This season, our heroes team up to find the 12 Devas and tame them via the 12 Chinese Zodiac talismans and then later, work to save Earth from destruction from the Space Colony Spark while clearing Crash's name when he is framed by the mysterious Ultimate Lifeform connected to the Space Colony Spark in the form of a dark brooding bandicoot named Sombra Bandicoot.

Episode count: 24

Season 2 Episode 1: Dingodile and Tiny in Love

Plot: After helping two girls named Samantha and Carol find their dogs, Tiny and Dingodile develop crushes on each of them. And when our heroes find out about it, they encourage Tiny and Dingodile to impress them with an outing, which they do. At the same time, Cortex and his goons are deciphering the mysterious stone tablet they found from the end of Season 1's last episode. In the end, it was revealed that Samantha and Carol have boyfriends already and Tiny and Dingodile, after saving the two girls and their boyfriends from muggers, lets them go and accept that love can hurt at times, but the best thing to do is to move on.

Season 2 Episode 2: Enter Derek and Diana

Plot: Remembering Derek's redemption from the last episode of Season 1, our heroes ask Derek if he would like to hang out with them, to which he agrees. Soon, Cale's little sister, Diana, returns home, having finished her visit with her and Cale's aunt and uncle in Phoenix, Arizona. Then later, while eating dinner, our heroes are given a message by Tykoon from Cortex and his goons that they've discovered a new power that will threaten to destroy the world in evil hands. Determination kicking in, our heroes, including Derek and Diana, break in Cortex Island's base, and succeeded in getting the tablet away from Cortex and his goons. But in the end while fighting over it, Crash accidentally opens the tablet and it unleashed twelve lights onto America and the Wumpa Islands.

Season 2 Episode 3: Eye of the Tiger

Plot: Learning that the tablet is called the Zodiac Tablet, which has the power to perform miracles for the bearer with a good heart, but cause destruction for the bearer with an evil heart, with the power of all twelve animal gods based on the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, our heroes soon discover their first zodiac animal god in the form of Mihira the Tiger God, who has the power of duplication, located on N. Sanity Island. At the same time, Cortex and his goons discover Mihira's location and joins the chase as well. After finding him, Mihira confronts our heroes, but when Mihira sees them with the Zodiac Tablet, he immediately accepts our heroes as his tamers, but must choose one master. In the end when Cortex and his goons attack, Mihira teams up perfectly with Tiny and becomes his Spirit Zodiac, since they're both tigers.

Season 2 Episode 4: Snake Eyes

Plot: Learning that Sandira the Snake God, who has the power of invisibility, is located underground of the San Francisco Subway Stations, our heroes, as well as Cortex and his goons, go after him. But just when our heroes were gonna tame Sandira under Aku-Aku and Mihira's instructions, Cortex and his goons intervene and Sandira gets away, unknowingly capturing Diana, who has a huge phobia of snakes and also held the Zodiac Tablet. Despite a difficult search to beat Cortex and his goons to Sandira, Coco's invisibility tracker helped our heroes find Sandira's location and finds him with Diana, who, thanks to Sandira, was able to help Diana conquer her fear of snakes to get the Zodiac Tablet back from his coils, thus earning her Spirit Zodiac in Sandira. In the end, Tiny and Diana, with Mihira and Sandira respectively, drives off Cortex and his goons.

Season 2 Episode 5: Chicken Fun

Plot: While visiting Alan and Ethel's old chicken farm in San Antonio, Texas, our heroes discover Sindura the Chicken God, lost in the woods and managed to rescue him before he was gonna get eaten by a hog, which resulted in Cale getting his left leg attacked by the hog's tusks. As Cale is recuperating, our heroes discover that Sindura has the power of electricity, which causes a huge blackout during a rainstorm. But when Cortex and his goons arrive in the storm to steal the Zodiacs and their tablet, our heroes managed to fend them off with Sindura's help after he becomes Coco's Spirit Zodiac. In the end after the villains are driven off, Coco, Sindura, Adam, and Ethel restore the electrical power in their town.

