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WARNING: This Fanfiction contains gore, swearing and sexual themes


Deamonic (pronounced Dee-monic) is a Fanfiction writen by Evnyofdeath on There are currently 13 chapters with the 14th in the works.






Deamonic takes place in modern times, however the world it is set in is quite different from our own. The two major differences are that Technology isn't as prevelant (eg: Unlike our world, the average teenager doesn't have a cellphone), and there is a Magical force called Ether present that anyone can learn to manipulate to preform magic.

Deamonic is most comparable to a Seinen Anime or Manga.


Deamonic takes place on the continet of Vian, a medium sized landmass. There are two forests, one in the north known as the Grotto Forest, and one in the south-west, known as the Fairy Forest. In addition, the Nolla Mountain Range creats a border between the northern and southern areas.

Terms Used[]

  • Ether - Magical Force that is a part of the World of Deamonic
  • Laws of Ether - Special rules that apply to Ether. If one breaks them, they become a Deamon
  • Magic - Ability granted when one uses Ether
  • Deamon Magic- A special form of Magic that doesn't use Ether. Only Deamons can use it.
  • Deamon - Person who has broken the Laws of Ether. A Deamon can't use Ether, however they gain the ability to use Deamon Magic
  • Angel - Person chosen by Ether to hunt Deamons. Able to track Deamons through a Six Sense.
  • M. Tech - Electronic devices that use Ether as a power source.


Introduction Arc[]

Spans Chapters 1-5

Forest of Pain Arc[]

Spans Chapters 6-8

Broken Ties Arc[]

Currently Spans Chapters 9-13


  • The concept for Deamonic existed in Evnyofdeath's mind for roughly 1-2 years before it was turned into an actual fanfiction.
  • Youtube User Dabeatmaster123 has agreed to animate Deamonic when he has the time.