Based on this DNA productions logo in this video (it appears at 0:39 in the video), a crazy show. It is animated using the same animation from the 1994-2000 DNA Productions logo, CGI, cut-out's, stop motion, Microsoft Paint, Sony Vegas, Photoshop, and Cel Animation, all mixed up into a jumbled mess of animation.


Crazy Cat - A two tailed cat with one pink colored tail, and a purple tail. He is reported by Paul the Three-Eyed Monkey to be "The Purple Cat Scientist". Voiced by Captain's Curse driver Alex Blackwell.

Paul, the Three-Eyed Monkey - Crazy Cat's best friend. He worked for DNA Productions from 2000-2006. He drives a heavily modified Peterbilt 375 made to look like an Rebuilt EMD SD40-2R called the "Paulmobile". Voiced by Frank Welker using a impression of the voice Paul had in the 2000-2006 DNA Productions logo. Unlike his friend Crazy Cat, he is animated the same way he was in the 2000-2006 DNA Productions logo.

Little Guy 7 - One of Little Guy from Greeny Phatom's clones, he appears every day! Voiced by IVONA Eric. He is animated used MS Paint and Sony Vegas.

Lucy the Baby Bumblebee - A baby bumblebee who annoys Paul. Voiced by Tara Strong. She is animated using MS Paint and Photoshop like Little Guy 7.

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