The Darkarians are a pack of alimons who abandoned the ancient way to seek control of the Great Valley. These alimons are led by the vicious Rorra, son of Fire, before Out of the Shadows, and during Out of the Shadows are led by the equally vicious Gris, son of Rorra.

The Darkarians no longer believe in their ancestors, and have turned their backs on Shakti's laws. Instead, they create their own laws while shattering old ones because they believe that, as alimons, they should be able to do what they please. They believe that they are the rightful rulers of the Great Valley and feel the valley is their rightful hunting grounds. The pack is strong, and they've nearly overthrown the Rock Rangers a few times.

The Darkarians are extremely volatile and will kill anyone who does not follow their lead, or is not a sharptooth. They share no desire of keeping the old traditions, and consider the Rock Rangers to be weak-minded fools. This sinister pack is a force to be reckoned with, and only the Rock Rangers stand between the evil alimons and the Great Valley.