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Harley Bird (Peppa Pig),

Characters Present
Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa Pig, George Pig

Brief Summary
Easter brings out the competitive sprit in Mummy and Daddy Pig, and they have too much fun hiding the eggs, but end up leaving an egg behind that goes rotten.
Themes: Alcohol, Food and Drink, Holidays
This Sketch was inspired by the Bob's Burgers episode "Eggs for Days".


Harley Bird, the previous voice actor for Peppa performed for this skit, along with British Peppa Pig Meets American Peppa Pig and Iggy Izelea/Peppa Pig Musical Feud shortly after retiring from the show.


  • Mummy Pig: Go to sleep, children, or the Easter Bunny won't come.
  • Daddy Pig: And don't come out of your rooms, even if you have to pee. Just pee in your beds. 
  • Mummy Pig: [scolding] Daddy Pig!
  • George: Way ahead of you. [snort]
  • [cut to Mummy and Daddy Pig's bedroom]
  • Daddy Pig: Look what I found on sale at the grocery store! [snort] Jellybean schnapps. Isn't it fun? Theme drink. Oh, God. Oh, good. This is amazing. It's like all the flavors at once. Right? It doesn't even taste like it has alcohol in it. 
  • Mummy Pig: How much does it have? 100 proof? 
  • Daddy Pig: Is that even legal? 
  • Mummy Pig: I think.
  • Daddy Pig: I-I mean the label's got a lot of misspelled words. And it looks like it's just taped on. [chuckles]
  • Mummy Pig: Did you buy it at a store? Or did you just get it from a bloke? 
  • Daddy Pig: I got it in the parking lot. 
  • Mummy Pig: I don't think the grocery store sells in the parking lot. Everything is in the store, 'cause that's where you have to check out. 
  • Daddy Pig: You know, I thought that.
  • Mummy Pig: Mm-hmm. 
  • Daddy Pig: It'll be fine, it'll be fine. Smell it! It smells good. [sniffs, then grunts] Well, actually, it smells bad. But it tastes good. 
  • Mummy Pig: Exactly. 
  • Daddy Pig: Happy Easter. Okay, same rules as always, and mark your eggs down on the map so we can make sure they all get found. And whoever's egg is found last is the winner. 
  • Mummy Pig: Let's have a clean fight. [snort] 
  • Daddy Pig: All right. One more drink for motivation. [swigs from the bottle] Okay, one more and then it's time to get serious. Then we'll schnapps drinking. You get it? Stop? Schnapps. Stop. - Drink. Okay. - No. 
  • Mummy Pig: Daddy Pig, you're babbling. 
  • Daddy Pig: Huh. I am. Am I drunk alrea-?
  • [cut to Daddy Pig hungover and groaning in bed]
  • Daddy Pig: Oh, my God. Oh. Ow. Ow. I can feel my blinks. They hurt so much. 
  • Mummy Pig: Oh, I'm going to be sick. I'm going to be sick. I'm going to be sick. Wait. No, not yet. Oh, I'm too tired. 
  • Daddy Pig: Mummy Pig, what happened last night? Did we hide the eggs? 
  • Mummy Pig: Oh, I don't know. I think so. Oh, no, there's one in my hand. Um, I'll just hide it here. Under my pillow. Did you see? 
  • Daddy Pig: Alright, no. I can't.
  • Mummy Pig: Hopefully I did a better job with the rest of them. Okay, I'm going to go jub up now. Here I go. Getting up. No, oh, no, I'm sitting down. I'm sitting down. I've got to sit down.
  • [Peppa and George enter the room]
  • Mummy Pig: Oh, hi, children! 
  • Peppa: Hey, are we doing this or not? I need to get some jellybeans in my face before midnight. 
  • Daddy Pig: [groans] Please don't say "jellybeans." 
  • George: Jellybeans. 
  • Daddy Pig: [gags] George. 
  • Peppa: [snort] What's wrong with you two? 
  • Mummy Pig: We were just up late. 
  • Peppa: You smell of candy and body odor mixed together, like homeless Gobstoppers. Don't take this the wrong way, but you both look like Hugh Laurie right now.
  • Daddy Pig: Why don't you both go wait in the living room? I'm just going to sit and, um, groan for a second.
  • [cut to the Pigs' sitting room]
  • Daddy Pig: Hear ye, hear ye. [snort] 
