Daemon Heasus

Daemon Heasus

Daemon is the ‘anti-Christ’. According to everyone’s knowledge, Jesus Christ was God’s son. That is wrong. Jesus was an extraterrestrial left behind on Earth in 33 B.C. The alien was a shape shifter and to blend in with humans, shifted into a human. The shape-shifting grey aliens have healing abilities, after helping sickly humans, the alien was worshipped. The story was blown out of proportion. Hence the story of Jesus. The anti-Christ is a demon/angel sent by God, who is also evil, to control the interference of extraterrestrials with humans. Daemon Heasus’s duty is to hunt and kill all the aliens living on Earth, posing as humans, and anyone who helps them such as the slayers and the Cheyenne native tribe. To this day he has killed 29 slayers and 130 aliens.

Character Stats

  • Name: Daemon Heasus
  • Age: 2109
  • Date of Birth: 33 BC
  • Species/Gender: Biological Demon (Male)
  • Former Job: N/A
  • Current Job: Anti-Christ and Assassin
  • Nationality: Caucasian/Middle Eastern
  • Appears: Season One

Kill Stats

  • Humans: 1,982
  • Slayers: 29
  • Vampires: 2
  • Spiritual Demons: 0
  • Biological Demons: 1
  • Gods/gods/Devils: 0
  • Monsters: 3
  • Extraterrestrials: 130
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