Fan Fiction

Darkrai and the Midnight Patrol is a fanmade crossover that features Darkrai from the Pokémon franchise and the Midnight Patrol from the Hanna-Barbera animated series, Midnight Patrol: Adventures in the Dream Zone (known as Potsworth and Co. in the UK) as the main protagonists.


(The story starts with two siblings, a 5-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl, being tucked into bed by their mother. Their father stands in the doorway. The siblings both have blonde hair and brown eyes. The girl wears her hair in two pigtails. Their mother has short brown hair and blue eyes, while their father has combover blonde hair and green eyes. They're all wearing their pajamas as they get ready for bed)

Mother: Good night, you two. Pleasant dreams. (kisses her children on their foreheads)

Brother: We want a bedtime story.

Sister: Dad, will you tell us a story?

Father: Alright, kids. But just one.

(The brother and sister hug their teddy bears and smile at their father as they prepare for their story. Their father sits on their bed)

Father: This story is about four children, a dog and a living nightmare. The children and the dog are best friends. They live in the Dream World and are all part of a team called the Midnight Patrol. Their job is to protect everyone's dreams.

(All the members of the Midnight Patrol fade into view, all of them fast asleep in their respective homes in the real world. Moments later, they all disappear magically. They then reappear in a beautiful castle in the Dream World and stand before an old king with a long white beard, a blue and pink robe and a crown)

Father: (narrating) The Midnight Patrol used to live in the real world like you and me. But one day, the king of the Dream World had grown very old and weak after fighting for many years to protect everyone from having nightmares. So, he brought four special children and a dog to his castle and asked them to protect everyone's dreams, promising them eternal happiness in exchange for staying in the Dream World. Even though they knew they'd miss their homes and families in the real world, they accepted. Then, with the last of his strength, the king transformed his castle into a home fit for the Midnight Patrol.

(The king lifts his hands. He closes his eyes, and magic sparkles come out of his palms that transform his castle. He disappears as he transforms his castle. In its place, there are now three different-colored sparkling and shining buildings. One is blue, one is pink, and one is purple. They all stand close together, floating in the clouds under the night sky. The buildings bear a resemblance to the ones in Emerald City from the 1939 film, The Wizard of Oz. There are blue brick roads that are surrounded by clouds and lined with stylish blue lamp posts with star-shaped lights. The members of the Midnight Patrol are in a park that stands in the very center of this area with a fountain decorated with a crescent moon on top. The park also includes a bench, a tree, some flowers, a pink and blue merry-go-round with a golden star in the middle, a slide with a blue ladder decorated with yellow stars while the sliding part is pink, a blue swing post that's decorated with yellow stars and has four pink swings, and a sandbox)

Father: And from that moment on, the Midnight Patrol made sure that everyone's dreams were happy ones. And ever since the king brought them to his castle, they disappeared from the real world forever. So now, they can never wake up again, and they're always dreaming. And because they're always dreaming, they can never grow older. And because they live in the Dream World, they have special abilities.

(Cuts to Carter drawing a big stack of steaks into existence with his paintbrush)

Father: There's Carter. He's a talented artist who has a magic paintbrush that can bring many things he draws with it to life.

Carter: What do you think, Potsworth?

(Potsworth steps in)

Potsworth: Splendid work, Carter. (he starts eating the steaks)

Father: Then there's Potsworth, Carter's talking dog.

(Keiko rides high in the sky through the clouds on her skateboard)

Father: There's also Keiko, who's very energetic and optimistic and likes to be seen as the leader of the group. She rides through the Dream World on her flying skateboard.

(Keiko flies around in figure eights and other fancy flight patterns. Cuts to Nick, with Murphy on his head)

Father: Then there's Nick. He's a superhero and the youngest member of the Midnight Patrol. His best friend is his stuffed dinosaur Murphy.

(Nick lifts a big boulder, flies up with it, tosses it up and smashes it with his fist as it falls back down. Murphy cheers. Nick then flies around through the air. At one point, he flies upside-down, causing Murphy to fall off. Cuts to Rosie admiring herself in a hand mirror)

Father: And last but not least, Rosie...

(Murphy lands on Rosie's head, making her mad)

Father: Nick's sister.

Rosie: Nicholas!

(Nick flies down)

Nick: (takes Murphy off Rosie's head) Sorry, Rosie.

Father: Rosie's often bratty and fussy, but she's not too bad once you get to know her. And she's the only one who doesn't have any powers. Ever since the Midnight Patrol accepted the job the king gave them, everyone's dreams have been happier.

(Cuts to a house in the real world at night)

Father: And the living nightmare is Darkrai. He's the enemy of the Midnight Patrol.

(Darkrai enters a bedroom in his shadow form. He emerges out of the shadows and slowly floats over to a little boy fast asleep in bed)

Father: Every night, somewhere around the world, Darkrai visits people when they're fast asleep and gives them bad dreams. He's the reason people have nightmares.

(Darkrai now floats right over the boy's bed. He eyes the boy as he lays fast asleep. The little boy is dreaming of joyfully skipping through a meadow full of flowers, birds and butterflies. Suddenly, the skies become extremely dark. The butterflies change into bats, and the peaceful birds transform into vicious ravens. The flowers become man-eating plants. The bats, ravens and man-eating plants attack the boy. Frightened, he screams and tries to run away. He only runs a short distance and is captured by a man-eating plant)

Boy: Help! Help me!

