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Crisis on Infinite Earths is the name of the sixth annual shared multiverse crossover event between Supergirl, The Flash, Batwoman, Arrow, Black Lightning and DC's Legends of Tomorrow. The crossover aired over six nights.


With the annoucement of Crisis On Infinite Earths for Fall 2019, my mind just started churning with ideas on what can be done and the ultimate aftermath that can change the Arrowverse forever. This is real rough and brief. So Lets begin


SuperGirl: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 1

The First scene we witness is the Monitor watching over all the different Earths in his dimension. Then the arrival of his counter-part The Anti-Monitor arrives and drains his energy leaving The Monitor weak. Monitor escapes but the Anti-Monitor begins his conquest of all reality. Meanwhile on Earth-38 Kara deals with technology going haywire and wierd disturbances. Somehow Brainey has been causing the techno disturbances and turns on Kara and the DEO. Brainey reports to Lex Luthor of Earth-11 (Smallville Universe). The Monitor arrives weaked and informs Kara of the Crisis that will destroy all realities. He uses some of his remaining abilities to pull Clark Kent from Earth-11 and Clark Kent from Earth-90 (Lois and Clark Universe) to help deal with the coming crisis. Kara gets Barry and Cisco from Earth-1 to help. Lex from Earth-11 links up with the Lex of Earth-38 to harvest the technology of Brainaic from both Earth's to create a new Brainaic (played by Smallville Brainaic). Clark from Earth-38 joins in to help stop the Brainaic but the Anti-Monitor reveals himself and says Earth-38 was a testing ground. Earth-1 will be the start of his conquest. Earth-11 and Earth-90 residents return to their reality to prepare while Kara, Barry, Cisco, Clark and Jon head to Earth-1 to mount a defense against The Anti-Monitor.

The Flash: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 2

Barry and the rest return to Earth-1 with a weaken Monitor to STAR Labs. Monitor explains that he was testing the heroes the year prior for Anti-Monitor arrival. He wishes to decimate the multiverse and rule over them, Earth-1 being the Prime-Earth will be the battlegrounds for the entire multiverse. The team encounter Anti-Monitor with Flash, Superman, Supergirl, Kid Flash, Martian Manhunter, Killer Frost and Vibe but are no match. Earth-90 Flash comes and rescues them bringing along Vixen and Star-Girl. After regrouping the team are told by The Monitor that because this Earth's Central City has been the epicenter of Dark Matter The Anti-Monitor wants to harness the energy to convert to Anti-Matter the source of his power. Iris finds a device at Argus facility that The Anti-Monitor could use and they race to stop him with help from Diggle and Oliver. They do and try and use the device to take Anti-Monitor's power and give it back to The Monitor. Anti-Monitor appears and reveals that STAR Labs is the epicenter and activates the device to soak up residual energy from the city but before he can leave Monitor is able to retrieve some of his powers back weakening Anti-Monitor but knocking Monitor out. Cisco and Caitlyn deduce that the leading expert in Anti-Matter conversion is in Gotham City, Dr. Kell Mossa.

The BatWoman: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 3

Barry, Oliver, Kara, and Clark arrive in Earth-1 Gotham City and update Kate Kane on the situation. Kate helps them locate Dr. Kell Mossa but the information has been deleted by Bruce Wayne. Apparently Bruce is back in Gotham is already meeting with Dr. Kell Mossa to get him to build a device. Kate finds Bruce but he is acting different, its revealed later that the Bruce in town is from Earth-2 and is called Owlman, a ruthless vigilante who rules Gotham with terror and fear. Anti-Monitor plucked him from Earth-2 to secure the device he needs. The Heroes tangle with Owlman but despite the power advantage Owlman is a step ahead of them until Black Siren appears and reunites with her old friend. The reunion is cut short with the arrival of the Earth-1 Batman. Owlman escapes without Dr. Mossa which greatly disappoints Anti-Monitor who then brings in Psycho Pirate to be his new emissary and retrieve the doctor. The heroes hold up in Wayne Tower and discuss if Dr. Mossa can construct a device to convert Anti-Monitor Anti-Matter into Matter canceling him out. Dr. Mossa believes he can do it but needs a lab, Barry suggest STAR Labs but Oliver suggest a blacksite in Star City for Argus. As the team tries to leave Psycho Pirate attacks the tower, even using Kryptonite weapons to take care of Clark and Kara. The team escapes to Star City while the Anti-Monitor tells Psycho Pirate to find Lyla Diggle.

Arrow: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 4

The heroes arrive in Star City at a Argus Blacksite. Dr. Mossa has the heroes find specific devices to help him with the Anti-Matter Converter. Meanwhile Psycho Pirate finds Lyla and bring her to a weaken Anti-Monitor. He says that in another Earth she is his protegee The Harbringer, his most loyal servant, he merges the personas into Lyla turning her into Harbringer and to inflitrate the heroes to get Dr. Mossa. Felicity finds out that one of the compenents needed for the device doesnt exist on this Earth but Cisco vibes to concentrate on a Earth that may have it and its Earth-11. Oliver, Felicity, Barry, Kara, Kate and Cisco end up in Earth-11 Star City where they encounter the Oliver Queen of that Earth (played by Smallville Oliver Queen) At first he doesnt believe whats happening especially seeing Barry and Kara but eventually he helps them find the device but Lyla follows them and causes trouble. They secure the compenent and race back to Earth-1 with Earth-11 Oliver but Lyla decides to kill Dr. Mossa from completing the device instead. Afterward The Monitor awakens and tells them of Earth-14 where another Dr. Mossa resides in that can finish the device. The Anti-Monitor already decides that as well and sends Lyla to Earth-14 which is Freeland/Black Lightning Earth.

Black Lightning: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 5

Freeland experiences freak lighting storms that are effecting both Jefferson and Jennifer. Meanwhile Lyla is looking for Dr. Mossa of Earth-14. Dr. Mossa works out of college in Freeland that is attacked by Lyla. Jefferson arrives and is overpowered by Lyla until Oliver, Barry and Kate arrive to help him. Dr. Mossa is not at the school so both parties leave. Barry explains to Jefferson on Multiverse Theory and the threat of Anti-Monitor in which Jefferson agree's to help in order to save his family and city. Lyla encounters Tobias trying to find Dr. Mossa, who reluctantly helps Lyla due to her power. Dr. Mossa location is found by both Lyla and the heroes and race to find him before Lyla does. A battle occurs but Kara comes and saves the team and secures Dr. Mossa. Lyla takes Jennifer as her power could be used to help Anti-Monitor. Jefferson agrees to go to Earth-1 to rescue his daughter and save the Multiverse. When they arrive on Earth-1 the Argus facility has been invaded by Psycho Pirate and with him is Reverse Flash, Malcolm Merlin, Damien Darhk Lex Luthor, and Brainaic. Before they can react the Waverider arrives and scopes them up with the rest of the team inside. Sara says Pyscho Pirate arrived with the villains and took the pieces and The Monitor.

DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: Crisis On Infinite Earths Part 6/Finale

The Legends, Team Flash, Team SuperGirl, Team Arrow, Batwoman and Black Lightning regroup to figure out a way to stop Anti-Monitor. John wants to get Lyla back and Jefferson is focused on his daughter so both decide to reach out to Lyla for a trade. At the meet John tries to reach Lyla but it falls on deaf ears as Anti-Monitor arrives to claim Dr. Mossa. The Heroes ambush Anti-Monitor as a trap was laid to find a way into Anti-Monitor's subspace. Ray and Nate end up sneaking in and finding Jennifer and The Monitor but Pyscho Pirate causes some trouble but is defeated. Ray grabs the device and rescue Jennifer but The Monitor is in bad condition, he can no longer hold off on Anti-Monitor's power increase and passes out givng all his power to Anti-Monitor who takes back Dr. Mossa and probes his mind to put together the device. He then converts Jennifer's power and the Dark Matter into Anti-Matter increasing his power. He then causes a massive wave which begins shifting and changing reality. Some of the Earth's previously visted begin to merge into Earth-1 causing massive distrubances in the skies and weather. The heroes retreat into the Waverider to regroup but all seems lost until previous heroes from different Earth's appear in the Waverider to help. The Monitor is still in a coma so Cisco vibes him and the Monitor fortells Anti-Monitors goal to merge all the Earth by using Earth-1 as the foundation which will destroy reality, a few worlds merge wont do anything but all would be catastrophic. Sara, Barry, Oliver, Kara, Kate and Jefferson decide amongst each other a contingency after hearing the Anti-Monitor plan. The heroes put on a last stand in Star City while Sara, Barry, Oliver, Kara, Kate, Constantine and Jefferson force a way into Anti-Monitor's subspace where they look for the Book Of Destiny. Constaintine uses to put a protective force around Earth-1,38, and 14 and unlock bring heroes from those Earth's to help. They also restore The Monitor's powers, meanwhile the heroes get another win when John reaches Lyla who betrayes The Anti-Monitor by weakening his powers. This gives the heroes what they need to stop Anti-Monitor and finish him. The Monitor informs the heroes that the tunnel they produced for the other Earth's has caused a massive imbalance. Sara, Barry, Oliver, Kara, and Jefferson realized that in order to make sure reality is protected was to bring together the Infinite Earth's mightest heroes from their Earths. They knew the outcome would be to fuse the three earth's together. The Monitor tells them that the 6 of them to include Kate Kane will be the only ones who will know about the merger. Once The Monitor leaves and threat over everyone except those 6 are unaware that three Earth's had merged and that National City, and Freeland are apart of the now called Earth-Prime.

Pre-Credit Scene

A news anchor is going over his notes for broadcast when he see's a clip of the heroes fighting Anti-Monitor. He then activates a communcation device and says "The Heroes of this Earth have united, Now is the perfect time to turn Humanity against them, all for the glory of DarkSied". We then see the name of the show Gripping News with Gordon Godfrey...Gods and Monsters (based on The Legends Crossover Event of 1986.


The CW’s plans for this year’s Crisis on Infinite Earths mega-crossover, which, despite launching in late November, will actually be filming in July before all of the series start with their regular season filming. This also allows them to land some guest stars…. and, oh boy, there are some big ones.

But let’s start with what might be the absolute biggest thing: This year’s crossover is a five-night event. Yes, you read that right. Batwoman, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, and Black Lightning are all part of the action this year, with their tie-in episodes actually airing before their respective midseason premieres, but also, it seems WB/DC are pulling from the comics for inspiration. Years ago for the Blackest Night crossover, DC revived some of their classic titles for one issue and one issue only… and, well, it’s happening again.

SMALLVILLE Episode 219: “Absolute Crisis”

It has been two years since Clark Kent was hit with gold kryptonite, rendering him powerless. Clark Kent (Tom Welling) has hung up his cape, seemingly for good, while still battling injustice alongside his wife, Lois Lane (Erica Durance). Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) is President of the United States and, despite noble intentions of keeping the Crisis at bay, is unable to stop the chaos that comes with the red skies. Also: What does the disappearance of Chloe Sullivan have to do with Earth-1’s Felicity Smoak? Starring Tom Welling, Michael Rosenbaum, Erica Durance, Aaron Ashmore, Laura Vandervoort, Annette O’Toole, Michael McKean, Serinda Swan, and Kyle Gallner.

THE FLASH 1990 Episode 23: “Flashback”

What led to the Crisis on Earth-90? The experiences of that world’s Barry Allen (John Wesley Shipp) are explored as an entire Earth faces its final moments. Starring John Wesley Shipp, Amanda Pays, Alex Desert, Mark Hamill, Richard Belzer, Paula Marshall, and Joyce Hyser.

BIRDS OF PREY Episode 14: “Lost and Found”

Seventeen years ago, the Birds of Prey protected New Gotham against villains including Clayface and Harley Quinn. Now, Helena Wayne lives as “Helena Bertinelli,” leaving that past life behind, until the Oracle (Dina Meyer) calls the Birds of Prey back into action. They’d start a revolution if they can get up in the morning… which had better hurry up, so they can stop the Anti-Monitor…. and a long-missing hero returns. Starring Ashley Scott, Dina Meyer, and Rachel Skarsten with Bruce Thomas as OnStar Batman.

CONSTANTINE Episode 14: “End of the Line”

The John Constantine of Earth-14 is not the same man who travels with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow — so who is he? Will his dangerous habits seal his doom before the Crisis? And will the combined help of Chas, Zed, and a figure from John’s past bring him salvation? Starring Matt Ryan, Anjelica Celaya, Charles Halford, and Derek Mears, and introducing Jack Gillett as Young John Constantine.

