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DaiStar Force is a fanfictional American animated sitcom. It parodies a few of some famous Japanese superheroes back in the 1970's. The Japanese word Dai (大, Ō) can be translated as "large" or "great", so it can sometimes be referred to as "Great Star Force".


DaiStar Force

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All of the members of the DaiStar Force are depicted with teenage personalities.

  • Kikaider - A member of the DaiStar Force; a battle android with a "heart" who fights to protect the world from villains like his arch-nemesis Dr. Gill & his organization DARK.
  • Kikaider 01 - A member of the DaiStar Force & "older brother" of Kikaider. Kikaider 01 can be a bit of a hothead who has a passion for a good fight, yet he's always willing to help his brother & his friends.
  • Inazuman - Possibly the leader of the DaiStar Force; Inazuman is a moth-like mutant who has telepathic, psychic, & paranormal powers. He also has a basic form, Sanagiman, which he uses in battle before--when the time's right--evolving into Inazuman.
  • Zubat - A member of the DaiStar Force; Zubat is a ninja-like detective who mostly keeps to himself. Kikaider 01 often confuses his name with the Pokemon.
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