Fan Fiction
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The sequel to Cyndaquil and MightyDootel`s Adventure2(Poliwag`s Adventure)

Also to Cyndaquil and Mightydoodel's Adventure.


With Gavin and MightyDootel traning it`s only Christina and Stephan. Christina's Buneary and Cyndaquil were still out of their Poke-


"Could that be MightyDootel?" Stephan asked. Suddenly, Buneary hopped to a Lopunny, who had just laid an egg. Gavin picked up the egg, and it hatched into a Buneary. "Buneary," said Gavin's newly-hatched Buneary. By then, Christina had to train for her contest in Kanto. She left. Stephan screamed, "Auu!A wild grop of wild Pika-Team Rocket!" Meanwhile, Christina was training with her Buneary and her Totodile while Cyndaquil sat. "Totodile, use Water Gun! Buneary, dodge it and use Bounce," said Christina. Totodile uses Water Gun, but Buneary dodged it and used Bounce. Before more training could be done, SWOOSH! A net swooped in and got Totodile. "How the heck?" said Christina. "Buneary?" said Buneary. "Hear we go! Finally Team Roket!" somebody said. "Can I help?" Team Rocket said, "Mmmm ya! By the way what is your name?" "Harold." the person said. Stephan told his Pikachu, "Use Thunder Bolt!" Pikachu used Thunderbolt on the net, and it broke! Christina caught Totodile, saying, "Totodile`s back!" "We`re blasting off again!" Team Rocket said, soaring into the sky, without Harold. "YES!" said Harold. Suddenly, Buneary used Ice Beam on Harold and then kicked him into the sky. "NOOOOOOOOO!" said Harold. Suddenly, Buneary flashed. "Buneary's evolving," Christina said. Buneary then became a Lopunny! Then, Christina, Stephan and Gavin got on the boat to Kanto.




  • Mightydootel (Stephan's)
  • Buneary (Christina's; evolves)
  • Lopunny (Christina's; newly evolved)
  • Cyndaquil (Christina's)
  • Totodile (Christina's)
  • Pikachu (Stephan's)