So with that out of the way… who is on this list of potential guest stars? We’re going to try to group them by project they’re best known for, but this list is extensive, so, be ready, and again, know that being courted doesn’t necessarily mean they will all pan out:

eri Hatcher (Lois Lane), Dean Cain (Clark Kent), Justin Whalin (Jimmy Olsen), Michael Landes (Jimmy Olsen), K Callan (Martha Kent), Eddie Jones (Jonathan Kent), Matthew Daddario (??), Lynda Carter (Diana Prince/Wonder Woman), Lyle Waggoner (Steve Trevor), IRAC (computer), Helen Slater (Supergirl), Annette O’Toole (Lana Lang), Marc McClure (Jimmy Olsen), Terence Stamp (Zod), Sarah Douglas (Ursa), Jack O’Halloran (Non), Gerard Christopher (Superboy), John Haymes Newton (Superboy), Stacy Haiduk (Lana Lang), Justin Hartley (Aquaman), Tom Ellis (Lucifer Morningstar), Lauren German (Chloe Decker), Brenton Thwaites (Dick Grayson), Anna Diop (Starfire), Ryan Potter (Beast Boy), Teagan Croft (Raven), Brec Bessinger (Stargirl), Brandon Routh (Superman), Kate Bosworth (Lois Lane), Sam Huntington (Jimmy Olsen), Cameron Cuffe (Seg-El), Shaun Sipos (Adam Strange), Colin Salmon (General Zod), Adrianne Palicki (Wonder Woman AND Power Girl), Sean Pertwee (Alfred Pennyworth), David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne), Robin Lord Taylor (Penguin), Camren Bicondova (Selina), Alexander Siddig (Ra’s al Ghul), Shaquille O’Neal (Steel), Burt Ward (Batman of Earth-66), Lee Meriwether (Older Selina), Jack Bannon (Alfred Pennyworth), Tara Strong (??), TBD (Static Shock), TBD (Bette Kane/Flamebird), Eric Martsolf (Booster Gold), Crystal Reed (Abby Arcane), Nicholas Hammond (Peter Palmer)

Returning guests from current shows: Keiynan Lonsdale (Wally West), Violett Beane (Jesse Quick), Calista Flockhart (Cat Grant), Floriana Lima (Maggie Sawyer), Beebo (The God of War), Ciara Renee (Hawkgirl), Wentworth Miller (Citizen Cold), Emily Bett Rickards (Felicity Smoak), Kat McNamara (Mia Smoak), Colin Donnell (listed as “Earth-2 Tommy”), John Barrowman (listed only with a question mark), Jessica de Gouw (Huntress), Joseph David-Jones (Connor Hawke Earth-64), Katrina Law (Nyssa), Jon Cryer (Lex Luthor – though we also see “Luthor of Earth-3” listed)

The document we saw revealed that the involvement of the Doom Patrol in the crossover was already filmed a few weeks ago in Atlanta and will be inserted into the finished product. It is also expected that some of those actors may appear in the Black Lightning chapter, as that series also shoots there. It is also floated as an idea that Encore is toying with creating computer-generated Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder to make brief appearances from afar. Additionally, the paperwork we saw was redacted, but it appears they are trying to get an actor from the current DC Extended Universe to make an appearance…. and we’re not sure who it may be. If we were to guess from the size of the black box over the person’s name, we’d say it’s probably Ezra Miller’s Flash, which would be quite cool if we’d get to see him speeding alongside Grant Gustin. Also, it looks like the Birds of Prey chapter was supposed to revive Lori Loughlin’s Black Canary but her real-life personal issue prevented that notion. We’re also curious how Smallville will deal with the lack of Chloe, and are a little disappointed to not see Kristin Kreuk on the list.

Also, we can’t wait for Melissa Benoist’s Supergirl to meet Helen Slater’s! And how will Oliver Queen react to a Zod that looks like his former stepdad? Why is Kate Kane’s sister’s doppelganger one of the Birds of Prey? Should be interesting! And damn them for finding yet another excuse to keep Tom Welling out of a Superman costume.

And then finally, we have a schedule for what airs on which night. Since Arrow is in its usual Monday slot, we wonder if Oliver Queen truly will die in the Crisis, since otherwise we would have thought it would be the final chapter.

Episode 8.01 — Earth-90

According to The Monitor, Oliver is needed to prepare the multiverse for the coming Crisis. Where better to start than with on Earth-90, where this whole Crisis began? You might remember that we were first introduced to The Monitor on Earth-90, where he killed all of that earth’s heroes except for Barry Allen, as portrayed by John Wesley Shipp, reprising his role from the 1990s series. The Monitor drops Oliver, acting as Harbinger, on this decimated earth to recruit Barry to the cause while The Monitor bounces off to go watch the Legends perform at Heyworld.

Oliver finds a broken Barry, who we’ve not seen since a brief cameo in last season’s “Elseworlds” event. As the earth’s sole surviving hero, Barry has tasked himself with protecting the remaining survivors. He’s haggard, having been run ragged–pun intended–protecting the innocents. He’s getting too old for this shit.

Oliver explains that he’s putting together a team to battle in the upcoming Crisis. Barry passes. He has too much going on here, and if he leaves this world, then it will be unprotected. Nope, Barry’s going to sit this one out.

Oliver tries to think of a way to get Barry to join him when he is ambushed by The Trickster (guest star Mark Hamill). Barry helps Oliver defeat The Trickster. Barry realizes that they are a pretty good team and that if they work together to recruit others to save the multiverse, then the multiverse just might have a chance…

…then The Monitor arrives. Barry freaks out. The Monitor destroyed this world. There’s no way Barry is going to help The Monitor. Barry warns Oliver not to trust The Monitor, but Oliver doesn’t see any other choice. Besides, Oliver knows he’s a dead man walking. Oliver and The Monitor leave empty-handed.

This is going to be harder than Oliver thought.

Episode 8.02 — Lois & Clark

If you have a multiverse ending Crisis, you’re going to want as many Supermen as you can get. It makes sense to pull in these two actors, who have recently appeared on CW’s Supergirl. My guess is that these two are going to be our Superman and Lois Lane alive in the pocket dimension after the Crisis ends.

If The Monitor’s plan is going to work, Oliver realizes that they need as many Supermen as possible. The Monitor knows of one, who like The Flash of Earth-90, is an established hero and leader. The Monitor opens a portal in Metropolis, dropping Oliver into the middle of a diamond heist. Oliver stops the would-be thieves. As The Monitor expected, the call for help had already been placed and Superman meets Oliver on the scene.

That’s right, Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher step away from their roles on Supergirl and return as Lois and Clark!

Oliver tries to convince the two of the truth of his claim that a Crisis is coming. It’s not Superman who Oliver has to convince, but Lois. As it should be, damnit. Lois puts her investigative skills to work, looking to punch holes in Oliver’s story. Oliver describes the destruction of Earth-90, the red skies, the Crisis to come. The real problem for both is that there isn’t any evidence on this world to either confirm or debunk Oliver’s claims. As such, Superman and Lois decline Oliver’s offer.

Now that he’s 0-2, Oliver slinks off to meet The Monitor when the skies turn red, confirming a part of Oliver’s story. Superman believes Oliver. Together, Lois and Superman find Oliver and agree to come with him and The Monitor. Lois says they’re just going to investigate and learn more, but Superman is already all-in.

Spoiler: this is the version of Lois and Clark most analogous to Earth-2 Lois and Superman who survive the Crisis in a pocket dimension after the multiverse is destroyed, so we have that to look forward to.

