Delphy the Delphox

Braixen is Azusa's eighth Pokémon she obtained prior to Full Moon's Full Pokemon Journey, she debuted as a Fennekin and was nicknamed "Delphy" in Ritsu's Tale Chespin!, and evolved into Braixen in The Mahora Children Dilemma!.

She is very elegant when it comes to battling, but she is very sensitive to her style like her Trainer, after evolving, she is set to be a powerhouse for Azusa's team.

In Spotting a Ralts In A Dance!, Delphy evolved into Delphox after she protected Dora from harm against Team Rocket and learning Mystical Fire.

Delphy's known moves are: Flamethrower, Psybeam, Light Screen, Mystical Fire, and her ability is Blaze.


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