derek, and their families and Crash and his allies, believing that they are going home finally, seemingly bids them goodbye. But in the end, after the light dies down, it was revealed that Crash, when he was Super Crash, accidentally teleported the Wumpa Islands next door to San Francisco instead of teleporting himself and his allies and Cortex and his goons back there like the Clear Gems and Crystals would normally do from the teleportation power, and then while Cortex and his goons discover a mysterious stone tablet, our heroes, unaware of that, celebrate Crash and his allies' home coming to them and San Francisco instead.

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