This season, our heroes team up again and travel to the Kingdom of Termina, where they must stop the corrupted moon from falling on and destroying the world in three days. All the while, teaming up with a half amnesiac Sombra to help him restore his memories and deal with Cortex and his goons who are being used as pawns by Majora's Mask and his possessed puppet in the form of Skull Kid. Then after this, the real world, learning that time and space will freeze if the real world and Crash's homeworld merges together completely, must send Crash's homeworld and its civilians back to their position.

Episode count: 26

Season 3 Episode 1: Enter the Skull Kid

Plot: Cale's class celebrate the last day of school before summer vacation begins. Later after the party ends, while on a hike in the woods, our heroes are taught by Aku-Aku that there are other dimensions besides Crash's world and the real world. After a history lesson on that, our heroes are then ambushed by a mysterious masked creature called Skull Kid and his two fairy friends, Tatl and Tael. After Skull Kid steals the Clear Gems and Crystals and even Aku-Aku's treasured ocarina from our heroes, they give chase, only to fall down an hole in a tree to a cavern. There, they encounter not only Skull Kid, Tatl, and Tael, but also Cortex and his goons, who have escaped from jail from a power-hungry god who wants to share world conquest with them. In the end, the mask on Skull Kid's face turns Derek into a Deku and the villains, except Tatl, got away.

Season 3 Episode 2: Sombra Through the Night

Plot: While helping Tatl find a way out of the cave to be reunited with Tael and find the villains so they can make them turn Derek back to normal, our heroes find themselves in a clock tower base. There, they meet the Happy Mask Salesman who asks them to find something stolen from him before three days are up, and in return, he'll help return Derek into his human form. Upon emerging from the clock tower, our heroes find themselves in Clock Town in the kingdom of Termina. While searching for clues on where the villains are, our heroes meet Anju at the Stock Pot Inn and she reveals that a group of kids called the Bombers can lead them to the observatory. After a little game of hide n' seek with the Bombers that lead to nighttime, our heroes are lead by them to the observatory. Then Sakon, a thief, attempts to steal a woman's bag of bombs from her Bomb Shop, only for, to our heroes' shock and surprise, Sombra Bandicoot appearing and stopping him. After they meet again, Sombra, seeing our heroes as familiar friendly faces, explains that he lost half of his memories from falling from the Space Colony Spark, and the only things he remembers is his friendship with Kylie, what the government did to her, and that he is destined to make people happy like Kylie wanted. Deciding to let Sombra tag along, our heroes offer him to join him, but Sombra declines, saying that he can figure out more of his lost memories himself. But in the end, Sombra, after he accepts our heroes' hint on what he was to them before he lost his memories, leaves.

Season 3 Episode 3: Moon's Tear for Fear

Plot: Finally at the observatory thanks to the Bombers, our heroes meet the owner and they look through his telescope and see that the villains are on top of the Clock Tower, awaiting something in the sky. They look up and see a corrupted moon with an evil creepy face appearing to have moved a little slower towards the Clock Tower. Then a small meteorite falls from the moon's eye and crashes right next to the observatory. Our heroes check it out and learn from the owner that it's the moon's tear, a rare piece of mineral that'll earn them money if traded. After searching everywhere in Clock Town to see if anybody wants the moon's tear, our heroes had no luck. Finally, the next morning, a Deku Wanderer near the Clock Tower agrees to take the moon's tear from them in exchange for his deed on the Deku Flower. After that agreement, the Deku Wanderer teaches Derek, since he's a Deku, how to use the Deku Flower to shoot out and temporally fly through the air with his two Flowercopters. In the end after that lesson's over, our heroes then re-encounter Sombra beaten up by Sakon, who wanted revenge for Sombra intervening his attempted theft on the Bomb Shop owner.

Season 3 Episode 4: Sombra's Inner Memories Journey Part 1

Plot: After driving off Sakon, our heroes help the injured Sombra recover at the Stock Pot Inn, since it's also a doctor's office that Anju works at as a nurse. While he is recuperating, Sombra and Coco bond and learn they have the same passion for science and technology, just like how Sombra and Kylie came to love it as well. Then Sombra confessed to our heroes that he finally understood our heroes' hint and remembered that he used to be enemies with them, because he misunderstood Kylie's wish to him to make a promise to her to make people happy. Learning he has only 5% of his lost memories, in the form of our heroes' enemies' names, left to find, our heroes explain who they are. In the end, Sombra, having learned Cortex's name last, falls catatonic in shock, much to our heroes' concern.

