Danielle Lashay is a protagonist of the "Generation Duelist" series of stories written by Shin-X 25.

Danielle and the Phoenix


Danielle is a first-year Obelisk Blue student who entered Duel Academy after her adventure traveling with her friends around the world. Like Shanoske and some of his friends she didn't have to take entrance exams because of her skills in dueling over the years the school personally invited her and her friends to enroll at the school.

Freshman Arc

Like most girls she was enrolled in Obelisk Blue, but her first year she's not seen dueling only one person Tyreek dueled her, but it was off panel. She's mostly the cheerleader on the team she doesn't duel much, but she's highly respected.

Temple of the Sea Arc

Danielle and the others stayed on the island fro their break where Shanoske and Tatyana founded to Pokemon eggs with Manphany and Phoine the Princes of the Sea. She accompanies them to the Temple of the Sea. They were chased down by the Pirate Lord and Seto Kaiba resuced them they later founded out that Julie was the People of the Water when they were attacked by Pirate Lord they were seperated from Shanoske.

Later on when they arrived at the water carnvial they met up with Shanoske and Julie's other relatives when Danielle and Shanoske founded the Temple of the Sea they were trapped due to the Pirate Lord messing with the Crown of the Sea. Shanoske left Danielle inside of a water tank to protect her from the water while he faced off with the Pirate Lord. She was saved after Manphany and Phoine was released and sent back to the Temple of the Sea.

Graduation Duel Finals Arc

Danielle made an apperance during the last semester of Duel Academy where Dr. Smith put Shanoske up aganist his friends except for her. She was also there helping Shanoske during his duel aganist Chris Kaiser.

New Semester Arc

Danielle greeted the new students who arrived on the island. She then told that she will be facing Shanoske in a duel where she finally showed of her deck and dueling skills in the end she still lost. Meanwhile after recovering from her duel in infirmary she was released and she went to the dorm and was confronted by a girl named Natasha Lashay