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This is the third episode of Total Drama High by SuperSaiyanKirby.

Dancing with the Arts
Season 1, Episode 3
Challenge Prom
Eliminated Duncan
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"Nurse of the Drama"
"Library Quietness"


Last time on Total Drama High, a nursing challenge went wrong! Espio threw up on Chef's shoes, which is because of Toe-Jam Stew! A mad friends of Danny were mad because he used Itchy Powder and was the first to leave. Will Espio stop being sick?

Espio throws up.

All of this and more will be on Total Drama High!

It's 2:00 AM in the morning, and Chris uses the horn to wake up the students.

Duncan, "Danny's lucky."

The students go out of their rooms down the main hall.

The challenge is to find someone to go to the prom and report at exactly 7:00 PM.

Later, everyone found their pares:

Brock                                          Beth

Chimchar                                     May

Chomper                                      Sierra

Espio                                           Cosmo

Duncan                                        Gwen

Owen                                            Izzy

Sonic                                            Courtney

However, some haven't found their pares.

After the dance, they need to vote some one off.

Elimination Ceremony[]

You all have your pizzas except Shadow and Duncan.

The final pizza goes to........ Shadow.

Duncan has been voted off. What will happen next time on Total Drama High?

Lindsay Puking
Warning! This episode contains puking.