Season 3 Episode 5: Sombra's Inner Memories Journey Part 2

Plot: As Sombra lay catatonic while our heroes await with Anju for him to recover as day three arrives, Sombra, in his mind, then journeys through his consciousness to find his true path, in the form of three tests; Friendship, Love, and Memories. In the Test of Friendship, Sombra fights off his inner demons to save an image of Coco from them by sacrificing his friendship with Kylie. In the Test of Love, Sombra came to like humans upon helping an innocent bystander teach his daughter, who looks like Kylie, how to ride a bicycle into the sunset, which he passes as well. And finally, in the Test of Memories, Sombra overcomes his fear of losing Kylie again by conversing with her and the Coco image, accepting his destiny to move on from the scarred past without Kylie and accept that Cortex is not only his creator's grandson, but also destined to be his enemy, thus passing the test. Finally, Sombra awakens from his catatonic state and finally accepts our heroes' offer to join the team for good. In the end, as midnight approaches Termina, our heroes glide into the entrance to the Clock Tower's top to confront the villains, and upon arrival, Tael leaves a hinted message to our heroes, exclaiming "They need help in the Swamp, Mountain, Ocean, and Canyon!"

Season 3 Episode 6: Midnight Carnival of Doom

Plot: After a brief conflict with the villains, our heroes manage to get Aku-Aku's treasured ocarina and all of the Clear Gems and Crystals back. Then just when time was up for Termina as the corrupted moon got closer, Aku-Aku recalls his father teaching him the secrets of reversing and slowing time down with the ocarina. After that, Aku-Aku plays the ocarina and time restarts to three days ago in Termina from the moment they stepped forth from the Clock Tower. Afterwards, our heroes meet up with the Happy Mask Salesman and glad to see they got their belongings back, believing they got his stolen item back as well, teaches Cale to play the Song of Healing, which he does, and Derek returns to his human form, and the Magic Deku Mask is now his, giving him the ability to change into a Deku and back at will. But when the Happy Mask Salesman realized his stolen item wasn't with our heroes, he then explained away that the stolen item was actually Majora's Mask, a powerful artifact containing an evil spirit named Majora who wishes to complete his prophecy on destroying the world in three days since he died 1,000 years ago by his own tribe and his kind little brother named Dazeroth. Deciding to instead destroy Majora and his mask before three days are up, our heroes agree to help the Happy Mask Salesman and convinced him that Majora and his mask is better off destroyed than falling into the wrong hands again. In the end, Aku-Aku introduces our heroes to Dazeroth's Mask himself, and reveals that he and Dazeroth were best friends before and, upon being told what Tael is trying to warn them about before, Dazeroth reveals that Majora has placed the Southern Swamp, the Northern Mountain, the Western Great Bay, and the Eastern Ikana Canyon under each curse.

Season 3 Episode 7: Swamp of the South

Plot: After Dazeroth revealed that the Southern Swamp is cursed with poisoned swamp waters, the Northern Mountain is cursed with eternal winter, the Western Great Bay is cursed with a murky bay, and the Eastern Ikana Canyon is cursed with restless ghosts of the dead that can't be put to rest lately, our heroes and even Aku-Aku agree to help Dazeroth stop Majora by restoring Termina to its former glory. After contemplating where to go first since they have three days to do this, our heroes, after learning from Aku-Aku and Dazeroth that Aku-Aku's ocarina can help reverse time back to an earlier point in time, especially to three days before, and slow time down to give them plenty of time to save Termina, agree to go to the Southern Swamp and save it's Guardian, Odolwa, first. En route to the Southern Swamp's direction, our heroes were taught by Aku-Aku and Dazeroth that while Odolwa is the Guardian of the Southern Swamp's Woodfall Temple, his three other fellow Guardians, Goht is the Guardian of the Northern Mountain's Snowhead Temple, Gyorg is the Guardian of the Western Great Bay's Great Bay Temple, and Twinmold is the Guardian of the Eastern Ikana Canyon's Stone Tower Temple. Upon arrival at the swamp's entrance, our heroes discover from Tatl that she and Tael befriended a lonely Skull Kid prior to finding Majora's Mask upon seeing carved drawings of Skull Kid, Tatl, and Tael on a hollow tree's bark. Dazeroth also revealed that Odolwa, Goht, Gyorg, and Twinmold also made friends with Skull Kid and when they sensed a mysterious evil approaching Termina, they neglected their friendship with Skull Kid, leaving him lonely. And when the Guardians never returned to Skull Kid as promised, Skull Kid was left alone until meeting Tatl and Tael. The reason why the Guardians never returned; They disappeared in their respective temples to confront the same evil in them and never came out. In the end, while exploring the Southern Swamp itself and avoiding the poisoned waters, Cortex and his goons appear and revealed that the Guardians were possessed by Majora, hence their disappearance, and Majora, sensing Skull Kid's naïve heart filled with hope of having friends, tricked Skull Kid into becoming his friend, promising that the Guardians will never leave his side, yet Majora never revealed to Skull Kid the truth of world destruction and recreation as the Cortex Kingdom. Angered at Majora's cruel actions towards Skull Kid and the Guardians, our heroes fought Cortex and his goons, but Diana was then knocked into the poisoned water by Koala and appeared to have succumbed to the poison and Cortex and his goons get away.

