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Cross Rumble is a crossover by IchokaSuzumi666. It is a crossover of several anime, TV shows, and video games.


Total Drama has come to an abrupt close, and those who were once contestants can finally go home. However, as soon as they do, a hole opens in the sky, and characters from several different anime, manga, TV shows, movies, books, and video games come raining down from the hole. No one knows how this happens, but most franchises were affected. Hotels end up becoming packed with characters, and no one knows what to do about this situation. Chris Mclean, the former host of Total Drama, resolves the situation by starting a program where one or more characters are assigned to anyone around the world, willing or not. All of the former Total Drama contestants end up becoming involved in this project. Chris also assigns the former Total Drama contestants to film their everyday lives with these characters, in a series that he calls, "Cross Rumble."


Season One[]

  1. Let The Rumble Begin
  2. A Day Away From Daten City
  3. Counterparting
  4. If Kyon Had Geass....
  5. Working With Pizza
  6. A Selfless Person With Selfish Needs
  7. Love Blossoms

More to come!

Season Two[]



Lelouch-Sachi Relationship
Noah-Yuuko Relationship