Season 2 Episode 6: Bandicoot in Sheep Skin

Plot: While still helping Cale recuperate from his hog cut, our heroes soon discover that four more zodiac animals gods are at their location. And the first one is hidden in a petting zoo at the San Antonio Zoo, in the form of Pajira the Sheep God who has the power of levitation. And when they arrive there, they find Pajira has accidentally activated her powers on the zoo, making everyone float. And when Coco gives our heroes gravitational boots, they must stop Cortex and his goons from kidnapping Pajira. In the end, Tawna calms Pajira's powers and in the process, the levitation and floating stopped and Pajira becomes Tawna's Zodiac Spirit to fend off Cortex and his goons.

Season 2 Episode 7: Crash Boom Bang a Cow

Plot: While dealing with his stitched up hog cut, Cale and Diana proceed to just safely play with Pura and Polar. But when Polar sees Vajira the Cow God, who has the power of strength, our heroes befriend him. And during their hanging around, Vajira, with our heroes and the Goldsmiths' help, teaches Cale the importance of patience through his physical therapy on his cut. And when Cortex and his goons attack to capture Vajira and make him a boot camp coach for Koala Kong's Cortex Fitness Empire, our heroes team up with Vajira and try to fight him off, but to no avail. In the end, Cale finds his inner patience and Vajira ends up becoming Cale's Zodiac Spirit, resulting in them sending Cortex and his goons flying.

Season 2 Episode 8: Bet Your Own Horse

Plot: After Alan and Ethel accidentally worsen Cale's hog cut from dropping a pot on it, Cale is again rushed to the hospital. And just when the doctors were gonna restitch Cale's cut, Indra the Horse God, who has the power of healing, finally heals Cale's hog cut for good. Then later, when our heroes find the same hog that attacked Cale injured in an illegal bear trap, Cale and Indra become sympathetic, and with our heroes' help, takes it to an emergency animal hospital. And thanks to both Indra and the doctors, the hog is healed. Then it was revealed that the hog is actually Vikarala, the Pig God with the power of explosions. Then Vikarala apologizes to Cale for injuring him, for he didn't know that the chicken he nearly attacked was Sindura because a hunter blinded him with a temporary blindness powder. Then they later learned that the hunter that did this to Vikarala was actually their old enemy, Chad Ryger, and he was hired by Cortex and his goons to help in the capture of the zodiac animal gods. In the end, Indra and Vikarala become Aku-Aku and Dingodile's respective Zodiac Spirits and while Cortex and his goons escape, Chad is finally arrested and transferred to the Marin County Jail back in San Francisco.

Season 2 Episode 9: Rat Fink

Plot: Finally back home in San Francisco, our heroes discover a rat being fed a chocolate cake. Then, they discover that the rat is actually Kumbhira the Rat God, who has the power of water, since they saw Kumbhira cry his eyes out for not getting a chunk of chocolate cake due to him being hungry. Becoming friends, our heroes is shown by Kumbhira a little history on how he and his brethren were nearly forced to destroy the world with Uka-Uka and the Elemental Masks, only to be thankfully stopped by Aku-Aku 2,000 years ago, which explained why Aku-Aku accepted Indra as his Zodiac Spirit, because he helped Indra first before the other zodiac animal gods, and in return, Indra was the first to help him before the other zodiac animal gods. But when Cortex and his goons capture Kumbhira, Tawna, Derek, and Hollyanna, our heroes manage to chase after them and in the end, rescue them with Kumbhira becoming Derek's Zodiac Spirit, due to earlier while held captive, Derek saved Kumbhira from an attempted stabbing from the Komodo Brothers.

Season 2 Episode 10: Pig Stye

Plot: After Vikarala and Dingodile accidentally blow up a water tank from the Witherspoons' swimming pool, they go on the lam, thinking Hollyanna and the Witherspoons will get mad at them for breaking it. This results our heroes to go find them. Then when Cortex and his goons capture Dingodile and Vikarala, our heroes discover this from a pedestrian who saw the capture, and go after them. But Dingodile and Vikarala escape and reunite with our heroes, and after getting the courage to confess to Hollyanna of blowing up the water tank, they were instead forgiven by Hollyanna since it was an accident. In the end, the Elemental Masks appear just when our heroes were gonna beat Cortex and his goons and learn that the doomsday will come again if all eight Clear Gems and all three Crystals are gathered with the zodiac animal gods.