Season 3 Episode 8: A Monkey's Plight

Plot: Later on the first night, Diana was cured of the poison by a Golden Berry from not only our heroes, but also by some horde of friendly monkeys. They revealed that the monkeys, using teamwork, helped our heroes rescue Diana from the poisoned water without touching it by hanging on a tree branch upon seeing the whole fight between hero and villain. Learning from the monkeys that their fellow monkey, Twigs, was kidnapped by the Deku King of Deku Palace due to accusations of the disappearance of the Deku Princess, our heroes agree to return the favor by helping the monkeys rescue Twigs, Odolwa, and the Deku Princess. After Derek goes into Deku Palace in his Deku form, he convinced the denizens of the palace to let his friends in, regardless of them being humans and/or creatures, and visit Twigs alone. Granted permission, our heroes visit an imprisoned Twigs, and learned from Twigs that upon Odolwa's disappearance and the poison swamp water curse awakening upon that, he and the Deku Princess went to investigate, only for a monster that resembled Odolwa to emerge and attack them, and afterwards, imprison the Deku Princess in the Woodfall Temple. But when the Deku Guards arrived afterwards, they and the palace denizens ended up believing Twigs is the kidnapper and that was why Twigs was captured. Deciding to clear Twigs' name, our heroes agree to go to the Woodfall Temple and free Odolwa and the Deku Princess. In the end, our heroes make a deal with the Deku King on the second day after staying overnight at the Deku Palace that if they rescue Odolwa and the Deku Princess by 24 hours, Twigs can go free, but if not, Twigs will be executed.

Season 3 Episode 9: Knock on Woodfall

Plot: After arriving at the Woodfall Temple, our heroes go in and brave the booby traps set by a demon that resembles Odolwa. After fighting off Dinofols and Cortex and his goons, our heroes capture Cortex and his goons, tie them up over some poisoned water, and interrogate them on what happened to Odolwa and the Deku Princess. Finally gaining a confession from the Komodo Brothers when our heroes threatened to drop them in the poisoned water, they learn that Odolwa is the Demon within the temple that captured the Deku Princess and imprisoned in the basement of the temple. After releasing Cortex and his goons, our heroes confront Odolwa and, despite a difficult fight, discover that his weakness is the Eye of Majora. After defeating Odolwa, the Guardian of Woodfall Temple is freed, and after releasing the Deku Princess from the basement, Odolwa and Dazeroth teach our heroes a song called the Oath of Order, a song that'll call him and the other Guardians to help stop Majora. In the end, our heroes, after playing the Song of Healing on the Southern Swamp, breaking the poison swamp water curse, return the Deku Princess home before 24 hours was up and Twigs, as promised, was set free upon his name being cleared, and our heroes, after leaving the Southern Swamp, returns to day one at Clock Town.

Season 3 Episode 10: Climb Every North Mountain

Plot: Learning that Odolwa is still freed from Majora's control regardless of going back in time, our heroes decide to go to the Northern Mountain and free Goht next. Arriving in the Northern Mountain after dressing up and supplying for the eternal winter curse in the Northern Mountain, our heroes and even Cortex and his goons arrive at Goron Village, who are in the process of grieving over the loss of their chief, Darmani. After the villains head into the Snowhead Temple to be ready to fight our heroes, our heroes, meanwhile after celebrating Darmani's life, meet Darmani's ghost at the first night and follow him to his gravestone and learning that he can't be put to rest, plays the Song of Healing to help him, and the result; Darmani's ghost is put to rest in this grave and transforms into a Magic Goron Mask, giving Diana the ability to turn into a Goron and back at will. On day two the next day, our heroes, thanks to Diana's Goron form, wins the Goron Race and earns them permission to enter the Snowhead Temple. In the end, just when they get ready to go to the Snowhead Temple, Tiny and Dingodile catch colds.