(Back at the home of the Midnight Patrol, an alarm goes off)

Keiko: Someone's having a nightmare!

(The gang rushes into the light-blue building. The walls are blue and decorated with stars and a crescent moon. The team now stands at a big computer with numerous buttons, some of which look like stars and crescent moons. It also has what appears to be a globe of the Earth in it with a red flashing light in the United States, indicating that someone in the United States is having a bad dream. Keiko pushes a crescent moon button. The screen shows the boy caught by the man-eating plant)

Keiko: That kid needs our help! Let's roll, Midnight Patrol!

(Two big doors on the other side of the room that form a yellow circle with the letter Z on it open themselves up. A winding trail of silver sparkles appears, and the team follows it. The trail leads them to a big ball of black light, which happens to be the boy's dream turned into a nightmare. As they enter the boy's nightmare, they see him about to be eaten by the man-eating plant)

Carter: We gotta do something, or this kid's dream won't end too happy!

(Nick flies in front of the boy and blows a raspberry at the plant. This makes it angry and try to catch him with its vines. Nick flies around the plant with its vines chasing him, causing the plant to tie itself up, immobilizing it. Nick's friends all ride on Keiko's skateboard and help the boy out of the plant's grasp. Carter draws a spray bottle of weed killer. Keiko then flies him closer to the man-eating plant, allowing him to spray at it. The plant withers and dies. The Midnight Patrol then flies around, killing the rest of the man-eating plants in the boy's nightmare. The sky turns sunny again, the friendly birds and butterflies come back and new flowers bloom)

Boy: Thanks.

Carter: No problem, kid.

Rosie: I always hated weeds. But man-eating plants are worse.

Potsworth: Sometimes, I wonder if protecting everyone's dreams from Darkrai is worth all the trouble.

Keiko: It wasn't that bad, Potsworth. Besides, we're the Midnight Patrol. There's no nightmare Darkrai can throw at us that we can't handle.

Potsworth: Apparently not.

Nick: We should celebrate!

Carter: Good idea, Super Nick.

(Back in the real world, Darkrai stands atop a church steeple, overlooking a town. He flies off into the night)

Father: Even though Darkrai gives people bad dreams, he's not exactly evil. In fact, he's good deep down. But he can be misunderstood.

(Darkrai suddenly pauses when he notices a strange red glow with red lightening that appears in the night sky. It grows bigger and its lightening gets stronger. Darkrai flies at it)

Darkrai: Go away!

(Darkrai uses Dark Pulse to attack the glowing light. It vanishes when his attack hits it. Darkrai flies over the town. As he does, he looks back briefly as he senses that something bad is coming)

Father: And one night, he knew that something bad was about to happen.

(As Darkrai enters the town, he changes into his shadow form, blending into the darkness of the night. He moves past a policeman on patrol. He spots Darkrai for a brief moment and rubs his eyes. After that, he no longer sees him)

Policeman: I think I'm seeing things.

(Back at the home of the Midnight Patrol, the team is standing together in a bakery)

Keiko: So, what should we make?

Carter: How about Sweet Dream Cookies?

Keiko: Great idea.

Rosie: No way, Keiko. Let's make Sweet Dream Cake.

Potsworth: I prefer Sweet Dream Dog Biscuits.

Nick: But I like Sweet Dream Cookies.

Keiko: Okay. We'll make them all.

(Keiko's friends cheer. The team then splits into different groups. Carter works with Potsworth, Nick works with Rosie, and Keiko works alone. In the real world, Darkrai flies through another city at night. He pauses again and looks at the sky. He sees nothing but stars, clouds and the moon up above. But he just knows things are not as they seem as there is something evil coming. He flies on. He later extends his legs and stands on top of a flagpole. He overlooks the city from where he stands. It looks peaceful and quiet enough, but Darkrai knows something that not even the Midnight Patrol does. Just then, the same strange red glow reappears in the sky. This time, it's accompanied with swirling dark-red clouds. Darkrai flies towards the clouds as they unleash red lightening. One bolt of lightning hits him and sends him falling down to earth. He quickly recovers and flies at the clouds again, evading more lightning bolts as he gets closer. He then blasts the center of the swirling clouds with his Dark Pulse attack. The clouds clear away, but one more bolt of lightning appears. Darkrai shields himself before the lightening hits him. He's sent hurtling down again. He crashes into a car but is still in one piece. As he gets back in the air, he watches as the glow fades away from view once more. He growls as he glares at where the strange glow was. He then flies off quickly to an apartment building not too far away. He assumes his shadow form again and goes inside one of the apartments. He enters a little girl's bedroom and circles her a few times. In the home of the Midnight Patrol, everyone is reading their cookbooks as they work to make their treats. Keiko is making Sweet Dream cookies, Carter and Potsworth are making Sweet Dream dog biscuits, and Nick and Rosie are making Sweet Dream cake. They all wear baker's hats and aprons)

Rosie: Now we need three cups of sugar.

Nick: Okay, Rosie.

(Nick flies to a high shelf to grab some sugar. He grabs some and flies back down to help Rosie finish their treat. They add 3 cups of sugar, and Nick mixes away. Rosie sticks her finger in the batter and tastes it)

Rosie: Mmm. I think it's ready to go in the oven.