Episode 8.03 — Wonder Woman

The Monitor next sends his harbinger to recruit Wonder Woman. Lynda Carter steps away from her cameo role on Supergirl as well, returning to her roots as Diana. When Oliver arrives, the earth is in the middle of a red sky event. Diana agrees to join Oliver in his crusade, but only once the people of her earth are safe. During the action, Oliver catches a glimpse of the Anti-Monitor behind the Crisis and is horrified by the malignancy he feels baking off of it.

Episode 8.04 — Earth-X

Oliver believes that they are going to need light to beat back the darkness. That and a big frakin’ army. Luckily, he happens know exactly where to find both.

Oliver goes to Earth-X, where Ray and Snart continue to lead the resistance against the remnants of the Nazi regime. Ray tells Oliver that things have gone well, for a time, but the increasing frequency of red sky events are wreaking havoc on the earth. Loses are piling up on both sides, but neither side is willing to stop fighting and come together to save their earth from a common threat.

Oliver returns to the Reich, posing as Oliver Queen of Earth-X. Oliver tells them that when he was killed, he saw the Hell coming to invade this and all earths. He has escaped death and returned to them to lead them to fight alongside the resistance in beating back the evil that threatens them all.

Yeah, no one believes him.

So, Oliver has to prove himself in combat to the commanders of the Reich that he is fit to lead their armies into battle. At the same time, another red sky event takes place, thrusting the Reich and the resistance into the battle side-by-side. In the aftermath, Oliver and the Reich meet with Ray, Snart, and the resistance leaders and sign a truce between the two until the greater threat is defeated.

That’s right… Oliver has an army of Nazis to throw up against the Anti-Monitor now.

Episode 8.05 — Earth-C

The Monitor is pleased that Oliver is thinking outside the box. He’s going to need that kind of flexibility where The Monitor sends him next.

Surprisingly, a number of you readers here at Bleeding Cool really want to see Oliver cross over to Earth-C, a.k.a. Earth-26. (Knowing you lot, maybe it shouldn’t be surprising at all.) To paraphrase the expressed sentiment, if The Flash can have a King Shark vs Gorilla Grodd episode, then why can’t we have an Earth-C episode during the Crisis?

Oliver steps through the portal and finds himself Olivhare Queen, the prodigal son of Starling City, returned after 5 years in hell, stranded on a remote island. Oh, and he’s an anthropomorphic rabbit. Once the shock of being a rabbit passes, Oliver starts looking for this earth’s heroes, but there are none. When he asks about metahumans — err, meta-animals — everyone thinks he’s lost his mind on the island. All except for Mallard Merlyn, voiced by John Barrowman.

Olivhare finds and reads a comic book about the superheroes of Earth C-Minus, who are analogous to the heroes back on his earth. Olivhare tracks down the creator, Roger Rabbit, in Gnu York in hopes of finding out what the connection is between the heroes Olivhare knows from his earth and the characters Roger creates. Roger explains to Olivhare that he doesn’t create the characters so much as he transcribes them from what he sees in his mind/dreams. Since carrots are supposed to help with sight, Roger has been indulging in his favorite food, including an order of exotic carrots he just received.

Thinking this whole trip a dead end, Olivhare complains to The Monitor (Lizard). The Monitor tells Olivhare that it wasn’t a wasted trip at all…

…meanwhile, Roger bites into a mysteriously glowing carrot. Suddenly, the world snaps into focus and Roger, looking out his window, sees the red sky moving in on the distant horizon.

Spoilers: Yes, Captain Carrot and the Zoo Crew are going to show up in the Crisis. And yes, once they do, the Legends are going to loan the Journal of Brigid to Roger/Captain Carrot to draw the heroes of Earth C-Minus to aid them against the Anti-Monitor.

Episode 8.06 — Earth-2

We’re halfway through the season, and after all that Earth-C business, it’s time to ground things in reality a little more. Not wanting to give up on the idea of recruiting as many speedsters to the cause as possible, Oliver (glad to be human again), teleports to Earth-2 to recruit Jesse Quick. What Oliver finds is that the red sky events are growing in intensity and frequency. If only the Harrison Wells of Earth-2 hadn’t been defeated by Clifford DeVoe, then he might still retain enough intelligence to find a way to stop this Crisis. Unfortunately, Wells has average intelligence and is useless in that respect. He is, however, the emotional anchor for Jesse and all of the metahumans fighting on Earth-2’s behalf, including Laurel Lance.

Oliver explains the Crisis to Laurel and Jesse. Jesse thinks they can save Earth-2, but she needs more time, even working at super speed, to construct a device from her father’s old notes. Unfortunately, they run out of time, as Earth-2 is utterly obliterated — the first earth of many to come — by the Anti-Monitor. Oliver and Laurel manage to pull Jesse through the portal to safety, but Wells dies with the rest of Earth-2.

Average intelligence Wells wasn’t all that helpful, anyhow.

Episode 8.07 — Batman ’66

With worlds being annihilated, Oliver needs to step his game up. The Monitor sends Oliver to Gotham City on the earth represented by the old Batman TV series. Oliver is frustrated by the naivety of the city’s Caped Crusader and Boy Wonder. How can these two seriously be heroes? They’re nowhere nearly dark and gritty enough.

But Oliver doesn’t have time to fool around with them. He was sent here to find and recruit a wildcard in the coming battle with the Anti-Monitor. Though every fiber of his being urges against it, Oliver attempts to recruit The Joker. Filling the shoes of the late Cesar Romero is guest star John Glover. The Joker will assist Oliver on one condition; Oliver must find and defuse a number of laughing gas bombs planted throughout the city. It’s a race against the clock as the red skies move in and the earth begins to be destroyed.

Batman and Robin approach Oliver and agree to help him defuse the bombs. Oliver relies on their experience and expertise. Even if he is frustrated by the pace of their careful deductions, the Dynamic Duo are always accurate. At the final location, the heroes find The Joker waiting for them, but he reneges on his deal to go with Oliver. The Joker captures the three heroes and places them in an elaborate death trap. All looks lost, but Batman has a so-simple-it’s-goofy plan and the three escape and recapture the Clown Prince of Crime just as The Monitor appears. They have to go, and quickly… another world is collapsing and there is someone they need to collect first. Oliver extends the offer to join him to Batman and Robin, but they say they are needed in Gotham City.

Episode 8.08 — Smallville

Somebody saaAAAaave me!

With no time to spare, Oliver and The Joker are teleported directly to the barely-holding-on earth represented by the TV series Smallville. Oliver believes their best bet is to collect this world’s Superman, too – but The Monitor says that what they really need are the minds of various Lex Luthors. With time running out, they have to choose. So, Oliver goes to find Superman while The Joker offers to go find Lex.