Season 2 Episode 11: Monkeying Around

Plot: Meeting Makura the Monkey God, who has the power of transformation and disguises, our heroes accept him in their team and Makura and Crash end up bonding in the process, since they both have a common mischievous personality. But when Cortex and his goons attempt to kidnap the girls during their girls' shopping day for Naomi's birthday, the boys come to their rescue and in the end, Crash accepts Makura as his Zodiac Spirit and they send Cortex and his goons flying.

Season 2 Episode 12: Komodo Dumps

Plot: After Cortex and his goons fire and banish the Komodo Brothers for screwing up a plot example giving by accidentally blowing up a TNT/Nitro Box, they end up going out on their own. But when Hollyanna, Cale, Diana, and Coco find them while finishing a game of hide-n'-seek with Polar and Pura, they feel bad for the two banished brothers and decides to take them in, even to the extent of convincing their friends and families to accept them, which results in the Komodo Brothers staying at Cale's house. But while trying to help in fighting crime, the Komodo Brothers cause more harm than good, which resulted in Crunch to finally lose his patience and scream at them to go away. And when Cortex and his goons take the Komodo Brothers back due to them missing them, they decide to have the Komodo Brothers lure our heroes in a revenge trap to their doom. In the end, Tiny and Dingodile rescue our heroes from an oncoming subway train and our heroes beat up Cortex and his goons and even the Komodo Brothers.

Season 2 Episode 13: Doggone It

Plot: After seeing a stray Golden Retriever dog survive a crate crashing onto him, our heroes discover that the dog is actually Catsura, the Dog God who has the power of invincibility. Catsura ends up bonding with Hollyanna when she convinces her parents to let her keep her as a pet. And during the course of Catsura's stay with the Witherspoons, the family ends up accepting Catsura as a good pet. But when Cortex and his goons nearly capture Catsura, the Dog God escapes and Hollyanna, with her family and friends' help, search for her. In the end, Hollyanna saves Catsura from attempted capture by Cortex and his goons and Catsura becomes Hollyanna's Zodiac Spirit and drives off Cortex and his goons.

Season 2 Episode 14: Crouching Dragon, Hidden Tiger

Plot: Majira, the Dragon God with the power of wind, is found near Papu-Papu's village on N. Sanity Island. And when our heroes, except Tiny, Crunch, Pura, Cale, and Crash, get captured by Papu-Papu and his people to be fed to the volcano as sacrifices, Crash, Crunch, Pura, Cale, and Tiny find Majira and Crunch convinces Majira that it's okay to have friends. Then reveals his backstory; He used to work for Cortex and his goons, but after realizing Cortex and his goons have no intention of sharing the importance of friendship with him when they betray him and nearly feeds him to the sharks, Crash and his allies rescued him, and ever since then, Crunch has been Crash and his allies' friend and ally to this day. In the end, Majira accepts Crunch as his Zodiac Spirit and friend and with teamwork, they, Crash, Cale, Pura, and Tiny rescue their friends and Diana from Papu-Papu and his people. (Cortex and his goons only appear in Crunch's origin flashback)

Season 2 Episode 15: Rabbit and Bandicoot Season

Plot: Discovering Antyla the Rabbit God, who has the power of speed, Polar goes off on his own to catch him, despite our heroes' pleads to wait. But when he does catch Antyla, Polar was then congratulated by our surprised heroes, who become impressed that he was able to find Antyla. Cortex and his goons, meanwhile, discover Antyla and decide to hold him and Polar hostage for the Clear Gems and Crystals that were found by our heroes earlier prior to them finding Antyla. But while our heroes head off to the rescue, Polar and Antyla team up and escape thanks to Antyla's power. Upon reuniting, our heroes face off against Cortex and his goons and Polar accepts Antyla as his Zodiac Spirit.

Season 2 Episode 16: Elemental and Zodiac Showdown

Plot: Cortex and his goons make one last ditch effort to capture the zodiacs and jewels by invading Wumpa Island. And just when our heroes were gonna beat them again, the villains turn the tables with the Elemental Masks' help and successfully capture the zodiacs and jewels, stripping our heroes of their zodiac powers. And after San Francisco is partially destroyed by the Elemental Masks' powers from themselves and the zodiacs, our heroes realize that the zodiac power was in them all along without the need of the real zodiac animal gods and Crash again becomes Super Crash thanks to the jewels and in the end, while our heroes fend off Cortex and his goons, Crash defeats the Elemental Masks and rescues the zodiac animal gods. In the end, the attempted doomsday has ceased and everything is peaceful again.