(Nick pours the cake batter into the cake mold. Rosie then places it in the oven and starts baking it. Keiko finishes rolling out the bread dough for the cookies and presses cookie cutters in it. The cookie cutters are shaped like a circle, a star and a crescent moon. She puts the cookies on a baking tray and places it in the oven to bake. Meanwhile, Carter and Potsworth begin baking their dog biscuits. The alarm goes off again)

Carter: Oh, no... not another nightmare...

Keiko: Come on, gang. We've got work to do. I'm sure the cake, the cookies and the dog biscuits will be okay when we get back.

(The Midnight Patrol takes off their baker's hats and aprons as they leave the bakery, revealed to be the pink building. They head into the blue building again with Keiko pressing a button on the computer. The screen displays the little girl whose room Darkrai entered earlier riding a flying horse while trying to get away from five giant horrific monsters. The Midnight Patrol rushes out the doors with the Z on them again. This time, they follow a trail of gold-colored light. Potsworth, Carter and Rosie ride with Keiko on her skateboard, while Nick flies on his own. The team comes up to the nightmare, this one being a ball of black light surrounded by red mist. As they enter, the nightmare is set in a barren wasteland with red and black clouds in the sky and tall, pointed rocks growing out of the ground in the flying horse's path. The monsters are all black with dripping fangs, sharp claws, big horns and one eye. Suddenly, the flying horse that the little girl is riding transforms into a nightmarish black horse with sharp teeth, red eyes and a mane of snakes. The girl screams in fright as the horse turns to face her. The nightmare horse flies straight up, causing her to fall. Nick catches her and sets her on a tall rock with a flat top. But just as he's about to go fight the monsters, one of them catches him. He struggles, but he can't get free)

Nick: Help!

Carter: Hang on, Super Nick!

(Carter draws a sack of tomatoes. Then he and his friends fly at the monster and throw the tomatoes in its eye. The monster roars from being blinded. As it's distracted, Nick flies away and rejoins his friends. The monster wipes its eye clean and grabs at the Midnight Patrol, but they evade his grasp with ease. But then, they run into another one of the monsters. Every time they try to fly away, another one of the monsters blocks their path. Soon all five monsters have the Midnight Patrol surrounded. The monsters close in on them)

Rosie: Oh, great! Now we're having a nightmare!

Nick: We're trapped!

(Murphy whimpers)

Potsworth: This isn't how I thought things were going to be.

(All the monsters change into giant versions of Darkrai)

Carter: Darkrai!

(The giant versions of Darkrai circle around the Midnight Patrol)

Nick: I'm scared...

Keiko: I don't think it could get any worse...

(The five giant incarnations of Darkrai fuse into one Darkrai that is five times bigger. He glares down at the Midnight Patrol, with lightening flashing in the nightmarish sky. The Midnight Patrol cowers in fear as they stare up at their enemy. One of Darkrai's claws gets a hold of them. He brings them closer to his face. The Midnight Patrol struggles in vain to get free. They are then greeted to a darker atmosphere with sinister silhouettes of hooded figures. Among these hooded figures is one who is even bigger than all of them and has horns. He laughs wickedly, intimidating the Midnight Patrol even more. The images of the hooded figures disappear, the giant Darkrai is gone, and the dream is returned to its original state: floating mountains in the clouds and rainbows everywhere. The Midnight Patrol is free from Darkrai's grasp)

Rosie: Wow... Darkrai is nightmare city.

Potsworth: Who were those strange hooded figures we saw?

Keiko: We'll probably never know.

Rosie: Well, whatever it was, I'm glad it's over. Besides, weren't we making treats in the bakery?

Carter: Oh, yeah! I forgot!

(The Midnight Patrol leaves the dream, which now appears as a big magical ball of light. They follow a trail of stars back home and rush back to the bakery)

Nick: I hope we didn't burn the cake!

(The team arrives back in the bakery and find their treats in perfect condition. Rosie and Nick cover their Sweet Dream Cake with light-blue frosting and decorate it with gold-colored icing, drawing stars and crescent moons. Keiko decorates her Sweet Dream Cookies with frosting in various colors. Everyone then sits at a table. Carter, Keiko, Nick and Rosie share cookies and cake, while Potsworth enjoys his dog biscuits. Back in the real world, Darkrai roams through the suburbs in his shadow form. He pauses in the middle of the street and emerges out of the darkness. Once again, he looks at the night sky. There's nothing out of the ordinary this time. He continues on once again. He enters another suburban area and stands on the branch of a tree. Looking around, he sees nothing unusual going on. He then floats off the tree branch and lowers himself to the ground, assuming his shadow form and moving past the houses. He goes up one of the houses' walls and onto the roof where he changes back into his normal form and stands on the edge of the roof. The neighborhood is peaceful and quiet as Darkrai overlooks it. Suddenly, the same clouds he saw before appear over the suburbs. This time, 10 of the same hooded figures from the last nightmare he created come out and land in the street. Their hooded cloaks are black-red. They spread out in a circle, raise their arms and chant a strange incantation. Darkrai flies towards them)

Darkrai: Stop!

