220px-KRDO-Death Imagin.png
Death Imagin
Episodes: To The Death
Season: Kamen Rider: Electric King

Death Imagin: The Death Imagin is the leading force of Kai's Imagin army, created by using all of Kai's remaining memories, it serves as the intregal part of Kai itself. And if the Death Imagin is destroyed, Kai & his Imagin army would dissolve into sand. The Death Imagin wields a scythe as his weapon. Though he overpowered both Electric King Liner Form & Minos Zero Form, the Death Imagin is eventually destroyed by Electric King Sword Form & the combined energies of all the good Imagin as well as Minos, dissolving Kai & all of the Imagin that he had made contracts with earlier, into sand as a result.

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