Season 2 Episode 17: Project Sombra

Plot: While our heroes renovate San Francisco's damage from the aftermath of the battle with the zodiacs' magic, Cortex and his goons, meanwhile, discover Cortex Sr.'s, Cortex's grandfather, worn-out diary and reads it, discovering his plans for Project Sombra. Then in the end, unknown to our heroes, Cortex and his goons break into Alcatraz Prison 2.0 and their discovery of Project Sombra will be the surprise of the century.

Season 2 Episode 18: Sombra Knows

Plot: After a mysterious dark red bandicoot robs the bank and steals both the Green and Orange Clear Gems and the first Crystal, Crash is framed for the crime and is arrested. But en route to Alcatraz Prison 2.0, Crash escapes and his friends and Coco, who believe he's innocent, secretly try to help him clear his name, only to encounter the dark red bandicoot culprit in the form of Sombra Bandicoot, the Ultimate Lifeform who was freed by Cortex and his goons at Alcatraz Prison 2.0 in the end of the last episode. After the two bandicoots fight with Sombra introducing a new power called Clear Control, which has the power to teleport Sombra from the Clear Gem, Sombra escapes and Crash is caught by the police and sent to Alcatraz Prison 2.0, despite Coco and her and Crash's allies' pleads upon seeing the fight. In the end, Sombra meets Cortex and his goons in the Space Colony Spark and shows them the Supernova Cannon, a powerful weapon that can destroy a planet and Sombra explains that it needs all the Clear Gems and Crystals to be powered, and Cortex and his goons, liking the idea, decides to use the cannon as their advantage to take over the world by destroying it and recreating it as the Cortex Kingdom. In the end, Uka-Uka and Tropy discover that the Red, Cyan, and Purple Clear Gems and the last two Crystals are located on Alcatraz Island 2.0 and the villains and Sombra decide to infiltrate the place to get them.

Season 2 Episode 19: Crash's Big Break

Plot: While Cortex and his goons and Sombra sneak to Alcatraz Prison 2.0 to find the jewels they needed, our heroes also infiltrate the prison to bail Crash out now that they have the security footage to prove Crash's innocence and clear his name. After our heroes show Sombra as the real culprit on the video to the prison, the authorities realize their mistake and releases Crash from jail, apologizing to him in the process and agreeing to help apprehend Sombra, only to learn of the villains at the prison at the same time ironically. And when Sombra plants a bomb to blow up the prison once all the jewels are found by the villains, Crash and the police confront Sombra and the two bandicoots fight again. But just when Crash was gonna win, Sombra decides to retreat for now and escapes upon learning from Cortex that the bomb is minutes away from blowing up. In the end, Cale, Hollyanna, Derek, and Diana, who got separated from our heroes while searching for the villains, stow away with Sombra as he uses Clear Control to pick up Cortex and his goons. Sombra, upon seeing the four kids' faces and hearing their pleads that remind him of a childhood friend from the past, decides to save them and ends up teleporting themselves and Cortex and his goons to the Space Colony Spark while our heroes, learning of this from the police, escapes from the prison successfully before it blows up.

Season 2 Episode 20: Sombra World

Plot: After Earth sees a message from Cortex that he'll use the Supernova Cannon to blow up Earth in 24 1/2 hours after he blows up half the moon as a test result, everyone begins to panic. But they soon become hopeful that Crash and the rest of our heroes will save the world when our heroes volunteer to stop this, since they're going there to save Cale, Hollyanna, Derek, and Diana and solve the mystery of Sombra as well. After infiltrating Cortex's Cortex Island base to take a rocket to space to get to the Space Colony Spark, our heroes nearly get ambushed by Cortex's robot guards after finding the rest of the Clear Gems, only for the police to distract the robots while our heroes make it to the rocket and goes to the Space Colony Spark. In the end, Coco creates a fake Yellow Clear Gem with DNA samples from the real Yellow Clear Gem in order to break down the Supernova Cannon and save the world.

