Crystal Kiyomi

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Genie of Makers

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2,000 +
Cyan / Blue / Indigo
Hair Color
Eye Color
Iridescent Blue
Wishmaker, Genie of the bottle, Slave
Powers and Abilities
Phenomenal Cosmic Powers of a Genie, Granting wishes, soothsayer,
Dancing, Demitri
Jeannie ( I dream of jeannie)

Dejah Thoris ( Princess of Mars)

Aya Brea ( Parasite Eve)

Crystal is a Majestic Wishmaker, and a beautiful, and magically powerful genie girl and is a character of the Wishmakers comic written by Hachimitsu-ink.


Crystal's vessel comes in various appearances, as a silk bottle.


Crystal is a unique Woman. She smiles very often, always showing her charismatic charm. Her curiosity causes a lot of attention which often leads to a huge amount of troubles. pointing out the most complicated details of a description to a simple item like a bottle. Despite her intelligence is extremely high, her Naivety takes the better judgement making her more of idiocy. Something about that Smile of hers.

Daily life

She Spend her entire Life in a realm made of Glass. Now that she iawakens she can finally enjoy her moments in the brand new world.

Physical appearance

Crystal has bluish cyan hair, blue eyes, with fair skin, and wears a blue kneck capetlette around her neck, and down her back. She wears hip guards with two beautiful sashes on each side. Depending on what their hearts desire weights, each attire is reflected upon her master's/mistress eyes.

She's 5'4 "tall. Her age is 2000 years old.


A beautiful wise and smiling genie. Slept for 2000 years ago, she awakens to find her a wonderful master who is willing to do anything to repay the smiles she has offered towards him. She is one of many genies who has the highest honor and admiration throughout the land.


Demitri scaramanga

Demitri is Crystal's master.

Saphaia nefertiti

Saphaia is one of Crystal's friends.

Kasumi Tsunami

Kasumi is one of Crystal's friends.

Anne anderson

Anne is one of Crystal's friends.

Naomi kimi

Naomi is one of Crystal's friends.

Yuki Tessa Hime

Yuki is one of Crystal's friends.

Jessica kitty

Jessica is one of Crystal's friends.


Mikaella is one of crystal's friends.

Natsumi Fractal Djinn

Natsumi is one of Crystal's friends.


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