Disney's Minnie Mouse to the Rescue in Tokyo.JPG

Minnie Mouse to the Rescue in Tokyo is an upcoming spin-off of DisneyToon Studios about a Minnie Mouse The Movie. It will be released direct-to-DVD and Blu-ray in summer.

Minnie Mouse was a Heroine in Tokyo with new friends, she can rescue Mickey in new villanous.

Mickey and Minnie was the vacation in Tokyo, Mickey is captured by evil witch and she took a place in the mountains of Tsunami.

Minnie Mouse learned the martial arts. She wears a new outfit: a moon green undershirt in the imagen of heart with a cyan skirt and with orange boots.

Minnie and his friends: Keima Tosha, a boy and Clove Nuku a girl travels the group slowly realizes just how the heroes to save Mickey Mouse from the evil witch.


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