(Darkrai uses Dark Pulse to blast away five of the hooded figures. They glow bright-red and turn into dark-red smoke upon being defeated. The other five figures face Darkrai. They form balls of red lightening in their hands and throw them at their foe. Darkrai quickly turns into his shadow form, evading them. He moves around to the other side, comes out of the shadows and uses Shock Wave, electrocuting his enemies. The hooded figures all drop to the ground and disappear. Lights in the houses turn on, but Darkrai departs before anyone can come outside to see what the commotion is all about. In the Dream World, the Midnight Patrol is patrolling people's dreams in case Darkrai gives them any more nightmares. Nick and Rosie are in a little girl's dream where everything is made of sweets. The girl is sitting and enjoying a lollipop. Nick and Rosie are about 50 feet away from her)

Rosie: Looks like everything's okay here. Right, Nicholas? (she notices her brother holding a chocolate cake with cherries on top and about to take a bite) Nicholas!

(Startled, Nick tosses the cake high in the air)

Rosie: We're not here to have cake. We're here to check this dream in case Darkrai turns it into a nightmare.

Nick: Sorry, Rosie. I forgot. And the cake looked so good.

Rosie: Oh, Nicholas, you already had enough cake before. Remember?

(The cake Nick was about to eat and tossed in the air falls back down and splats on Rosie's face)

Nick: Oops.

Murphy: Uh-oh...

(Rosie gets the cake off her face. Her face is now covered in chocolate frosting and she's really angry)

Rosie: NICHOLAS!!!

(Nick runs away with Rosie right behind him. She chases him all over the dream. Elsewhere in the Dream World, Carter and Potsworth are on top of a hill in a little boy's dream of living in a world of living toys. Carter draws a pair of binoculars with his paintbrush and looks at the toy city below. He sees the boy playing hopscotch with a stuffed bear and a toy clown)

Potsworth: Any sign of nightmares going on, Carter?

Carter: Nope. Everything looks fine, Potsworth.

Potsworth: Or so it would seem.

(Carter looks all around but doesn't see any signs of Darkrai's handiwork)

Carter: Nothing, Potsy. Looks like Darkrai hasn't been here.

Potsworth: Then perhaps we should move on to the next dream.

Carter: Good idea.

(Carter and Potsworth head off. Elsewhere, Keiko is flying through the air as she patrols a boy's dream of playing his electric guitar on stage. While she's impressed by the boy's performance, she doesn't see any nightmare starting to unfold)

Keiko: Looks like this kid's dream is okay. (she rides off)

(Back in the real world, Darkrai flies to another city at dawn. He stands atop the tallest building, overlooking the whole city. As he looks around, he sees nothing out of the ordinary and decides to fly onward. At the Midnight Patrol's home in the Dream World, the five friends are at the computer in the mission room. Carter pushes a button. The computer displays a different dream every time he pushes it, each one happy)

Carter: Looks like everything's okay this time.

Potsworth: Indeed.

Nick: I hope Darkrai won't give anybody any more nightmares.

Carter: Me too, Super Nick.

Keiko: Let's see how things are going on Earth.

(Keiko presses a button that looks like planet Earth. The screen displays a house in the daytime. Keiko presses one of several smaller buttons next to the Earth button, and the screen shows a neighborhood with the sun setting. As Keiko presses one more small button, Darkrai is seen standing atop a lamp post in another neighborhood with the sun rising)

Rosie: That Darkrai. I'd love to give him a piece of my mind.

Keiko: Calm down, Rosie. I'm sure there won't be any more nightmares for a while. Let's go play.

(The team leaves the mission room and heads into the purple building. Inside, there are big tube slides, a big spiral slide, a place to play basketball, a trampoline, a corner where Nick reads comics and plays with toys, an area for Carter to paint pictures, and a beauty salon for Rosie. Keiko plays basketball with Carter, Nick reads some superhero comics with Murphy and Rosie heads over to the beauty salon)

Potsworth: (sighs) Why do I get the feeling that this won't last long?

Father: And Potsworth was right, there was still more trouble coming.

(As the father narrates, Darkrai flies over the same city where it was dawn earlier. Suddenly, he pauses when the ominous red and black clouds appear in the sky again. Darkrai flies towards them. A ball of red lightening shoots out of the clouds straight at him. Darkrai uses his Shock Wave attack to stop the ball of lightening. The ball of lightening slows down a little, but it doesn't stop. It soon breaks through Darkrai's attack and hits him. Darkrai is sent tumbling down to the city below, but he recovers. He flies back up and uses Dark Pulse to attack the center of the swirling clouds. The clouds don't go away this time. Seeing that his attacks are now useless in this situation, Darkrai flies back down and uses Dark Void to put as many people he can find to sleep and gives them nightmares. After using his power on about half the people in the city, he flies to the suburbs to give nightmares to the people who live there too. Back at the Midnight Patrol's play area, Rosie is trying on makeup, has a fancy hairstyle and admires herself in the mirror as she wears a lovely white dress. Carter and Keiko are still playing basketball, and Nick is riding down the spiral slide with Murphy. Suddenly, the alarm goes off)

Rosie: Ugh! Just when I thought we couldn't have any more interruptions!

Potsworth: Is it just me, or are Darkrai's nightmares happening a little too often?

Rosie: (walks past Potsworth and no longer wearing her makeup, back in her regular outfit and her hairstyle back to the way it was before) Forget it, Potsworth. Let's just go.

