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Dinosaur Liberation Association is a Jurassic Park fanfiction published on by author Vinny2. It began on February 27, 2007 and is currently in production.


A mysterious organization known as the Dinosaur Liberation Association has been blocking all of Stephanie Maximoff's attempts at destroying Isla Sorna. When the governor tries to ignore them, the DLA leader, Dalton Furrelle, stages a robbery that leads him and his team along with the governor to Isla Sorna. Now, the rest of the Maximoff family must save her while those left behind must deal with Dalton's genocidal employer.

Major characters[]

(characters are listed in order of importance)

  • Stephanie Maximoff- Governor of Maryland and Dimitri's mother and Erik's wife.
  • Dalton Furrelle- DLA president with a secret reason for wanting to protect Isla Sorna.
  • Dimitri Maximoff- Stephanie's son who comes to the island to rescue her.
  • Erik Maximoff- Stephanie's husband who joins his son to rescue his wife.
  • Darren Sutter- Erik's old co-worker who joins him to the island.
  • Eddie Harold- FBI agent in charge of searching for the elusive Piper Norvell.
  • Scott Green- Former government conspirator working for Dalton Furrelle
  • Benji Madison- Lieutenant governor of Maryland who has trouble running the state without Stephanie.
  • Piper Norvell- mysterious genocidal maniac with an unusual attachment to "Noah's Tablet".
  • Dana Tomlinson- Eddie Harold's fellow FBI agent with a sour past with him.
  • Kyle Norvell- Piper's teenage son.
  • Ramon Avila- Piper Norvell's estranged father
  • Max Gibson- Stephanie Maximoff's personal assistant.
  • Andrew Rayburn- High School kid infatuated with the DLA who stows away with the Maximoffs.
  • Hannah Carnivalli- DLA member with a relationship with Scott Green that ended badly.
  • Lance Savarin- Cocky DLA member with an addiction to classic literature.
  • Morgan Bruer- DLA member who spends most her time on the computer.
  • Mackenzie Rosenquist- Deputy Chief of Staff of Maryland and the voice of reason in the governor's mansion.
  • Sam Norvell- Piper Norvell's loving husband.


Dinosaur Liberation Association is a sequel to Corruption. Another sequel is planned. These are the confirmed facts:

  • The character of Janet Korvoloski will return in a starring role, having almost finished her law studies.
  • A new character, Trinity Truscott, will be introduced in the final chapters of Dinosaur Liberation Association that will play a major part in the sequel.

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