Season 3 Episode 11: Winter Fever

Plot: Deciding to cure Tiny and Dingodile's colds with Goronstrone Soup, our heroes must get the ingredients and make the soup. Upon learning this, Cortex and his goons decide to intervene and get the ingredients first since the Komodo Brothers caught colds as well. But then, learning that there is enough Goronstone Soup for both Tiny, Dingodile, and the Komodo Brothers, our heroes and the villains decide to temporally bury the hatchet and make the soup together. In the end, after making the soup finally by nightfall, Tiny, Dingodile, and the Komodo Brothers' colds are cured, and our heroes, as usual, send Cortex and his goons flying in another battle and they head for the Snowhead Temple.

Season 3 Episode 12: Snowhead Way Out

Plot: Upon entering the Snowhead Temple, our heroes trek cautiously due to sloped snowy hills and just when they near Goht's chamber, Cortex and his goons, out on revenge for being threatened to be dropped into the poisoned swamp water before, causes an avalanche in the temple that results their plan to make the boy heroes get separated from the girl heroes. But it backfires when the villains end up separated from the avalanche as well. Then our heroes reunite finally when the girl heroes get ambushed by Wizzrobe and Cortex and his goons. After that battle, too, ends with our heroes' victory by burning Wizzrobe to death with Blue Flames, Cortex and his goons are sent flying again. Then as day three approaches, our heroes finally make it to Goht's chamber and after unfreezing him with the Blue Flames, our heroes fight Goht, since he, too, is possessed by Majora. After defeating and freeing Goht by destroying the Eye of Majora on him, our heroes earn Goht's gratitude and he, too, becomes an ally to our heroes. In the end, after playing the Song of Healing that breaks the eternal winter curse, our heroes are thanked by the Gorons and our heroes return to day one in Clock Town.

Season 3 Episode 13: Way Out West in the Sea

Plot: While preparing to head for the Western Great Bay, our heroes meet Kafei, a young man cursed into a form of a little boy by Majora, and Anju's fiancé. After offering to help Kafei reunite with Anju and tell her what happened to him, Kafei politely declines, stating that he must work on tying up loose ends. Later, our heroes arrive at the Great Bay Coast and while looking for clues that could lead them to the Great Bay Temple, they find the body of a dying male Zora named Mikau. After rescuing him and laying him on the beach, our heroes learn that Mikau is part of a Zora band called the Indigo-gos, and his wife and lead singer, Lulu, has lost her voice upon her eggs being stolen by a band of Gerudo pirates. Deciding to put Mikau to rest under his request, Cale plays the Song of Healing, and Mikau becomes a Magic Zora Mask, giving Hollyanna the ability to turn into a Zora and back at will. After convincing Lulu and her band that they'll go rescue her eggs from the pirates, our heroes soon decide to infiltrate the Pirate's Fortress. But in the end upon arrival, Cortex and his goons, having teamed up with the pirates, ambush and capture our heroes.

Season 3 Episode 14: A Pirate's Life

Plot: After day two arrives and escaping the cell to free their friends since they're the only ones who can fit through the bars and cutting themselves free from the ropes tying them up, Sombra and Crash manage to sneak around the fortress for the key and after fighting off Cortex's goons and a pirate guard, Crash and Sombra manage to get the key back and free their friends by unlocking the cell and untying them. After getting the eggs back upon defeating another pirate guard, our heroes soon discover, while hidden, that the last three eggs are in the Eels' Trench past the fortress. After escaping the fortress and returning the eggs to Lulu, our heroes soon go to the Eels' Trench and, thanks to Hollyanna conquering her fear of eels, manage to get the last three eggs back to Lulu. Once all the eggs are safely home, our heroes are given a new song in the form of "New Wave Bossa Nova." Playing it, it not only restores Lulu's voice, but also summons the giant turtle, which takes our heroes to the Great Bay Temple. In the end ironically, Cortex and his goons discover this and, after escaping the Zora police who proceed to arrest the pirates, follow our heroes to the Great Bay Temple.