(The Midnight Patrol rushes to the mission room. To their shock, lots of people are having nightmares. The monitor shows them having the same nightmare about the hooded figures)

Keiko: Hey, that's the same thing we saw before.

Potsworth: Very strange.

Carter: I never thought Darkrai could give this many people nightmares!

Nick: And why's he giving them the same nightmare?

(The screen shows a young girl having a dream of swimming in a lake. Right at that moment, the water turns into black ooze. The sky becomes black, and there is black mist over the lake. A giant Darkrai slowly rises out of the lake)

Keiko: We're in luck! That kid can still be saved from her nightmare!

Rosie: But what are we gonna do about all the other nightmares? This is a very big job, even for us.

Keiko: We have to try, Rosie.

(The team quickly heads out the door with the Z and follow a trail of blue light. They pass through a cloud at one point and follow the trail into the girl's nightmare, which appears as a sphere of evil-looking purple light. The girl is shown the frightful images of the hooded figures. The giant Darkrai glares down at her with the upper half of his body sticking out of the lake of ooze. The girl tries to get away, but she's stuck. The Midnight Patrol arrives)

Keiko: Darkrai! Stop in the name of the Midnight Patrol!

(Darkrai notices them)

Darkrai: Do not interfere!

(Bugs, rats and snakes come out of the ground and make their way towards Rosie. She screams in fear and runs away from them. She climbs up the trunk of a dead tree. Looking down, she sees the creepy crawlies coming up after her)

Rosie: Help me!

Nick: I'll save you, Rosie!

(As Nick flies to save his sister, his path is suddenly blocked by a 50-foot bully. Nick flies away with the bully right behind him. As Potsworth chases the bully in an attempt to help Nick, a sadistic-looking dogcatcher appears out of nowhere and starts chasing him with his net. Before Keiko and Carter can do anything, sinister red spikey cages appear and trap them)

Keiko: Oh, no!

(Back in the real world, red lightening bursts out of the ominous swirling clouds. Soon, the giant hooded figure with horns that the Midnight Patrol saw in the nightmare Darkrai showed them earlier descends from the clouds. His robe is dark purple with stars on it, making it look like a dark-purple night sky. His horns are grey, he has glowing purple eyes, sharp pointed fingernails, a glowing purple jewel on his forehead, pointed teeth and is as tall as a 5-story building. Darkrai watches as he lands in the center of the city. More of the smaller hooded figures that Darkrai fought off earlier descend from the clouds)

Giant Hooded Being: (laughs evilly) At last, this world is mine!

Father: Darkrai's greatest fear came true. And it was just about to get worse for him and everyone else, including the Midnight Patrol.

(The giant hooded figure raises his arms, and red lightening crackles in his hands. Suddenly, there is a blinding flash of red light in both the real world and the Dream World. As the light fades, the Midnight Patrol is no longer being chased or in cages. They find themselves in the real world, only the sky is covered in purple clouds, the buildings are shrouded in purple mist and the ground is covered in dark red fog)

Carter: Hey, what gives?

Rosie: What kind of nightmare is this?

Keiko: I don't know, Rosie. I could be wrong, but it almost looks like we're back on Earth.

Nick: Then why do we still have our powers, Keiko?

Carter: Uh-oh! Look!

(Carter points behind his friends. They turn around and are shocked to see people in shackles. They are all in a line, walking down the street, being led by the strange beings that wear hoods)

Keiko: Those people need our help! Come on, gang!

(Carter, Keiko, Nick and Rosie rush to rescue the enslaved people. But Potsworth stays behind)

Potsworth: This won't end well. (he goes on to join with the others)

(As the Midnight Patrol arrives on the scene, they are confronted by the hooded figures. They throw balls of red lightening at the heroes, proving to be too strong for them)

Keiko: Run!

(The Midnight Patrol retreats to an empty park)

Carter: Wow... that was intense.

Nick: This is probably the worst nightmare Darkrai's ever given anybody.

Potsworth: So I've noticed.

Keiko: I'm not sure if this is really a nightmare. And I don't think Darkrai's behind it.

Rosie: Oh, it was Darkrai, alright. And when we find him, I'm gonna teach him a lesson.

Potsworth: I don't think finding Darkrai will be too difficult.

Rosie: Why's that, Potsworth?

Potsworth: (points behind Rosie) Because he's right behind you.

(Rosie turns around. She and the others notice Darkrai floating ten feet away from them. Murphy cowers in fear and hides behind Nick's head)

Rosie: Darkrai! You did this, didn't you? You let those people go and get out of here, or you'll be sorry!

Darkrai: No. I stay.

Rosie: (rolls up her sleeves) Okay, you asked for it!

Keiko: Rosie, wait!

(Rosie charges at Darkrai and tries to punch him, but Darkrai uses Double Team before she can hit him. With the illusions of Darkrai circling around her, Rosie can't figure out which is the real one. She punches at one illusion after the other. She then tries punching one of the Darkrai illusions behind her, but she passes right through it. Darkrai stops using Double Team)

Nick: I'll get him for you, Rosie!

(Nick flies at Darkrai, but Darkrai changes into his shadow form and evades him. He moves a couple of feet away from Nick and reemerges from the shadows. Nick flies at him again, but Darkrai flies into the air and stands on a lamp post. He zaps Nick with his Shock Wave attack. Keiko catches him with a lasso)

Keiko: Let's see you get away now, Darkrai.