Season 2 Episode 21: Cortex Sr.'s Revenge

Plot: After giving Crash the fake Yellow Clear Gem, Coco and the rest of our heroes begin investigation of Project Sombra. But after finding a video disc containing security footage from the day the government broke into the Space Colony Spark 50 years ago, our heroes, except Crash, discover the truth behind Sombra's motives and origin. Suddenly, Cortex and his goons hold Tawna and even Cale, Hollyanna, Derek, and Diana hostage for Crash to come and trade the Yellow Clear Gem for their safety. Crash does trade, but Cortex and his goons, after releasing Tawna, Cale, Hollyanna, Derek, and Diana, sends Crash flying out into space in an exploding capsule, but just before it blows up, Crash manages to use the real Yellow Clear Gem to use Clear Control to teleport back elsewhere on the Space Colony Spark right near the Supernova Cannon. Sombra finds him and while our heroes fend off Cortex and his goons, Crash and Sombra fight and this time, Crash comes out victorious. In the end, despite his defeat, Sombra escapes, claiming that even if the Supernova Cannon is stopped, it's still too late, and after Crash reunites with everyone, a video showing Cortex Sr.'s interrogation in the original Alcatraz Prison appears, confusing everyone.

Season 2 Episode 22: Sombra's True Promise to Kylie's True Wish

Plot: After seeing the interrogation video of Cortex Sr.'s plan to exterminate all of Earth for revenge over what the government did to his niece, Kylie Cortex, and make the Space Colony Spark to instead destroy Earth by making it fall towards Earth like an asteroid and realizing Sombra misunderstood Kylie's true wish upon her death from the security footage from 50 years ago in the last episode, our heroes and even the villains decide to temporally team up and stop the upcoming doomsday created by Cortex's grandfather's madness while Cale, Hollyanna, Derek, and Diana stay behind to find and convince Sombra to come to his senses of Kylie's true wish and his true promise to save Earth. Upon finding Sombra, Cale, Hollyanna, Derek, and Diana, despite getting knocked away by Sombra several times, successfully reason with Sombra to help by showing him Kylie's true wish on the video, making Sombra realize his mistake and help save the world. Then while Sombra, after meeting up with our heroes and their enemies, distracts the Biosnake, Crash and our heroes cuts off the Clear Gems and Crystal's negative powers to cease the Space Colony Spark's fall towards Earth. But the Biosnake uses Clear Control and, for a last ditch effort, merges with the Supernova Cannon, to drag the Space Colony Spark towards Earth to destroy it. In the end, Crash and Sombra become Super Crash and Super Sombra with the jewels' powers and after weakening the Finalsnake in a battle, use Clear Control to finally destroy the Finalsnake and stop the Space Colony Spark's fall for good, but as a result, Sombra sacrifices himself to destroy the Finalsnake and falls to Earth, presumed dead, and as everyone returns to Earth, Crash looks out the window one last time and bids Sombra goodbye in his mind.

Season 2 Episode 23: Cortex's Eternal Lunar Eclipse

Plot: After the zodiac animal gods use their power to fix the moon, everyone prepares for a celebration party to celebrate our heroes, and Sombra's, heroic deed on saving Earth. But when the moon suddenly blocks out the sun, Cortex and his goons claim to be reformed and sells Sunspheres for people to use in place of the sun. But realizing what Cortex and his goons are plotting, Crash and Aku-Aku goes and begins destroying the Sunspheres that are hypnotizing the people into being Cortex worshippers. In the end, Cortex and his goons end up declaring themselves the heroes, calling this show "Neo Cortex Adventures," and Crash as the villain.

Season 2 Episode 24: Cortex for Mayor

Plot: After Crash and Aku-Aku are confronted by the hypnotized victims after destroying the last Sunsphere, our heroes learn that the power source of the Sunspheres are what's controlling the victims and that Cortex and his goons are planning on enslaving them under hypnosis and with Crash and Aku-Aku's help, destroy the power source, freeing the people from the hypnosis. After revealing the truth behind Cortex and his goons' plot, everyone joins our heroes to dethrone Cortex and his goons from their plot to overthrow the Mayor. Then after our heroes rescue the Mayor and return the moon to its normal position with the zodiacs and jewels' powers, unveiling the sun, Cortex and his goons attempt to escape, only for our heroes to quiz them with written sign questions. In the end, when Crash asks the last question on who's better; Crash or Cortex, Cortex answers his name, only it's revealed to be the wrong answer and Cortex and his goons are arrested and thrown in jail.

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