Cure Red is an fictional character of the Pretty Cure series Pretty Cure Elements. Her real name is Gina and she's from England / London, she became Cure Red by being chosen by Matt because of her courage saving Katt from the Villain's Monster's attack.

Gina is a student to be a dancer and loves music - Rap, Hip Hop and others. Her hobbies are dancing, hanging out with friends, listeining collecting music and watching music videos and collect them as well. Gina's personality is serious, funny and a quiet person and her dislikes is loud and annoying noises.

She first met Amy as a childhood friend and a genius person at learning science and technology from College. When she fights the monsters as Cure Red trying to protect Amy, she got chosen as Cure Blue.

She also meets the other Precures chosen by Matt and Katt and befriends with them.

Gina is my Pretty Cure fan character and the first character from a different country becoming a Precure warrior. She's also the first Red cure becoming the leader besides the original Precures are always Pink leaders. Her suit got Heart symbols on her suit like the other Precures.

In my All Stars DX (Special) She and the other Precures travelled to Japan as a holiday and meets the original Precure warriors fighting the evil boss FUSION (Female).

Cure Red

"The Power of the Ruby Gemstone and the element of Fire, Cure Red!"

  • Cure Red (Base)
  • Enternal Cure Red (New Form)

Cure Red / Ruby's design is similar to Cure Black, Cure Bloom with Heart symbols on her suit with a symbol Heart forehead gear. Her changes from Dark Brown to Red.


Element: Fire


  • Blazing Fire
  • Fire Tonado
  • Fire Kick
  • Fire Punch
  • Fire Strike


Ruby Crystal Power - is an official phrase Gina says when transforming individualy.


  • My character Gina - Cure Red is the second Cure to have a element of Fire the first was Natsuki Rin Cure Rouge.
  • Gina is the thrid Lead Cure with the theme colour RED. First was Natsuki Rin Cure Rouge and Setsuna Cure Passion.
  • Gina is African Trinidadian English. Her Father is British and her Mother is Trinidadian and her cousins and relatives are from Jamica and other Caribbean countries (West Indies).
  • She's another Lead Precure wearing a Heart symbol on her forehead, first was Cure Muse from Suite Pretty Cure.
  • When she strike a pose after transforming she acts like Cure Black.
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