(Darkrai tries to pull away from Keiko with all his might. As he does, he sends her flying into a tree. Keiko falls out of the tree, landing beside Nick and Rosie. Carter draws a net and catches Darkrai with it, but Darkrai changes into his shadow form and moves away from Carter. He comes out of the shadows once again. The Midnight Patrol all gang up on him)

Darkrai: Stop! (knocks the Midnight Patrol back using Dark Pulse) I have not come to fight you.

Rosie: Then why did you turn everyone into slaves?

Darkrai: That was not my doing.

Nick: Then who did it?

Carter: Yeah.

Darkrai: It was done by an evil being who has merged the real world with the Dream World. He has enslaved all humans, even in their dreams. I had thought that the nightmare I showed you would help you understand.

Keiko: So, you've been giving people the same nightmare to warn them about what was coming?

Darkrai: Yes.

Potsworth: I could've figured that out from the start.

Nick: I always wanted to visit Earth, even just once, but not like this.

(Murphy whimpers)

Carter: Don't worry, Super Nick. We can fix this.

Keiko: Carter's right. We're the Midnight Patrol. We fought our way out of nightmares worse than this. If we can handle Darkrai's nightmares, then we can save the Earth too.

Rosie: But we couldn't even beat those guys with the hoods.

Darkrai: Their master is far more powerful. In order to free everyone and separate the real world from the Dream World, we must work together.

Rosie: No way. Why would we team up with you? You give everybody nightmares.

Keiko: Rosie, we have to trust him.

Nick: Yeah. Maybe Darkrai's not really a bad guy if he wants to help us.

Rosie: Oh, brother.

Keiko: Okay, gang. Let's put our differences with Darkrai aside. If we want things to go back to normal, we'll have to team up like he said.

(Keiko holds out her right hand. Carter holds his right hand out as well, putting it on top of Keiko's. Potsworth puts his right paw on Carter's hand. Nick places his right hand on top, and Darkrai puts his right claw on top. Everyone looks at Rosie who crossly faces away from them with her arms crossed)

Keiko: Come on, Rosie.

Rosie: Oh, alright. (she reluctantly puts her right hand on top of Darkrai's claw) But I don't have to like it.

(Murphy jumps on Nick's arm and puts his right front leg on top of Rosie's hand)

Rosie: (pulls her hand away) Nicholas, you know I hate having that disgusting stuffed reptile anywhere near me or on me!

Nick: Murphy just wanted to join in, Rosie.

Rosie: I don't care! Keep him away from me!

Potsworth: Not even all the training in the world can get them to change.

Keiko: Come on, gang! We've got a world to save!

(The heroes take off. Meanwhile, all the people in the city are being escorted through the streets by the hooded figures. A little boy starts crying. Then he trips. One of the hooded figures notices this and comes his way. The boy's mother tries to get him on his feet)

Hooded Figure: Back on your feet, slave!

(The mother gets her son back on his feet, but they're frozen with fear when the hooded figure confronts them)

Hooded Figure: The master mustn't be kept waiting. If you will not move along, I shall have to torture you.

(The hooded figure's right hand crackles with red electricity. The mother and her son embrace each other fearfully as the hooded figure prepares to shock them)

Keiko: Stop in the name of the Midnight Patrol!

(The hooded figure turns to see the Midnight Patrol rushing at him. The other hooded figures notice them as well. Nick flies at the hooded figure who threatened the mother and her son, grabbing him by his cloak and bringing him up into the air with him. He spins him in the air a few times and throws him away. Keiko flies in, knocking out every foe she hits with her skateboard. The other figures in hoods fire balls of red lightening at her, but she does her best to evade them. Carter takes out his paintbrush and draws a mirror. He tosses it to Keiko and draws another for himself. He and Keiko reflect the hooded figures' attacks back at them, destroying them. Potsworth bites and stretches the robe of another hooded figure)

Hooded Figure: How dare you! Release me!

(The hooded figure prepares to hit Potsworth with a ball of lightening, but Rosie comes in and kicks his leg, causing him to scream in pain. She then ties his sleeves together, making him unable to perform his attacks. More hooded figures appear and close in on the Midnight Patrol, but Darkrai appears out of the shadows and attacks them with his Shock Wave attack. A few are defeated, but the rest still stand. As they prepare to strike back, Darkrai blasts most of them away with Dark Pulse. The others prepare to strike)

Darkrai: Dark Void!

(The hooded figures are hit by Darkrai's attack and put to sleep. Their dream selves appear and are then chased by frightening, grotesque monsters)

Nick: Way to go, Darkrai!

Darkrai: We are not finished yet. We must still destroy their master. This way! (flies on ahead)

Keiko: Follow me, gang!

(Keiko leads her friends as they follow Darkrai. In the center of the city, the giant hooded figure with horns sits on a sinister black throne with spikes. Many people bound in chains kneel before him, to which he chuckles wickedly. One of the smaller hooded figures arrives)

Hooded Figure: Master! Some of your servants have been defeated by a small band of children and a dog. And they were accompanied by the one who prevented your arrival before.

Giant Hooded Being: What? How is this possible!? No one in this world, awake or in their dreams, can be freed from their chains!