  • Mummy Pig: Shh. Too loud, too loud. 
  • Daddy Pig: [quietly]: Ye olde annual Pig egg hunt.
  • Peppa: What? I can't hear you! 
  • Mummy Pig: Shh!
  • Peppa: I can't hear you now! 
  • Daddy Pig: Okay, okay, Peppa. Ye olde annual Pig egg hunt is about to begin. Remember to call out whose egg it is when you find one, because one of those eggs will be the last. And it will probably be mine. And a-go. 
  • [kids run panting]
  • Daddy Pig: Get ready to lose, big talker. 
  • Mummy Pig: You're the one that's going to lose, Daddy Pig. I hid my eggs well. Actually, I don't know if I did. 
  • Daddy Pig: Do you remember where any of your eggs are? 
  • Mummy Pig: Not really. Where's the map? 
  • Daddy Pig: Uh, oh, right, right, right, map, the map. [snort] Ooh, map is a no-go. Did I write "Mummy Pig is a fart" on it? 
  • Mummy Pig: Yes. You did. 
  • Daddy Pig: [laughs then snorts] That's hilarious. 
  • Mummy Pig: Eh. It's alright. 
  • Daddy Pig: Uh, don't worry, I'm sure they'll find the eggs. I-I'm just going go take some more aspirin. How many can I take? 
  • Mummy Pig: Maybe 20? 
  • Daddy Pig: That sounds right. Oh, you know what? I'll take ten.
  • [cut to the bathroom]
  • Peppa: It's Mummy's. In the plunger. Sorry, Mummy. 
  • Mummy Pig: No, it's fun, it's fun. Easter's fun.
  • Daddy Pig: Come here, George. 
  • George: [snorts]
  • Daddy Pig: Don't find another egg unless it's got a "D" on it.
  • Peppa: Found one. It's Daddy's. 
  • Daddy Pig: Um, Peppa, what if you just put it back? 
  • Peppa: Daddy, that's cheating.
  • Daddy Pig: I'll give you £500.
  • Mummy Pig: I heard that! 
  • Peppa: It's Mummy's. 
  • Daddy Pig: Huh. I feel like that was a hiding place of mine last year. That's weird. It's almost like you remembered it and then copied it because it was so good. 
  • Mummy Pig: Don't you need to go start dinner?  
  • [cut to later] 
  • Mummy Pig: We have 62 eggs. And it's only 6:45 p. m. In the early evening. And we started at 7:00 a. m. 
  • Daddy Pig: I remember that. It was so long ago. I was young. 
  • George: My feet hurt. 
  • Peppa: May I suggest that we could have some hints? 
  • Mummy Pig: [snort] No! Hints make it less fun. 
  • Peppa: Trust us, they don't.
  • Mummy Pig: Aw, they're loving it. I am getting hungry, though. [snort] Is dinner ready? 
  • Daddy Pig: Oh, let me check. I never turned the oven on. I-I think I might have still been drunk earlier. And now. Should we order pizza? 
  • [cut to the kitchen, where the pigs are eating pizza]
  • Daddy Pig: Did you guys find the last egg yet? 
  • Peppa: No! [she climbs up on the counter, opens a cabinet and takes out a bag of flour, opening it and getting it all over herself] 
  • Mummy Pig: Peppa, you're getting flour everywhere.
  • Peppa: [giggles] This is it! I did it! Number 70. 
  • Daddy Pig: Whose is it? 
  • Mummy Pig: Is it mine?
  • Peppa: It is a "D. " 
  • Mummy Pig: No! 
  • Daddy Pig: Yes! I am the king! The king of eggs! 
  • Mummy Pig: All right, here are your candy baskets. 
  • Peppa: Yes! [giggles]
  • Mummy Pig: Great hunt, everybody. 
  • George: Remind me again, [snort] is it okay to eat the Easter basket grass? 
  • Peppa: Ugh, what's that smell?  [sniffing, then puts hands over nose] George, if you're going to do that, do it in the washroom! 
  • George: [snorts confusedly]
  • Daddy Pig: No, it wasn't George. I, I know that smell. 
  • Mummy Pig: Me, too. [sniffs] Oh, my God! It's an egg! A rotten egg! Did we not find one of the eggs?!
  • George: Last one to find the rotten egg is a rotten egg.
  • Daddy Pig: That smell can't be an egg. You colored 72 in the house, and then George ate two. We hid 70, we found 70.
  • George: Wrong, father, [snort] I ate one. 
  • Mummy Pig: What? [snort] I told you to eat another one so that we'd have an even number.
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