Can I just say that the scenes between Michael Rosenbaum‘s Lex and John Glover‘s The Joker are *chef’s kiss* particularly the line about Lex’s daddy issues. (Glover portrayed Lex’s father Lionel Luthor on Smallville, for those who have forgotten. That’s what Hulu’s for, people!) Of course, The Joker has bigger plans to work with Lex to take over and control whatever’s left once the Crisis is dealt with.

Oliver looks for Superman at the Hall of Justice — which looks strikingly similar to the Star Labs hall that Oliver and the heroes of Earth-1 operated out of during the “Invasion!” crossover event — but Superman is away dealing with the destruction caused by a red sky event. Oliver does find this earth’s Green Arrow, played by Justin Hartley, at the Hall of Justice. The two compare notes on their lives as they go out to save the city from another red sky event. Green Arrow mentions his wife Chloe (oddly enough, Allison Mack didn’t return to reprise her role… for some reason) and their son, while Oliver says that on his world her name is Felicity and they just had a daughter.

Eventually, the two Green Arrows are pushed back to the Hall of Justice. Superman arrives (finally, Tom Welling in the suit!), as do Lex and The Joker.The Monitor opens a portal for all to cross over. The Joker scampers through first, followed by Lex and Clark, who scowl at one another. Oliver steps through and turns to ask the other Green Arrow to join them, but the earth is gone. Another casualty.

Episode 8.09 — Earth-38

The last stop in the build-up to the Crisis sees Oliver go to Earth-38 to recruit Kara and her allies to help the heroes and villains of the multiverse make their stand on Earth-1. Kara is reluctant to leave her home. Why do we always have to do the crossover event on your earth? Let’s host it here for once! Oliver agrees, but for his own selfish reason. If they can confront the Anti-Monitor here, then Earth-1 will be saved the worst of the destruction. If they fall, Earth-1 still has its heroes and Barry has dealt with The Monitor before.

Oliver brings his team of heroes and his army of Nazis and they entrench in National City. Characters meet, creating funny, heart-breaking, and awkward moments. The Monitor lays out Those who have lost loved ones commiserate. At the DEO, Brainy observes earths dying throughout the multiverse. This is it.

…or is it?

Brainy floats the theory that they could theoretically take the fight to the anti-matter universe…

Episode 8.10 — Crisis on Infinite Earths

Episode 10 is the Arrow series finale. Coming in the heart of the 5-night Crisis event, this is the episode where Oliver “dies” – which is really Oliver being critically wounded and moved off to the pocket dimension, unable to return to the multiverse proper. In the future, once Will and Mia no longer need her, Felicity goes with The Monitor and joins Oliver in the pocket dimension.

Now, we’ll leave it up to the Arrow writers to fill in the blanks, but we’ve done pretty much most of the heavy lifting. Sure, other things happen in the series finale – but that’s a story for a another “Crisis on Infinite Earths” post… and that’s for another time, Arrow fans.

Alternate Crisis

This is the alternate course of events that I think should have happened.

Hour One: The Beginning of the End of Worlds

The Monitor, with a kneeling Nash, who is now Pariah as transformed by the Monitor for releasing the one that will unleash the crisis, talks about how the Multiverse was created and the age of heroes that fought and kept the chaos of humanity at bay and how now his brother, the malevolent and terrifyingly powerful Anti-Monitor, has awakened from his slumber thanks to Pariah and will attempt to destroy all there is. The Monitor then reveals to Pariah his preparations of the heroes and beckons him to rise as Pariah vows to find atonement for his sin of unleashing the Anti-Monitor. Meanwhile, Anti-Monitor destroys Earths X, 89, 9 and 66 as he talks about his goals of destroying the Multiverse and leaving only the Netherverse, his home and the Antimatter world, as the only universe.

As Harbringer reveals that the Crisis has begun and warps Oliver and Mia to Earth-38, the Monitor teleports the Legends of Tommorow and their ship, despite the protests of the Legends, into Earth-38, and soon enough he brings in Kate Kane just as she was about to attack him. His last stop was The Flash, who he warps forcibly to Earth-38.

As Argo City was about to be destroyed by Antimatter, the Monitor teleports Alura, Superman and Lois as well to the DEO Headquarters along with the others and tells them to consolidate all their forces for the battle yet to come.

Once there, the Monitor raises the Quantum Tower of Earth-38 and reveals the existence of the Anti-Monitor and the army he commands and on how the antimatter wave cannot be stopped forever but it can be contained until as many people as possible have been evacuated. Oliver then asks the Monitor about Barry dying and the Monitor says that he only ever promised Barry survived Elseworlds and never the Crisis, as it was always destined that Barry will die stopping the Anti-Monitor and not just one Barry Allen but two of them, although he doesn't say which one. The Monitor then reveals he will set on evacuating the aliens of Earth-38 as they are needed so the heroes must focus on evacuating the humans. Beforehand, at Oliver's adamant request, he gives Oliver two large energy swords as well as an energy bow for better equipment.

Lex suddenly warps inside, much to the horror and outrage of Kara, and states he has finished creating the Multiverse Map and designing the schematics of a new ultra-powerful ship for them to use as the Crisis continues. The Monitor then tasks Lex to help Lena evacuate humanity by advicing her on opening a portal. Lex obediently agrees to and the Monitor then tasks Ray with developing the ship inside his realm with aid from Eobard Thawne and Harrison Nash Wells. The Monitor then brings Lex and Alex into Lena's office where Lena is outraged by the presence of Lex and Alex but reluctantly submits when the Monitor shows her visions of Earth-38 destroyed without a trace and all it's people gone with it. The Monitor also summons all the ships of Earth-38 to ferry as much people as possible.

As Superman and Supergirl talk about all traces of Krypton now gone except them and Alura, Supergirl comments on how she believes that as long as they never give up, Krypton will live on and Alura agrees but laments on how her husband's legacy is effectively destroyed and expresses her regret over Kara, asking if she ever hated her. Kara admits she was enraged but never to the point of hating her parents, which is a comfort and mother and daughter hug. Meanwhile, Arrow gives Mia a new Green Arrow suit while Batwoman is upgraded by Atom before he leaves to construct the ship. The heroes, coordinated, much to the distaste of Kara and Clark, by Lex, split up to defend the tower: Oliver, Mia, Sara, Mick, Kate and Constantine will defend the vital parts of the Quantum Tower while Kara, Barry, Clark and John will fight to defend the outside.

Inside the DEO Lena, Lex and Alex are still trying to figure out how to transport the ships away, as even space is no longer a viable option. Lena isn't sure how to stop people from evaporating once she transports them to another Earth. Lex, having just finished coordinating the heroes based on the Monitor's layout of the Quantum Tower and the amount of forces attacking, mocks on Lena's inability to solve it and uses Galleon's Theory of “using an inverse variable to help calculate the differential?” to successfully create a portal that would not disintegrate the humans. He then leaves to help defend the Quantum Tower, eager to not let Superman do all the heroism, as Lena and Alex look at each other and nod curtly.

