Digi-Defenders is a show that premiered on February 19, 2014.


All of the digimon leaders unite together to face challenges that the digidestined, the legendary warriors, the tamers, and DATS can not. 


Davis (Digi-Defenders) : Davis is a kid that is having hard times but he is always loyal to his friends and he will never give up, he has a crush on Kari. He is a HUGE fan of the transformers.

Takuya: Takuya is an easy going kid, but he can get very serious at times, he is shown to be more goofy in this series.

Tai (Digi-Defenders) : Tai is the most responsible one of the digi-defenders, but he is always fun to hang out with.

Marcus: Marcus is shown to be very dark and moody, but he will be there for his friends.

Matsuda (Digi-Defenders) : Matsuda is best friends with Mikey, he is shown to be very sweet and kind and he will always be up to a challenge.

Mikey (Digi-Defenders) : Mikey is just like his best friend Matsuda, but he is a little more confident and calm than Matsuda.


MaloMyotismon: Myotismon is shown to be the main villian of the series, he is very selfish and dark, he wants to destroy earth.

Myotismon: Myotismon is one of MaloMyotismon's minions.

D-Reaper: D-Reaper is MaloMyotismon's ultimate secret weapon.

Lucemon: Lucemon is one of MaloMyotismon's minions.


V-mon: V-mon is Davis's digimon.

Guilmon: Guilmon is Takato's digimon.

Takuya: Takuya can digivolve into digimon by himself.

Shoutmon: Shoutmon is Mikey's digimon.

Agumon: Agumon is Tai's digimon.

Agumon (DATS): Agumon is Marcus's digimon, he is rivals with Tai's Agumon.

Recurring Characters

Kari: Kari is Tai's little sister and Davis's crush.

Matt: Matt is Tai's rival and the older brother of TK.

TK: TK is Matt's little brother and Davis's rival.

Yolei: Yolei is Kari's best friend.

Rika: Rika is Takato's friend and Love Interest.

Thomas: Thomas is Marcus's rival.

Sora: Sora is Tai's best friend.

Tommy: Tommy is one of Takuya's friends.

Yoshi: Yoshi is one of Marcus's friend, the digi-defenders often tease Marcus about having a crush on Yoshi.

Izzy: Izzy is a computer genuis and one of Tai's best friends.

Henry: Takato and Rika's friend.

Cody: A friend of Davis.

List of episodes

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