Fan Fiction

The sequel to Cyndaquil and Mightydoodel's Adventure


Christina, Stephan and Gavin have arrived in the Hoenn region. But there's one question: Where's Poliwag? The three searched everywhere in Littleroot Town until Stephan bumped into an old lady. Christina and Gavin catch up to them as Stephan said, "Hi. Have you seen a Poliwag?" "Yeah," the lady said. "It went right." "O.K." Stephan went right, followed by Christina and Gavin. They saw a Poliwhirl and beside it was a Turtwig. "Poke ball go!" Stephan said, launching the Pokeball. The Turtwig went inside the Pokeball. It wiggled for a few seconds, and stopped. Stephan said "Ya! I caught it!" Then Christina ran to the Poliwhirl. "Have you seen a Poliwag?" she asked. All of a sudden, Poliwhirl used Water Gun on Christina. "Uh, that would be a no?" she said, stunned.Pikachu said "Pika! Pika-chu!" Pikachu shocked Christina. After Christina recovered, she discovered something.....this is rare because it is at level 24.

Christina grabbed Stephan and Gavin and took them to a plane. "Are you sure that Poliwag's in one of those regions?" Gavin asked. "I'm sure," Christina answered. They get on the plane, and are flown to Unova. "Buneary!" said Buneary. "Cynda!" said Cyndaquil. 4 hours later...they find Poliwag. It was in a battle against a wild Pokabu. Gavin opened his Pokedex. It said "Pokabu, the Fire-Pig Pokemon. Pokabu knows the moves Nitro Charge, Fire Oath, and Heat Stamp." Poliwhirl then defeated Pokabu.