Meanwhile, Kara, Barry, Clark and John are pushed back inside the Quantum Tower, unable to defeat the Shadow Demons on their own. Lex comes in to help but even their combined might proved to be unable to truly destroy all the Shadow Demons. Oliver, Mia, Sara, Mick, Kate and Constantine are hardly faring any better, the Shadow Demons beginning to overwhelm them. Eventually, the Quantum Tower begins to lose power and Lex immediately runs to power it up again while the rest of the heroes combine their abilities to hold off the Shadow Demons until then. They are helped with the arrival of Malefic, who has been alerted to the danger by Harbringer, and helps his brother and the rest of their allies defend the planet. Harbringer and Malefic's presence turn the tides long enough for Lex to fully power up the Quantum Tower but it doesn't last for too long as the Shadow Demons only gets more numerous.

As over 100 ships have entered the portal, the heroes are starting to be matched by the overwhelming number of the Shadow Demons again. The Monitor finally appears and disintegrates many Shadow Demons with a blast of energy but says that the battle is lost and that the Anti-Monitor himself is coming and they must leave even though only 3 billion out of 7.53 billion souls have been evacuated. Despite their refusal, the Monitor breaches all but Oliver, Kara, Clark, Lex and Barry, with Oliver shooting Antimatter arrow to stop the Monitor from breaching them.

Soon the Anti-Monitor arrives in person and quickly overwhelms them all but they defiantly push on as the Monitor watches in amazement as they fight his brother to their every ability despite knowing they will die. Eventually, the Monitor, with aid from Lex, regains his powers and teleports the battered and beaten remaining heroes to Earth-1 as the Anti-Monitor, no longer hindered, unleashes his power upon the universe, destroying it entirely.

As the Monitor lays the now injured heroes on beds in the Arrowcave, he comments on how they fought his brother nearly to the death and thanks to their noble sacrifice, 7 billion souls made it to Earth-1. Pariah, Ray and Eobard then appear as Eobard seems concerned by Barry's state which baffles Team Flash and report on their success in creating the ship. Much to the horror of the Monitor and sadness of all the heroes, Oliver speaks his last words and dies as the Monitor comments on how this was not his ending he foresaw and tells them all to leave as he prepares to resurrect Oliver so he could live and fight and die again to stop the Crisis.

Hour Two: Hunt For the Paragons

On Earth-1 in Central City, Sara pours a drink out for Oliver, while Kate and Kara look on. Sara points out that Oliver died a hero, saving a billion lives in the process. Kara then asks if they aren't going to wait for Barry, but Kate replies that she doesn't think he's ready to say goodbye to his friend just yet. Kara refuses to drink, saying that it feels like giving up, and believes that there's a way to undo the Crisis. She makes a bitter comment on how her wounds healed as fast as Barry's but Oliver wasn't so lucky. Sara suggests that they prevent it from happening to every other universe. Harbinger arrives and says that Diggle is with JJ and doesn't know about Oliver dying just yet. She realizes how messed up that is and tells Sara, that she's just trying to find a way to break it to him.

The Monitor then arrives and reveals that they don't need to break anything as Oliver is now back from the dead. The Monitor orders all the heroes to assemble at the new ship, which he calls the Horizons of the Paragons. Once arriving, all of them marvel at the highly advanced technology of the ship and Ray proudly takes credit for creating it but is annoyed when Eobard also takes the credit and Lex muses on how he had created the schematics. The Monitor appears before Felicity, who is bitter at the Monitor for taking Oliver. The Monitor then brings the future Mia and William to Felicity and as she is caught up on everything, she is quick to snap and throw a knife at the Monitor upon learning of Oliver's death. The Monitor simply brings in the resurrected Oliver and as the couple happily kiss, the Monitor has Felicity come with him to the Rider of the Paragons, promising to reunite them in the future in exchange.

The Monitor next appears before John and the rest of Team Arrow and brings them all into the Rider of the Paragons. As Felicity is tasked with creating a device capable of analyzing the Tome of Guardians, the Monitor reveals that every single one of them here are Paragons destined to save the Multiverse and defeat the Anti-Monitor but says that they are incomplete and have yet to identify the main Paragons, the only main Paragons he is aware of being Kate Kane as the Paragon of Courage, Ryan Choi as the Paragon of Humanity, Kara Danvers as the Paragon of Hope, Barry Allen as the Paragon of Love, John J'ozz as the Paragon of Honor, John Constantine as the Paragon of Mystic, Lex Luthor as the Paragon of Mind and Oliver Queen as the Paragon of Darkness Inside Light but he does know that Bruce Wayne from Earth-1 and Superman from Earth-96 are yet another two of the main Paragons, which will leave only the Monitor as the Paragon of Positivism.

The Monitor has Kate go and persuade his cousin to aid them while Lois, Iris, and Clark are to recruit the Paragon Kryptonian. Meanwhile, Eobard asks on Nora and Barry erupts and attacks Eobard only to be stopped by the Monitor. As Barry reveals Nora is dead, Eobard seems distraught and apologizes. He then reveals that he was given by the Monitor a chance to atone by dying in the Crisis as a hero and to prove his sincerity, reveals to Barry the Grave of Heroes established by the Monitor in the future to honor those who died, where it revealed Oliver, Eobard himself and Barry as casualties of the Crisis. Barry decides to work with Eobard but makes it clear he has not forgiven him. Cisco meanwhile has his powers restored by the Monitor despite his complaints and the Monitor then consults Felicity on the process of the device. Felicity half-heartedly reveals it is nearly complete and the Monitor, seeing Felicity's antagonism, admits the painful parts of his life: he once fell in love with a woman, who bore him children but despite they were everything to him, he spent more time with his work and came to regret it when they died. He advises her to spend time with Oliver before he dies and leaves.

Meanwhile, Lex is working on constructing weapons and ships for the Monitor with help from Lena as he muses on how they are working together intellectually but Lena coldly tells Lex off as Ray comments on the awkwardness, being also there to help. Oliver, recovered, talks with John, who expresses dismay at how he wasn't there for the man he saw as a brother. Constantine is on a mission for the Monitor to recruit the powerful sorcerers the Monitor believes is necessary to stop the Crisis on his own right.

Kate finds the amnesiac Bruce, who doesn't remember her until the Monitor arrives and restores his memories. Bruce is distraught by how he left his city for years but is proud of Kate handling his mantle so well and accepts the responsibility of being a Paragon. Once in the Horizon of the Paragons, the Monitor has Bruce lend a hand by training Mia, William, and Team Arrow how to better fight and as Bruce easily outspars them all and lectures on how to improve, Oliver and Felicity then arrive with the completed Guardian Identifier and the Monitor activates it, revealing Bruce as the Paragon of Human's Strength. Afterwards, Bruce is sent by the Monitor to evacuate people from Earths to bring to Earth-1 along with Oliver and Kate.