(The Midnight Patrol rides in on Keiko's skateboard. Carter, Potsworth, Nick and Rosie hop off. They all face their giant enemy)

Giant Hooded Being: (stands up) Ah. So, you are the ones who attacked my henchmen.

Nick: Who are you?

Giant Hooded Being: Why, I am the Nightmaster. I once lived between Earth and the Dream World, but now I have made them into one world for me to rule for all eternity.

Keiko: Not if we can help it. We're the Midnight Patrol!

Nightmaster: I want to know why you are not bound in chains just like everyone else, even though you are dreaming!

Carter: Probably because you can't turn anyone into slaves if they live in the Dream World like we do.

Potsworth: I do believe he's right.

(Darkrai floats by the Midnight Patrol in shadow form)

Darkrai: Go away.

Nightmaster: What?

(Darkrai emerges from the shadows)

Nightmaster: So, your friend has come to help you? He could not stop me from taking over your world, and he will not be enough for you to defeat me.

Rosie: Darkrai's not our friend! He's just trying to help us get rid of you so we can go back to being enemies again!

Nightmaster: I would very much love to see you try to destroy me. (laughs evilly)

(The Nightmaster forms a big ball of red lightening in his right hand and throws it at Darkrai and the Midnight Patrol. The heroes scatter, causing the Nightmaster's attack to crash into the ground and form a crater. Enraged, the Nightmaster blasts purple flames from his hands. The Midnight Patrol and Darkrai evade the fire and scatter. The Nightmaster throws another ball of lightening at Darkrai, but he evades it. As the ball of lightening hits the ground, it creates an explosion that sends cars and trucks flying. A semi-truck hurtles through the air and is about to land on a crowd of people, but Nick catches it just in time. The people cheer)

Carter: Way to go, Super Nick!

Nightmaster: (chuckles evilly) Celebrate while you can. You will not be alive for much longer.

(As the Nightmaster prepares to throw another lightening ball, Darkrai uses Shock Wave to attack him, keeping him distracted and allowing Nick to throw the semi-truck at the Nightmaster's face. He screams in pain and anger. Keiko flies by)

Keiko: Hey, Nightmaster! Bet you can't hit me!

(The Nightmaster blasts more fire at Keiko, but she flies out of the way, barely evading it at some points. As the Nightmaster is distracted, Carter draws a catapult that's already armed with a boulder. He pulls the lever and launches the boulder. As the boulder hits him, the Nightmaster becomes more infuriated. The jewel on his forehead glows brighter as he blasts red lightening from his fingertips into the sky. Reddish black clouds form in the sky and unleash red lightening that shoots straight down all the way to the ground, intimidating the people in the city and making it more difficult for Darkrai and the Midnight Patrol to attack. The Nightmaster cackles evilly as he keeps on shooting lightening into the sky. The heroes back away in fear)

Rosie: Now what do we do?

Nick: If that lightening hits us, we're goners.

Keiko: We can't give up, gang. We have to think of a plan.

(The heroes notice the jewel on the Nightmaster's head glowing brightly)

Keiko: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, gang?

Carter: Yeah. That jewel must be what gives him his power.

Rosie: If we can get rid of it, we can beat him.

Nick: But how?

Keiko: What we need is a distraction.

(Darkrai flies at the Nightmaster and uses Dark Pulse on him, getting his attention. Red lightening stops coming out of the sky and the Nightmaster blasts more purple fire at Darkrai. Darkrai evades it while Nick flies up with Rosie in his arms. Keiko flies through the air as well with Potsworth riding on her skateboard. Darkrai blasts the Nightmaster with his Shock Wave attack. Keiko and Potsworth join Darkrai in keeping the Nightmaster distracted as Nick and Rosie fly around him)

Keiko: You couldn't hit us if your life depended on it!

(The Nightmaster throws another ball of lightening, but Keiko and Potsworth evade it in time)

Potsworth: Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

Keiko: Relax, Potsworth. We can handle this.

(Carter draws another boulder in his catapult and fires it at the Nightmaster's head, knocking him down. Nick and Rosie get out of the way before the Nightmaster hits the ground. The people in the city cheer)

Nick: Wow. This will be easier than we thought.

Rosie: You said it, Nicholas.

(The two siblings land on the Nightmaster's forehead as he lays unconscious. They both try to pull the jewel out. When the Nightmaster's minions see this, they rush in to save their master)

Keiko: Uh-oh! We've got company!

(As the henchmen all come forward, Darkrai blocks their path)

Darkrai: I will show you the true meaning of fear.

(Darkrai raises his claws and summons nightmarish monsters that frighten the Nightmaster's henchmen. They try to fight back but are powerless. Nick and Rosie almost have the jewel out of their enemy's forehead, but he awakens)

Rosie: Uh-oh.

(Angry, the Nightmaster grabs Nick and Rosie before getting back up)

Nightmaster: (to Nick and Rosie) How dare you try to take away the source of my power! You shall perish for that!

(As Nick and Rosie struggle to get free, Keiko flies in. Potsworth jumps off her skateboard and bites the Nightmaster's hand, causing him to scream in pain and release Nick and Rosie. Rosie screams as she falls, but Nick flies in and catches her)

Nick: I've got you, Rosie!

Rosie: Thanks, Nicholas.

