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Digi-Defenders is a show that premiered on February 19, 2014.


All of the digimon leaders unite together to face challenges that the digidestined, the legendary warriors, the tamers, and DATS can not. 

Characters []

Davis (Digi-Defenders) : Davis is a kid that is having hard times but he is always loyal to his friends and he will never give up, he has a crush on Kari. He is a HUGE fan of the transformers.

Takuya: Takuya is an easy going kid, but he can get very serious at times, he is shown to be more goofy in this series.

Tai (Digi-Defenders) : Tai is the most responsible one of the digi-defenders, but he is always fun to hang out with.

Marcus: Marcus is shown to be very dark and moody, but he will be there for his friends.

Matsuda (Digi-Defenders) : Matsuda is best friends with Mikey, he is shown to be very sweet and kind and he will always be up to a challenge.

Mikey (Digi-Defenders) : Mikey is just like his best friend Matsuda, but he is a little more confident and calm than Matsuda.


MaloMyotismon: Myotismon is shown to be the main villian of the series, he is very selfish and dark, he wants to destroy earth.

Myotismon: Myotismon is one of MaloMyotismon's minions.

D-Reaper: D-Reaper is MaloMyotismon's ultimate secret weapon.

Lucemon: Lucemon is one of MaloMyotismon's minions.


V-mon: V-mon is Davis's digimon.

Guilmon: Guilmon is Takato's digimon.

Takuya: Takuya can digivolve into digimon by himself.

Shoutmon: Shoutmon is Mikey's digimon.

Agumon: Agumon is Tai's digimon.

Agumon (DATS): Agumon is Marcus's digimon, he is rivals with Tai's Agumon.

Recurring Characters[]

Kari: Kari is Tai's little sister and Davis's crush.

Matt: Matt is Tai's rival and the older brother of TK.

TK: TK is Matt's little brother and Davis's rival.

Yolei: Yolei is Kari's best friend.

Rika: Rika is Takato's friend and Love Interest.

Thomas: Thomas is Marcus's rival.

Sora: Sora is Tai's best friend.

Tommy: Tommy is one of Takuya's friends.

Yoshi: Yoshi is one of Marcus's friend, the digi-defenders often tease Marcus about having a crush on Yoshi.

Izzy: Izzy is a computer genuis and one of Tai's best friends.

Henry: Takato and Rika's friend.

Cody: A friend of Davis.

List of episodes[]

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