Meanwhile, Lex retrieves the Book of Destiny and when Harbringer comments on it, he reveals he is simply following the Monitor's orders but would still enjoy what is to come anyway and leaves. Clark and Lois eventually find the Superman they are looking for just as Lex arrives and reveals that the Monitor wants to test their worth by having them fight to their limits. The Superman from Earth-96 proves to be the stronger one and defeats Earth-38 Superman and the Monitor arrives and summons the book back to his hand and reveals the test was to find out which one was the Paragon of Truth and brings them all to the Horizon.

Constantine has returned as well with the sorcerers the Monitor had him gather but Oliver, Bruce and Kate are less lucky, having only saved 80 % of 20 Earths out of 43. The Monitor nevertheless congratulates them and dismisses all but Oliver. Once they are all alone, Oliver wants to make sure the Monitor reunites him with Felicity afterwards and the Monitor affirms his word and reveals that now there is only one more step for Oliver: he must transcend humanity and become a "scepter".

At the Netherverse, the Anti-Monitor muses on how he has consumed many universes and that he will soon be able to destroy the Multiverse. The Anti-Monitor then reveals Psycho Pirate as his own Harbringer and grins wickedly as he sends Psycho Pirate and Shadow Demons to destroy a universe.

Hour Three: The Grim Battle

At Earth-203, Huntress and Oracle, who have been desperately trying to evacuate everyone, are suddenly teleported along with those they managed to save to the Horizon of the Paragons by the Monitor, who tells them they have a role to play in saving the Multiverse. Meanwhile, Lyla reunites with John as the Monitor then brings a grim Oliver to them and Felicity and Oliver's children, noting that with all the main Paragons assembled, they must now stop the Antimatter wave and reveals that the Anti-Monitor has been using the Antimatter Cannon, a weapon constructed using the Flash of Earth-90, who has been captured by the Anti-Monitor, to destroy Earths more efficiently and destroying it would deal a strong blow on the Anti-Monitor's army. He then finally reveals that the first Barry Allen to die in the Crisis is Barry Allen from Earth-90 and that Barry will be killed personally by the Anti-Monitor but in doing so, give them a chance of victory. Iris is unwilling to accept that her husband must truly die and the Monitor then reveals his tragic past and tells them that what has been written cannot be changed and she can still spend time with her husband for one last night. They do it that night just as Oliver and Felicity sleep together as whatever Oliver tells Felicity causes her to cry and then kiss him for the last time.

When dawn comes, the Monitor sends Pariah, Vibe, and Barry to go the chamber that held the Anti-Monitor once and was used to consolidate the Antimatter Cannon. Meanwhile, he finally reveals Oliver's fate: he must go to Purgatory, the realm between life and death and meet Jim Corrigan to become the specter that will save the multiverse and symbolize his completion as the Paragon of Light In Darkness. After a tearful goodbye to his family, the Monitor takes Oliver to Purgatory and summons Jim Corrigan to pass on the torch of the specter to Oliver.

Meanwhile, Pariah solves the code of the Anti-Monitor's prison and he, Vibe and Barry dispatch the shadow demons inside and finding Barry Allen from Earth-90 and learning that the Anti-Monitor constructed it so that if he refuses to continue, the whole multiverse will be destroyed, Pariah brings in Black Lightning and his family, who agree to help and use their electrical powers to briefly stop the Antimatter cannon while Vibe helps as well using his powers, delaying it long enough for the Earth-90 Flash sacrifice himself to destroy it. Just as they destroy the Antimatter cannon, Iris is able to convince Ryan Choi to join them in stopping the Crisis with the bargain of having his wife and child safe.

Suddenly, the ground rumbled and the Anti-Monitor arrives, furious with their destruction of the Antimatter cannon and hindrance to his plans. Despite their best efforts, Black Lightning, Flash, and Black Lightning's family prove to be no match for the cosmic being and the Anti-Monitor beats Black Lightning and Flash to an inch of their lives, painfully disintegrates Black Lightning's family, and teleports them all to the Horizon just as the Monitor returns from Purgatory. The Anti-Monitor angrily says that they have intervened with his plans for long enough and admits when the Monitor states on how they have saved so many from his reach while less others fell to his power that he was hindered by the Quantum Towers that the Monitor have created but states that as they were his creation, if he kills the Monitor, the Quantum Towers will systematically collapse and he can thus destroy the Multiverse and unleashes strong Shadow Demons upon the heroes. The Monitor tells Barry it is time and Pariah must do something to save all that must be saved before attacking the Anti-Monitor with a golden blast of energy, which the Anti-Monitor easily deflects before firing his own blue energy blast that the Monitor also deflects, although with more difficulty, and the two cosmic beings battle through the ship as the Paragons consolidate their powers to defeat the Shadow Demons. Although the heroes defeat the Shadow Demons, the Monitor is being overpowered by the Anti-Monitor who mocks him for believing he can stop him only for the Monitor to simply say that it was foolish to allow his creation in the first place and calls him Mobius and then gestures at Barry.

Barry, finally realizing what he must do, gives one last tearful look at Iris, who realizes what he is about to do and pleads for him not to, and tells Team Flash to take care of each other before Barry gathers all his speed and charges at the Anti-Monitor, briefly knocking him off before he deflects a lightning blast from Barry and starts choking him but the distraction gives the Monitor time to eject Barry and the Anti-Monitor from the ship. He warps Barry back into the ship but he is left in a coma while the Anti-Monitor survives, being a cosmic being, in the space. Pariah, realizing what must be done, shuts the door of the Horizon and has it transport all the heroes to the Vanishing Point at full speed, as the Anti-Monitor laughs on how Earth-1 is the first Earth to be destroyed in full and unleashes Antimatter upon Earth-1, destroying it, and goes off to destroy the other universes.

Arriving in the Vanishing Point, Iris cradles the catatonic Barry as the Paragons mourn the fact that defeat seems to be inevitable but the Monitor tells them it is not time to lose hope and that he saved them all so they can fight another day. When they ask on what is even left to fight for, as the Multiverse will be destroyed, the Monitor tells them that the Multiverse can be restored. He then reveals that Barry and Eobard's time to make the ultimate sacrifice will soon come and teleports Barry away. As Iris panics, Eobard asks the Monitor if it is time and the Monitor nods and Eobard leaves. Lex then asks the Monitor what do they do now and the Monitor looks at him and grimly says.... "It is time for the two greatest of the Paragons to make the ultimate sacrifice and for a new Multiverse to be reborn....."

