[A police car parks outside a courthouse]

[Cut to: Dimitri in the courthouse]

Judge: Court is now in session. So, Dimitri. How do you plead?

Dimitri: I plead. Not guilty.

Peter Pan: Read the charges, your honor.

Judge: Dimitri Darling, you were charged for child abuse and neglect and for ruining Wendy's life. Any witnesses to call?

Wendy Darling: I would like to call myself to the stand.

[Wendy walks to the stand]

Judge: OK then. Tell us. What did he do that was so bad?

Wendy: Well, he ruined Peter Pan's statue, destroyed my treasures, kept grounding me, and drove me away from home. [getting teary-eyed] And he also ruined my life for stupid, dumb reasons and abused and neglected me too much. [sobbing]

Judge: OK, Wendy. That's good enough that your father did this to you. What's your reaction?

Wendy: Well, my reaction is that I hate my father so much. He should be divorced by mother forever after she re-marries Prince Adam, my soon-to-be father.

Judge: OK then. And Wendy, you may return to your jury seat.

Wendy: Thank you! That is, your only honor.

[Wendy returns to her jury seat with her friends]

Judge: Alright then. What is the decision?

Peter: Guilty!

Wendy: Guilty!

Skippy Rabbit: Guilty!

Piglet: Guilty!

Tinker Bell: Guilty!

Tigger: Guilty!

Winnie the Pooh: Guilty!

Roo: Guilty!

Lumpy: Guilty!

Rabbit: Guilty!

Eeyore: Guilty!

Judge: Dimitri Darling! The court has found you guilty for child abuse and neglect and for ruining your own daughter's life. You will be sentenced to die on the electric chair. Have you got any last words before your execution?

Dimitri: Yes, I'm sorry for ruining Wendy's life and I'm sorry I treated her too harshly. I promise I'll be a good father to her and I promise I won't make her cry ever again.

Judge: OK, the electricity will pass through your body until you are completely dead. Guards, take him away.

[The guards take Dimitri away]

Judge: Court adjourned.

[Cut to: The police car drives away from the courthouse]

[Meanwhile, there is the news]

Sergeant Morris: This is Sergeant Morris. Today's news is about an evil Russian tyrant named Dimitri, who is facing execution. His last meal included raw eggs, swiss cheese, grape nuts, prunes, Zimbabwean sandwiches, Russian vodkas, beer, urine, poop, vomit, blood, kitty litter, dog food, dirty laundry, smelly socks, expired cereal, liver, dirty diapers, staled popcorn, chicken feet soup, rat burgers, dead animals, fruit, vegetables, boiled soup, sand, grass, horse fur, gunk, toilet water, bath water, expired milk, rusted microchips, grimy organs, bloody eyeballs, shampoo, toothpaste, dental rinse, and baby food, but he refused them. Last night, Dimitri tried to hurt Wendy, but she ran away from home and got herself lost in the forest, thanks to him, so Officer James Carter is going to shave his hair off and prepare him for execution.

Lilo Pelekai: I would like to see him fry in the electric chair.

[Kairi, Namine, Amy Rose, Susan Test, and Kilala Reno hold up a sign saying Destroy the Russian Tyrant]

Sergeant Morris: There are people outside cheering for his upcoming execution.

[Viper holds up a sign saying Are you ready to burn in heck, Dimitri?]

Viper: Yes! He's all set to die!

[Minnie Mouse, Alice Liddell, and Olivia Flaversham hold up a sign saying Cook the Russian Tyrant]

[Rapunzel holds up a poem saying He's a naughty troll, and a wicked tyrant. Good thing Dimitri is finally gonna die!]

Sergeant Morris: We now go to Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Applejack, Sunset Shimmer, and Fluttershy.

Twilight Sparkle: I am really glad Dimitri is going to be electrocuted. He is the worst father ever!

Pinkie Pie: Agreed!

Rainbow Dash: Count me in!

Rarity: Done and done!

Applejack: Yee-haw!

Fluttershy: We will be throwing a party for Dimitri's death.

Sunset Shimmer: You can say that again.

Sergeant Morris: We will return to GNN news after Dimitri gets electrocuted.

[Cut to: Dimitri and a police officer in an empty prison cell]

Police Officer: (showing Dimitri, who is now dressed in a prison suit, his cell) This is your cell with no bed, no toilet, no air conditioner, and no sink. You will stay in here until the day of your execution later. Goodbye!

[A police officer leaves Dimitri in jail]

[At 12:00 pm]

Dimitri: Oh, I hate jail. I wish I can escape.

Police Officer: Oh no, you're not escaping, Dimitri! We have security cameras, so you won't escape! Also, you have a visitor who wants to talk to you!

[Belle appears outside an empty prison cell]

Belle: Dimitri! I heard that you are going to be executed. That's it! You are grounded for triple humanity!

Dimitri: But, Belle, I'm sorry. Can you please let me out and I promise I'll be a good father to Wendy?

Belle: No! I also hope you suffer in jail and burn in heck. Goodbye forever!

[Belle leaves Dimitri in jail]

Dimitri: This is going to be even more torture.

[5:00 pm]

Police Officer: Come on out, Dimitri. Execution time.

[The cell door opens and a police officer directs Dimitri to a seat]

[A police officer uses a razor to shave his hair off, leaving him like a bald eagle and putting cotton on him]

Police Officer: OK, Dimitri. Follow me to the execution chamber.

[A police officer directs Dimitri to the electric chair]

Police Officer: Any last words?

Dimitri: I promise I'll be a good father to Wendy, and I promise that I will not make her cry like that ever again.

Police Officer: Electrocution will begin in 5...4....3....2....1....Go! (flips the switch)

[Dimitri screams while being electrocuted, but the action is covered with a message reading "Censored for your safety and protection'"]

[The police officer stops Dimitri's execution. He then checks if Dimitri's heart still beats, providing he is alive or not. Dimitri isn't breathing anymore. The police officer leaves Dimitri alone and dead]

Police Officer: Yes! He's dead!

[Donald Duck, Jose Carioca, Panchito, Pluto, Chip, Dale, and Roger Rabbit hold up a sign saying No more abuses thanks to Dimitri's death]

[Jane, John, Michael, and Danny Darling hold up a sign saying Dimitri Darling, 1997-2015]

[Back to GNN news]

Sergeant Morris: Dimitri is now finally executed! He was executed for child abuse and neglect and for ruining Wendy's life and her dreams. Are there any questions to ask?

[Spike appears]

Spike: Yes! What will happen to his body?

Sergeant Morris: His body will be taken to a funeral home in France. By the way, what's your name?

Spike: My name is Spike from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and the Equestria Girls Trilogy.

Sergeant Morris: Thank you, Spike.

[Spike leaves]

Sergeant Morris: That's all the news for now. This is Sergeant Morris saying goodbye!

[Cut to: The graveyard. A tombstone that reads "BIH Dimitri 1997 - 2015" is seen near Peter Pan, Wendy, Belle, and Prince Adam, who are celebrating his death]

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