Season 3 Episode 15: The Great Bay Maze

Plot: Upon arrival at the Great Bay Temple, our heroes discover that the temple itself is a labyrinth and the main basement beneath it leads to Gyorg's chamber. After trekking through the labyrinth by solving the clues that leads to the right path, our heroes then re-encounter Cortex and his goons and fends them off while fighting both Wart and Gekko and Mad Jelly. Upon Wart's defeat, Gekko and Mad Jelly escape and our heroes chase after them, following them to the entrance to Gyorg's chamber. After killing Mad Jelly by electricuting it to death and freeing Gekko from Majora's possession, our heroes finally arrive at Gyorg's chamber by day two's nightfall and, as usual, ends with our heroes victorious and freeing Gyorg from Majora's control by destroying the Eye of Majora. Then after playing the Song of Healing to break the murky water curse, our heroes then proceed to enjoy the Indigo-Gos' concert with Hollyanna being a temporary guitar player for the band in place of Mikau. In the end, our heroes then return to Clock Town on day one and prepared themselves to head out to Eastern Ikana Canyon.

Season 3 Episode 16: East Canyon of the Dead

Plot: After arriving at the Eastern Ikana Canyon, our heroes are ambushed by the ghosts of the dead that are possessed by Majora, which ends with Cale getting mortally wounded by Garo, a deceased servant for the deceased King Ikana. But thankfully, Hollyanna plays the Song of Healing, saving Cale's life and earning Cale the Magic Fierce Deity Mask, giving him the power to turn into his Fierce Deity form and back at will. Then after our heroes help a little girl named Pamela save her father from becoming a Gibdo by playing the Song of Healing, Pamela and her father, out of gratitude, gives them the ability to tame ghosts and other undead monsters in the canyon. In the end, as day two arrives, our heroes then learn from Garo, after taming him and making him apologize for injuring Cale, that the way into the Stone Tower Temple is to get King Ikana's permission. (Cortex and his goons don't appear in this episode)

Season 3 Episode 17: Ikana Castle Catastrophe

Plot: Arriving in Ikana Castle, our heroes learn that Cortex and his goons have tricked King Ikana into believing that our heroes are the enemy threatening to take over their kingdom. After avoiding capture and fighting through the undead guards with their ghost taming powers, our heroes, despite fighting King Ikana over this misunderstanding, reveals Cortex and his goons' true colors and after sending them flying off, they end up getting permission by King Ikana to go to the Stone Tower Temple. In the end, King Ikana and his guards help our heroes get into the Stone Tower Temple as day two's nightfall arrives.

Season 3 Episode 18: Stone Tower of Terror

Plot: Our heroes go through three tests to prove their loyalty to the Ikana Royal Family in the Stone Tower Temple in order to open the door to Twinmold's chamber. In the first test, the Test of Light, they fight the Iron Knuckle with the Light Arrows, and passed with flying colors. In the second test, the Test of Darkness, they must trek through the dark tunnel without light and passed, despite that some goblins tried to grab them with no light to protect them. Then finally in the final test in the form of the Test of Gravity, our heroes end up passing the test by discovering that the way in Twinmold's chamber is to turn the Stone Tower Temple upside-down. Once in Twinmold's chamber, our heroes fight him and free him from Majora's control and destroy the Eye of Majora, despite some setbacks such as Twinmold diving in and out of the sand like the sandworm he is. In the end, our heroes play the Song of Healing to break the restless undead curse, and return to Clock Town in day one. (Cortex and his goons only appear at the very end of this episode)

Season 3 Episode 19: Divide and Conquer

Plot: With all four Guardians united and freed from Majora's curse, our heroes discover Cortex and his goons have been betrayed by Majora and deciding to temporally work together, our heroes and the villains discover that the only way to awaken the full powers of the four Guardians, they must redo the curse breaking in all four temples and fight Odolwa, Goht, Gyorg, and Twinmold again by splitting into four groups, with Derek, Diana, Hollyanna, and Cale leading at the Southern Swamp, Northern Mountain, Western Great Bay, and Eastern Ikana Canyon respectively. In the end, they do so and all four guardians' full powers are completely awakened.