Crisis On Infinite Earths Part One is complete.... But the Crisis is just escalating. It has not ended in the defeat of the Paragons. The heroes have suffered a great loss but all hope is not lost. Witness them turning the tides in the conclusive Part Two of Crisis on Infinite Earths in January 14!!!

Hour Four: The Restoration of the Worlds

3 months have passed as the Monitor has all the heroes go on a full combat preparation: the masters of combat, Bruce, Kate, Sara and Mick are training the survivors to fight the final battle. Lex, Lena, Choi, Nash, Felicity and Ray create weapons the Monitor gave them the schematics of and Bruce also upgraded his weapons and helped create the weapons. After the time has come, the Monitor finally reveals his past: he came from a planet called Maltus, the planet above the universes, and fell in love with a woman named Xneen. However, when Novu discovered the existence of Mobius and the Antimatter universe, he was forced to sacrifice his wife to defeat and seal away the Anti-Monitor. Knowing the Anti-Monitor will destroy the multiverse, Novu vowed to stop him once and for all and save the Multiverse.

Once finishing his tale, the Monitor then reveals they must go to the Dawn of Time where they can recreate the Multiverse. He reveals he sent Barry and Eobard to the Speed Force so Eobard can lend his powers to the Flash and then Barry must unlock his full potential.

Meanwhile, Barry woke up in the Speed Force and found himself face-to-face with the Speed Force. The Speed Force revealed to Barry that he must overcome the series of challenges to unlock his full potential and save the multiverse. Beforehand, Eobard arrives and gives all of his energy to Barry before dying. Before he dies, he apologizes to Barry and Barry forgives him. Barry then begins to gather all his speed and rushes to meet the Speed Force's tests, reminding himself he has to do this for his loved ones.

Oliver has finished his Specter training under Jim Corrigan and teleports to the Vanishing Point along with Jim Corrigan just as the Monitor finishes speaking. The Monitor then gives Oliver all of his powers, temporarily fading in process, so he could defeat the Anti-Monitor. Oliver, now having all the knowledge and power required, reveals to the heroes what must be done: when they reach the Dawn of Time, they must fight the Shadow Demons while Oliver will confront the Anti-Monitor. Once he has ignited the spark that will recreate the multiverse, Barry will transfer all the physical energy it needs, sacrificing himself, while Cisco will transfer the interdimensional energy of the multiverse to the spark, recreating the multiverse. He also gives Constantine the Ultimate Grimoire for magic is another necessary component for the multiverse, Clark the Book of Destiny as he has the strength to handle it, and Lex the Tome of Mind to restore all humanity. Barry then arrives with a new bright orange suit and all the forces they needed ready, Oliver and Barry open the sequence of gates to the Dawn of Time that the heroes must pass in the correct order to enter while they leave to station the weapons the geniuses have already built. Beforehand, they divide the forces into 3 groups: the intellectuals are to use the weapons and coordinate the heroes, the warriors are to fight in the front lines against all sorts of enemies and the sorcerers will use their magic from a distance.

As the heroes enter the gates, they are confronted with specific visions of their past but succeed in overcoming it and finally reach the Dawn of Time. There, they found Oliver and Barry waiting for them with all the weapons already set and as Lex and Choi rush to command those weapons, the Anti-Monitor arrives and declares their resistance futile before realizing Oliver wields the Monitor and the Spectre's powers. As the Anti-Monitor sets his armies into the final champions of the multiverse, he confronts Oliver at the top of the Dawn of Time and the two flew at each other and clashed with such force as to create thunderstorm like force.

As the heroes battle the Shadow Demons and Anti-Matter humans, with Lex and Choi commanding those weapons while everyone else is fighting off their enemies, Barry arrives bringing an entire army of Time Wraiths and Speedsters from all the multiverse to battle the Anti-Monitor's forces. Meanwhile, Oliver and Mobius exchange energy blasts that they deflected before engaging in a hand-to-hand fight as the clash of their strength caused tremendous booms. Flying to the air, Oliver and Mobius collide energy orbs before moving at tremendous speeds and shifting between manipulating the terrain to firing energy or brawling.

With Barry's new army, the champions of the Multiverse are finally able to slowly gain the upper hand as Barry saves Team Flash from being overwhelmed with a tremendous bolt of lightning. He tells Iris to pass on the torch of the Flash to Nora and to not make the same mistake as she did in the alternate future. As Iris agrees, Barry tells Nash that since he is the one with the brains, he will become the leader of his team and Nash agrees. Barry then gives Cisco the cure for Ramsey, saying that the universe could use his doctor skills, and goes off. Bruce sacrifices his life to save Kate after she gets knocked down, overpowering the remaining Shadow Demons but sustaining mortal wounds. Meanwhile, Oliver and Mobius duel without stopping, despite suffering numerous injuries, and Oliver is eventually able to grab and hold Mobius. Oliver then unleashes the Spectre and Monitor's powers to take control of the Antimatter while he unleashes Matter, creating the spark.

Seeing the sign, Barry, having gathered all his power, blasts all of the Speed Force's energy into it while Cisco fires the blast of interdimensional energy, successfully rebirthing the Multiverse. As the Anti-Monitor tries to break free, Barry and Oliver use all their powers to stop him while Lex, Superman and Constantine play their roles, restoring the Multiverse completely. With their last breath, Oliver and Barry explode the Anti-Monitor, destroying him and the Shadow Demons, effectively winning the battle.

The Monitor, restored by the defeat of the Anti-Monitor, teleports all their loved ones to Barry and Oliver's side. As they share their last words, Novu promises to reunite them with their wives once they are ready. After offering them words of guidance, Oliver and Barry finally perish as the Monitor takes them to the new multiverse. Once arriving, they are met with Earth 38, Earth 1, and Earth Freeland merged into Earth Prime. The Monitor uses his powers to spread the tale of Oliver and Barry's sacrifice through Earth Prime and ensure they are honored as heroes. The Monitor also establish graves for Oliver, Barry, Eobard, and everyone who died. He tells them to form a league to combat future threats and leaves. Lex offers his services to the new league and they reluctantly accept but Clark warns Lex he will kill him if he tries anything bad and reminds him he may have the scientific mind but Clark had fought him with both strategy and power and told him to learn from his mistakes for once, which Lex simply took in stride and mocked Clark for. Lena and Kara make amends but Lena needs some time first and leaves, while Malefic and John collaborate to bring peace to the Martians.

In honor of Barry, Bruce, and Oliver, the heroes establish the Justice League while Felicity works with Marlize, Iris, and the redeemed Ramsey to establish an academy for gifted intellectuals as a boon for the league.

In Heaven, Oliver and Barry are joyfully reunited with their lost family and friends and years later, their wives would join them. They are seen heading towards God with his hands extended in peace.


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  • Tuesday, 12/3: Flash, Black Lightning
  • Wednesday, 12/4: DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, Constantine
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