Fan Fiction

Cyndaquil and Mightydoodel's Adventure is a fanfic by and Christinahorst.2018.


Christina has training with her Togekiss and her Cyndaquil. Her brother, Stephan, was doing the same with his Mightydootel and Pikachu. Suddenly, their backs were turned, and when they looked, Stephan shrieked, "Oh, No! Cyndaquil and MightyDootel are gone!" Meanwhile, the two's Pokemon have ran off, roaming the Hoenn region. Meanwhile, back at Sinnoh, there was a Staraptor! Launching her Pokeball, Christina said "Pokeball go!" Staraptor went inside the Pokeball. It wiggled for a few seconds. And then it stopped. "Yes! I caught a Staraptor!" Only at that moment, Stephan grabbed Christina's hand and ran. "Christina, let's go!" he said, still noticing that Cyndaquil and Mightydoodel were missing. "Wait, wait, wait," said Christina. "Look, a cliff!We're trapped!" "Well,lets jump!" Stephan said. And they jumped. "AaaaaaaaaaaHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" they screamed. And they fell into a river. Christina launched two Pokeballs, saying "Come on out, Totodile and Floatzel!" Two Pokemon, a Totodile and a Floatzel, came out. Stephan said "Come on out Pikachu and Staraptor!" They came out. But his Psyduck popped out too. "Stephan," Christina said, suspicously. "Why didn't you send out a-" Seeing Psyduck cut her off. "Never mind," she continued. Then an Empoleon came gliding in. On it was Christina and Stephan's little brother, Gavin. "If you two want to find Cyndaquil and Mightydoodel, hop on!" said Gavin. "Em, empoleon," Empoleon said. Christina and Stephan hopped on, and Empoleon started to swim with Psyduck.

When they got to Hoenn, Christina has put all of her Pokemon (except Cyndaquil, who was still missing) back in their Pokeballs and she sent out her Buneary. Christina and Stephan leave with a "Thank you" but without a "Bye" because they were in a hurry. Also Stephan sent out his Buneary. A misterious voice was heard. It said "Cynda!" It was Cyndaquil! Christina and Buneary followed the voice and finally found Cyndaquil! A Misdreavus floated to them, being followed by a Heatran. It was Stephan's Misdreavus and Heatran! Mightydootel was on Heateran`s back! Stephan, along with his Cyndaquil, ran over and said "YAY! HIP, HIP, HORRAY!" Suddenly, Gavin, with his Empoleon, Raichu, Wigglytuff, Staravia and Ditto, ran over and said, "MY POLIWAG IS MISSING!" "Again?!" Christina and Stephan said at the same time.





Togekiss (Christina's)
Cyndaquil (Christina's)
Mightydootel (Stephan's)
Pikachu (Stephan's)
Staraptor (Christina's)
Totodile (Christina's)
Floatzel (Christina's)
Psyduck (Stephan's)
Staraptor (Stephan's)
Empoleon (Gavin's)
Buneary (Christina's)
Buneary (Stephan's)
Misdreavus (Stephan's)
Heatran (Stephan's)
Raichu (Gavin's)
Wigglytuff (Gavin's)
Staravia (Gavin's)
Ditto (Gavin's)