Digimon Warriors is a spin off of Digimon Frontier and Digimon series and fan fiction.

The "Spirit Evolution" takes to a new level called "Digi Spirit "Neo" Evolution".

Teenagers being chosen by a mentor from the Digital World to become Digimon Warriors.

It all started when the scientists working on the information on another world called the Digital World but it takes it turn for the worst because an Evil Digimon named "Virus Mon" affecting the human world by starting the vortex from the sky after the sky turns from light to dark.

Virus Mon sent it's Evil Digimon to the human world and destroys the city and attack innocents. Some Evil Digimon are Half human digimon Hybrids and some are data.

Virus Mon's evil digimons would appear from anything technology based like computers, laptops and other electronic items. Every evil digimons can make a deal with anyone who got grudge, greed and dark ambitions of what they want. Some Hybrid Digimon are good and some are evil.

Mentor from the Digital world named JI sees the chaos started by "Virus Mon" so the only way to save the digital world and the human world from danger is to summon the digidestineds. - Teenagers with attitude?


Secondary Digimon Warriors

Speical Digimon Warriors (Digi Wings)

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