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This site is dedicated to all information regarding The Darkest Knight, Book 1 of Lunarwolf79's Dark Times Saga.

Here you will find information on all the characters, factions, places, religion, power groups, and spirituality covered in the story.

If you would like to read the book itself, it can be found at [1].
This site is for reference purposes only, for those people who wish to go behind the scenes of the stories.

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From here you can discover about the history of the world of The Dark Times saga and how it is recorded.
Timeline (Ancient)
Timeline (Modern)

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Major Characters

The following is a list of the major characters who are encountered in Darkest Knight, Book one of The Dark Times saga.

Noctus, Selee Elven Shadonian Knight: is the main character of the story.
Lord Gruttath of The Red Skulls, Orc Champion.
Ianna Brook, Human Priestess of Eleanor.
Thomas Morsden, Human Farmhand.
Queen Shadina, Unselee Queen of the Elves.
Prince Moonsfell, mixed heritage Prince of the Elves.
Lunathian, Obtenus abberation.
Draegus(Unknown species)
Hobart Granitain, Dwarven craftsman & warrior.
Galtark, Selee Elven Druid of Goldenleaf

Minor Characters

Sergeant Kaideen, Unselee Elven Crimson Elite
Inquisitor Radeireth, Unselee Elven torturer
Grunthia of The Bloodmane, Orc Beastmistress and huntress.
Captain Bloodmoon, Selee Elven Shadonian Captain.
Lady Darkcaste, Selee Elven Shadonian Knight.
Scoutmaster Darksong, Selee Elven Royal Guard.
Elder Lothak, Orc Shaman.
General Sarduk Warlord and Chief of The Stonegrip Clan.
Vincent, Human of unknown origin
Captain Nattaris Unselee Elven Crimson Elite (Captain on 86th Wing)
Lord Braxhar of Dellis'sa'lei, Selee Elven Shadonian Master
Keeper Ilyathwyn, Selee Elven Druid of Goldenleaf

Historical Characters

King Darkstrider of The Selee Fae.
Queen Twilight of The Unselee Fae.
Emperor Olidavius I of Humanity.
King Dalamarn of The Selee Fae.
King Bolthar II of The Dwarves.

The World

The World in the Second Age was divided into three major continents. Each of these were home to one or more of Ashur or Ashen races and many battles of ideological, territorial and religious significance existed. On the map at the top of this page major cities are designated by a letter followed by a number (E1 designated as 'Elven City, number 1') and these are listed below:


CH1 = The Changeling Capital city of Naddik
CH2 = Haddalis city
CH3 = Laddinav city


E1 = The (new) Elven Capital city of Dara-Vell(Eclipse)
E3 = Tella'bei'skri(May'nai Keep)
E4 = Dala'sheyeen (Goldenleaf)
E5 = Dellis'sa'lei (Blackdawn)
E6 = The Ruins of Vaguul'Sa (Darkholde)


H1 = The Human Capital of Imperius City
H2 = Haven Village
H3 = Greyfields
H4 = Westbridge Town
H5 = The city of Hope
H6 = Seerstown
H7 = Fort Easthold
H8 = Redsands
H9 = Calm

E2 = Elven ruins of Sina’Gan’Nye (Starfall)

D1 = Dwarven Capital city of Vakkan(Gold)
D2 = Dellishn city(Jade)
D3 = Hutmue city(Onyx)
D4 = Baddal city(Crystal)
D5 = Herdis the military city(Marble)
D6 = Taybene city(Slate)

DR1 = The Draconian Capital city of Fang
DR2 = The ruins of WhiteClaw

C1 = Crosswinds

O1 = The Orc Capital of Val'dur city
O2 = Dache-Yar military outpost
O3 = Sezzek-ba military outpost
O4 = Kara-dek milirary outpost
O5 = Tordal-Si city

G1 = Golbinoid Capital city of Chi'dii(Barter)
G2 = Bazzaki city(Tinker)
G3 = Sakkhim city(Hack)
G4 = Dellit city(Shore)

T1 = Jabbak(Frost)

=== The Spirit Realm & The Art ===

The Ashur Races

Known collectively as 'The Older Races' or sometimes 'The Ancients', The Ashur were considered the first races to develop civilised society in the known world. They consist of five major races:

The Elves (A.K.A: The Fair Folk)
The Dwarves
The Changelings
The Draconians
The Landris (Extinct)

The Ashen Races

'The Younger Races' as they are collectively known comprise the five most dominant species that have risen to power since the decline of the Ashur. They are:

The Humans
The Orcs
The Trolls
The Centaur
The Goblins

Power Groups

Elven 'Fair Folk' Power Groups:

By the Second Age there were six notable forces within the Fair Folk infrastructure. These included:

  • Elven: The Crimson Elite
  • Elven: Goldenleaf
  • Elven: Marauders
  • Elven: The Rebellion (The Royal Guard)
  • Elven: The Shadonian Order
  • Elven: The Twilight Court

More indepth information on each of these groups can be found here: Elven Power Groups

Changeling Power Groups

  • Changeling: Shrike
  • Changeling: The Grey
  • Changeling: The Unseen

More indepth information on each of these groups can be found here: Changeling Power Groups

Human Power Groups:

  • Human: Dunemen
  • Human: Empire of The Dawn
  • Human: Knights of The Blade
  • Human: The Had'a'la

More indepth information on each of these groups can be found here: Human Power Groups

Orc Power Groups:

  • Orc: The Orc War Machine
  • Orc: The Thirteen Great Clans

More indepth information on each of these groups can be found here: Orc Power Groups

Dwarven Power Groups:

  • Dwarf: Cavernous
  • Dwarf: Obsidian
  • Dwarf: The Earthen Brotherhood
  • Dwarf: The Hammers of Bronzeheir
  • Dwarf: The Whitebeard Lords

More indepth information on each of these groups can be found here:

Centaur Power Groups

  • Centaur: Pathfinders
  • Centaur: Star Runners
  • Centaur: Thunderhooves
  • Centaur: The Crosspear Nomads

More indepth information on each of these groups can be found here:

Troll Power Groups

  • Trolls: The Delath-Ni
  • Trolls: The Sca'Rakk

More indepth information on each of these groups can be found here:

Draconian Power Groups

  • Draconian: Eternum
  • Draconian: The Emerald Stand
  • Draconian: The Golden

More indepth information on each of these groups can be found here:

Goblin Power Groups

  • Goblin: The Goblin Consortium

More indepth information on The Goblin Consortium can be found here:


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