Disney Defenders
Genre Action-Adventure, Children & Family, Comedy, Science fantasy
Country of origin United States
Number of episodes: TBA
Original run: TBA
Producer: TBA
Original channel Disney XD

Disney Defenders is a fanfictional American action sitcom that will air on Disney XD. The series focuses on a group of six teenage friends who are chosen to save their home planet & the wonderful world of Disney from the evil forces of Chernabog using the power of mighty robots the resemble Mickey & his friends. The show will probably be considered a tokusatsu since it will use "Chogokin King Robo Mickey & Friends", a latest toy that made its debut at the Tamashii Nation 2012 in Japan.


Just across the parallel universe lies the wonderful world of Disney, where everyone lived together happily... That is, until the evil dark lord Chernabog & his army of demons came, seeking to take over the vast place. To prevent this from happening, Disney's six high rulers came together to fight Chernabog's army. These rulers, however, soon disappeared after releasing a powerful attack that banished the evil invaders. To honor their noble rulers for their sacrifice, the people built huge robots to use as statues. Later, upon hearing that Chernabog is planning to conquer Earth, Yen Sid, the sorceror of Disney, travels to Earth & finds six intelligent teens; he gives them the ability to call upon the six robots that they use to fight against Chernabog's demon army.


Disney Defenders

The colors are based what helmets & jumpsuits each of the Defenders wear when they're piloting the robots.

Mickey Mouse Morty - The leader of the Disney Defenders & pilot of Jet Mickey.
Minnie Mouse Wilma - Mother figure of the Disney Defenders & pilot of Sky Minnie, as well as Morty's love interest.
Donald Duck Dirk - Possibly second-in-command of the Disney Defenders & pilot of Diver Donald, as well as Morty's best friend & rival.
Daisy Duck Lita - Member of the Disney Defenders & pilot of Aqua Daisy, as well as Wilma's best friend & Dirk's love interest.
Goofy Isaac - The comic genius of the Disney Defenders & pilot of Land Goofy.
Pluto Frankie - The youngest member of the Disney Defenders & pilot of Dash Pluto.


  • Chernabog - The main antagonist of the series from Fantasia.
  • Pete - A double agent who serves Chernabog.

Other characters

  • Yen Sid - The magnificient sorceror from The Sorceror's Apprentice; he's the one who recruited the Disney Defenders.
  • Jiminy Cricket


Disney Ultrabot

  • Disney Ultrabot - A robot that's formed from the seven robots.
    • Ace Willie - A steamboat-like starship that's summoned by the Disney Defenders; modeled after Steamboat Willie. Forms the head of the Disney Ultrabot.
    • Jet Mickey - Morty's robot; modeled after Mickey Mouse. Forms part of the torso of the Disney Ultrabot.
    • Sky Minnie - Wilma's robot; modeled after Minnie Mouse. Forms part of the torso of the Disney Ultrabot.
    • Diver Donald - Dirk's robot; modeled after Donald Duck. Forms the right arm of the Disney Ultrabot.
    • Aqua Daisy - Lita's robot; modeled after Daisy Duck. Forms the left arm of the Disney Ultrabot.
    • Land Goofy - Isaac's robot; modeled after Goofy. Forms the right leg of the Disney Ultrabot.
    • Dash Pluto - Frankie's robot; modeled after Pluto. Forms part of the left leg of the Disney Ultrabot.
    • Doghouse - A doghouse-like UFO that's summoned by Frankie. Forms part of the left leg & weapon of the Disney Ultrabot.

NOTE: This robot is based on the "Chogokin King Robo Mickey & Friends" from the Tamashii Nation 2012.

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