(Nick sets Rosie down. The Nightmaster shakes his hand as he tries to get Potsworth off. Soon, Potsworth loses his grip and is sent flying. Keiko catches him)

Nightmaster: ENOUGH!!!!!

(The Nightmaster throws two lightening balls at once. One flies at Nick and Rosie, while the other flies at Keiko and Potsworth. Nick grabs Rosie and barely flies out of the way in time. Darkrai flies in front of the lightening ball that flies at Potsworth and Keiko, taking the hit to protect them. He's sent hurtling down, but recovers and flies at the Nightmaster again. He uses Dark Pulse on the Jewel in his opponent's forehead, causing him to scream in pain as pink light seeps from it. The Nightmaster screams in anger as he grabs for Darkrai, only to miss him. Carter fires another boulder from his catapult. But this time, the Nightmaster notices this and destroys the boulder with a ball of lightening. But when he's not looking, Nick grabs the jewel and pulls it from his forehead)

Nightmaster: No! How dare you!

(Nick lands beside his friends)

Keiko: Way to go, Nick!

(The Midnight Patrol notices the now furious Nightmaster looming over them as he reaches for his jewel. Darkrai quickly moves in front of him and knocks him back with his Dark Pulse attack. Then he flies at his foe and uses Shock Wave. The Nightmaster screams in pain as he drops to his knees. As Darkrai keeps him at bay, all the members of the Midnight Patrol hold onto the jewel at the same time and throw it to the ground with all their might, breaking it into pieces and destroying it once and for all. The Nightmaster continues screaming as white light erupts from his face. He drops dead. The remnants of the Nightmaster's minions vanish, and the people are free from their shackles and chains. They all cheer. Darkrai and the Midnight Patrol gather together)

Carter: Alright!

Nick: We did it!

Keiko: You know? We make a great team.

Rosie: I hate to say it, but she's right. You're not so bad after all, Darkrai.

Murphy: Uh-huh.

Darkrai: Now that the Nightmaster has been destroyed, all the humans in the world are free again. Soon, the real world and the Dream World will separate, and we will be enemies again. But I will never forget your help. Sometimes even the greatest of enemies can be the greatest of friends. Thank you, Midnight Patrol.

Nick: We won't forget your help either, Darkrai.

Potsworth: Indeed. You've been an awfully big help to us as well.

Keiko: We're gonna miss having you on our team, even though it's our job to keep everyone safe from the nightmares you give them.

(The Nightmaster's dead body starts glowing purple, and a bright light emits from it that starts to envelop everything around it)

Keiko: Well, I guess this is goodbye.

(the Midnight Patrol members wave goodbye to Darkrai)

Midnight Patrol: Goodbye, Darkrai!

Darkrai: Farewell, Midnight Patrol.

(The light envelops them. As it fades, the Dream World and Earth are now separate again. The Midnight patrol is in the park at their home in the Dream World)

Rosie: I'm glad that's over. I hope we never have to do it again.

(In the real world, Darkrai stands on a rooftop in a neighborhood at night as he gazes at the night sky)

Darkrai: Thank you, Midnight Patrol...

(Darkrai has flashbacks of when he joined forces with the Midnight Patrol, battled the Nightmaster's minions with them, fought alongside them against the Nightmaster himself and said goodbye to them before Earth and the Dream World separated in chronological order. The flashbacks end as Darkrai continues gazing at the starry sky. In the Dream World, Carter, Potsworth, Keiko, Nick, Murphy and Rosie happily lie on the grass in the park, gazing up at the sky. Later, they are shown resting on clouds. Back on Earth, Darkrai is still looking at the night sky. Then he flies off. Back at the home of the Midnight Patrol, the team throws a party in celebration of defeating the Nightmaster. They throw it in the play area. The room is decorated with colorful balloons, and the members of the Midnight Patrol wear party hats. Later, they take a staircase that leads to a bedroom on an upper floor in the purple building. There are 3 beds: one for Keiko, one for Carter and Potsworth, and a bunkbed for Nick and Rosie. The friends head to a window. As they gaze at the stars outside, Keiko notices one that shines brighter than the others)

Keiko: Hey look, everybody! There's the Wishing Star!

(The team closes their eyes and whispers what they're wishing for)

Nick: I wish that someone on Earth would tell a bedtime story about what we did.

Rosie: (smirks at her brother) Oh, Nicholas.

(Fades back to the brother and sister's bedroom as their father narrates)

Father: And so it was, that the Midnight Patrol and Darkrai saved the day. And they all lived happily ever after. The End.

Brother: That was a great story, dad.

Sister: It was a little scary, but I loved it.

Father: I'm glad you did. Time to go to sleep, now. Good night, kids.

(The children fall asleep. The mother smiles as she stands in the doorway)

Mother: That really was a wonderful story.

Father: Yes, it was. It's late. We should be in bed too.

(The father turns the lights off as he and his wife leave. As the brother and sister lay fast asleep in bed, Darkrai once again appears out of the shadows. In the Dream World, the Midnight Patrol is playing ball in the park. They stop playing when they hear the alarm go off. They race to the mission room and view the two siblings sharing a nightmare about being chased by monsters)

Keiko: Come on, gang!

Potsworth: Here we go again...

(The door with the Z opens and the Midnight Patrol races down a rainbow road to save the brother and sister from their nightmare)