Season 3 Episode 20: Unite and Conquer

Plot: After reuniting again and helping Kafei get his mask back from Sakon in his hideout in Ikana Canyon, our heroes and the villains reunite Kafei and Anju for their marriage vows at the Stock Pot Inn. Then they finally go up to the Clock Town Tower to confront Majora and Skull Kid. In the end, after freeing Skull Kid from Majora's Mask's control by playing the Oath of Order to have the four guardians hold the moon back, our heroes and the villains team up with the now freed Skull Kid and follow Majora and his mask into the moon to defeat him and save the world.

Season 3 Episode 21: Fight Me to the Moon

Plot: Upon arrival in the corrupted moon, our heroes and the villains discover that the only way to get to Majora is to pass the four Tests of Doom based on the areas they've visited. Splitting into four groups again, our heroes and the villains then decide to face the death traps and find each of the four Majora Moon Children, as part of those tests. In the Test of Odolwa, Derek's group use Derek's Deku techniques to safely trip the traps and cross far away chasms without falling to their deaths to their Majora Moon Child. In the Test of Goht, Diana's group use Diana's Goron techniques to destroy blocked obstacles and reaching faraway ledges without falling to their deaths to their Majora Moon Child. In the Test of Gyorg, Hollyanna's group use Hollyanna's Zora techniques to activate the four underwater drains to lead to their Majora Moon Child's room. And in the Test of Twinmold, Cale's group use Cale's Fierce Deity techniques to battle through a horde of monsters from all four regions and reach their Majora Moon Child. Then all four groups meet again as they make it to the four Majora Moon Children and discover that they were Majora all along, split into four replicas to test our heroes and the villains and see if they are capable of surviving those tests. In the end, Majora, out of fury and madness, warps himself and our heroes and the villains into the corrupted moon's core.

Season 3 Episode 22: Majora's Madness

Plot: Our heroes and the villains face off against Majora in the corrupted moon's core. After a difficult battle, our heroes and the villains discover that the light is Majora's weakness after all of Termina's people prayed to our heroes to come out victorious in the end. Then finally with Majora weakened by the prayers and light, our heroes kill Majora by smashing his mask with Dazeroth, the Guardians, and the light's powers combined while the villains distract him. With Majora and his mask dead for good, our heroes and the villains escape the corrupted moon's destruction, and return to Clock Town safely as daytime arrives at day four. Skull Kid and the Guardians reconcile for what lead to these events and Tatl and Tael decide to stay with Skull Kid and make sure he's never alone whenever the Guardians do their duties. Then Cortex and his goons secretly get away while our heroes enter Clock Town as heroes of Termina. In the end, our heroes then return to Earth thanks to Dazeroth's powers.

Season 3 Episode 23: When Worlds Collide and Freeze

Plot: After returning to Earth as heroes of Termina, our heroes are given medals by the Mayor while the villains resume their evil work as usual. But later, the people of the real world and even Crash's world's people learn that their worlds are slowly merging together and if joined together completely, both time and space will freeze permanently and the only way to restore it to normal, is to split the worlds up again. In the end, Cale, Hollyanna, Derek, and Diana and their families and friends help Crash and his allies build the Dimension Teleportation/Fixer.

Season 3 Episode 24: Day of Goodbyes

Plot: After our heroes split both Earth and Crash's world from each other, the villains escape back to Crash's world through the Dimension Teleportation/Fixer. Regardless of that, our heroes decide to spend one last time together before Crash and his allies return to their world as well, and it'll be a limited time because if the Dimension Teleportation/Fixer's solar eclipse ends, it'll short-circuit and the portal will close forever. In the end after hanging around one last time, our heroes from both worlds bid a tearful goodbye and with that, Crash and his allies return to their world.

Season 3 Episode 25: A Date to Remember

Plot: In the aftermath of bidding Crash and his allies goodbye, Cale, Hollyanna, Derek and Diana resume their normal lives. Cale and Hollyanna then decide to go on a date, with Cale having a surprise up his sleeve for Hollyanna; A marriage proposal. In the end, despite a little dinner disaster and nearly getting lost in the carnival, Cale and Hollyanna end up having a good time, and Cale proposes to Hollyanna, and she accepts as the fireworks shoot up into the night sky.

Season 3 Episode 26: Spinful of Memories

Plot: In the aftermath of bidding Cale, Hollyanna, Derek, Diana, and their families and friends goodbye, Crash and his allies work to stop Cortex and his goons from stealing all the Wumpa Fruit to power up a Toxic Factory. In the end, our heroes succeed and while enjoying some Wumpa Fruit in Crash's house, they reminisce their adventures in the real world.

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